How to influence and change your behavior for psychopaths

Check this great video out for a modern take on all this: https://youtu.be/hhCaZLLhls4

“If you want freedom, take pride in your country.

If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty.

And if you want peace, love your nation.

Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.”

— President Trump

JLP discussing racism, white privilege, and victim whining, segregation.
SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWbhOjM-KFw

John King, Jackie Kucinich and Olivier Knox on Obama pleading to migrant parents who are sending their children to US.

Speaking specifically about population: “Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, We could lower that by perhaps 10% or 15%.”

Full talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaF-fq2Zn7I

Democrat projecting their crimes onto the right as a student of Saul Alinsky and his rules for radicals: "Accuse your enemy of what you are doing" lesson.

This was from like 2017 from Paul Joseph Watson, but I can't find HIS video on it. Just mirrors. Obviously follow PJW here, and on GAB.

SOURCE: https://youtu.be/u4HJusPPWnc
From Uploader at CCPTube: I know a lot of you are frustrated and frankly outraged, this is understandable. KNOW that many things are happening that's not on Youtube or twitter etc. and have Been for years. These events were seen by many prophets, and preparations have been made and are ready in place.
We ask you to be patient... and see it unfold in peace. We may have to go through an uncivil war, its gonna get even nastier until the Heroes prevail. Many will perish. Go with your hearts Go with GOD.
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Unrestricted Warfare is a sobering and fascinating study on war in the modern era, carefully exploring strategies that militarily and politically disadvantaged nations might take in order to successfully attack a geopolitical super-power like the United States. American military doctrine is typically led by technology; a new class of weapon or vehicle is developed, which allows or encourages an adjustment in strategy. Military strategists Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui argue that this dynamic is a crucial weakness in the American military, and that this blind spot with regard to alternative forms warfare could be effectively exploited by enemies. Unrestricted Warfare concerns the many ways in which this might occur, and, in turn, suggests what the United States might do to defend itself.

0:00:00 Preface
0:09:19 Part 1 - On New Warfare
0:20:22 Chapter 1 - The Weapons Revolution Which Invariably Comes First
0:52:48 Chapter 2 - The War God's Face Has Become Indistinct
1:39:45 Chapter 3 - A Classic That Deviates From the Classics
2:19:07 Chapter 4 - What Do Americans Gain By Touching the Elephant?
3:09:14 Part 2 - A Discussion of New Methods of Operation
3:23:03 Chapter 5 - New Methodology of War Games
4:16:02 Chapter 6 - Seeking Rules of Victory: The Force Moves Away From the Point of the Enemy's Attack
5:03:59 Chapter 7 - Ten Thousand Methods Combined as One: Combinations That Transcend Boundaries
5:49:56 Chapter 8 - Essential Principles
6:15:53 Conclusion
6:22:21 Afterword
6:24:58 Author's Background

After her embarrassing actions at the Michigan voter hearing last week, she goes full "fuck it" and calls for revenge for being a Trump supporter.

Source: https://youtu.be/keANzinHWUA

WATCH: Footage of State Farm Arena in Atlanta shows that after poll monitors and media were told counting was done, four workers stayed behind to count ballots, at times pulling out boxes containing ballots from underneath desks.

Original source: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1BdGYYjgkgQGX

Hopefully they upload more. BTW...Bennie Smith in this video is the one from Fraction MAgic that reproduced the Dominion software in 2016 to expose the scam, and show how votes are "weighted". Buy him a beer if you see him.

Skip to about 2:00 to skip the intro.

Interview with Source on Electronic Vote Fraud by Tony Heller


Originally uploaded to youtube.com/watch?v=ficae6x1Q5A by CDMedia

Host L Todd Wood reveals the mechanics behind the electronic vote steal operation in an interview with powerful source.

It's the 2020 election! Registration is at your local cemeteries! There are at least 14,000 voters over 100 years old in PA alone. Amazing!

A registered Democrat and poll watcher at the Philadelphia Convention Center overseeing ballot counters detailed corruption at the highest levels in the city of Philadelphia. “They will not allow us within 30 to 100 feet to supervise the ballots being counted,” poll watcher Brian McCafferty said. “This is a coup against the President of the United States of America and I want to call out the Mayor of Philadelphia, James Kenny…the Attorney General Josh Shapiro who tweeted that there was no way that Donald Trump would win president of the United States of America….

Actual proof of "Quid Pro Quo"


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