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Operation Cross Country, the FBI’s annual law enforcement action focused on recovering underage victims of prostitution and drawing the public’s attention to the problem of s-x traff!cking at home and abroad, has concluded with the recovery of 84 s-xually exploited juveniles and the arrests of 120 traffickers.

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This is a test - This is a re-upload of the Corey Feldman video I just posted. No need to watch again if you saw this already

A pathetic show of heartless lack of empathy for children that have been abused by Hollywood sexual predators. Members of the view defend the INDUSTRY and are appalled that Cory Feldman would discuss the problem of pedophelia in Hollywood.

Surviving and prospering during and after the dollar collapse Great interview with Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilant - We talk about Crypto Currencies, big government control, the global reset, gold and silver, the best way to protect yourself from economic collapse and much much more.

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MUST WATCH !!! Part 2 of our latest interview with Illuminati whislteblower and SRA Survivor Cheryl Hersha. Another very informative mind blowing discussion from a very courageous woman.

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Successful female jockey and author of the book "Racing With My Shadow" takes us on a wild ride of both tragedy and triumph, describing the highs and lows of her career as well as the pain and despair of a dysfunctional childhood and the addictions and toxic relationships it fostered.

Learn more about Karen and where you can buy her book

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This woman is my HERO - We need her on the show - She verbally destroys Hollywood Hypocrites. See the link for the full JJ episode.

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Hangover Intro -

See this in depth analysis of the Las Vegas shooting by a woman who has lived her whole life according to these rituals and numerology, Cheryl Hersha.

See the complete UNCENSORED interview (Part 1) on Bitchute:

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Cheryl asked me to "PIN" her comment, but I don't think I can pin comments on this platform. Here is her comment:

1.I say in the video that my father called my mom when he was "33". I get tongue-tied and have Broca's aphasia. I was thinking 63, and thought I said, 63. Grace and mercy please - thank you. (Why interviews are difficult for me, I stutter, I tangent talk, and I get lost as I'm talking - and Angie and Jim know this and try to help me stay on track; it does NOT affect my long-term memory)
2. Also it was NOT Sheriff Lombardo that was stating 1800 reports had been returned, and the same no. of personal property items returned. THAT was stated by FBI LV Area Director, Aaron Rouse.
- I try my best, by God's grace. Thank you, Cheryl Hersha."

We have had Cheryl Hersha on VL before and she told us stories that made the hair stand up on our necks. She is a true hero and survivor of more than most of us could imagine in our worst nightmares. She has some inside knowledge to what the Illuminati has planned since she was born into that bloodline, but something simple happened to change the numerology of her name and she was then used for government experiments. Hear her take on the Las Vegas Shooting and all that surrounds it.

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The Freedom To Live. We have learned a lot in the past decade. We consider ourselves activists, bloggers, truthers and investigative reporters. We are trying to not only to be the change we want to see in the world, but to get the truth out there so others can make informed decisions about they can do the same. Our Youtube channel is taking off, but the censorship is unacceptable.