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Seemingly self-funded investigative reporters in Italy have uncovered the source of the election steal with proof. A foreign officer of more than 20 years in Italy, Stefan Serafini (who retired right after the election as not to lose his pension) coordinated with General Claudio Graziano who is also on the board at defense contractor Leonardo. They utilized the military satellite up link from Leonardo to load software and transfer it over that would change votes from 45 to Joey Basement. The Italian Intelligence Service has provided intercepts, photos, phone calls, and even photos of CIA agents who were involved. The two employees from Leonardo that did the actual upload are currently in custody in Italy, and were originally arrested under a cover story in early December 2020. They have written affidavits of confession and are cooperating and assisting.

These two employees are being protected. Their lives are at risk. The original fraud plan was coordinated by BHO before leaving the White House with the help of former Italian Prime Minister Renzi. Renzi met with BHO at the White House during BHO’s last State Dinner. Then BHO’s campaign manager went back to Italy to complete the plans for this coup. Note: the current PM Conte is also involved. The funding was initiated by BHO before he left the White House. 400 million dollars of tax payer money in cash filling 14 pallets was slated for Iran, picked up by Italy and sent through the UAE to be transferred into different places and accounts.

This source, trusted by Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump, claims to have proof of all these claims and states they have the exact “travel plan “ of the cash and can track the entire map of exactly where the money traveled beginning at its origin. Americans are still working on this operation in Italy. Everyone’s life is at stake to save our country.

“The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.” -Adolf Hitler

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An old clip of the Alex Jones Show. The goy knows.

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"Rather than hoisting the white flag of surrender that the enemy expects, raise the old swastika banner of fanatical resistance."

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