EP.43 “South Park Banned” – In this episode of Mensplainin’ Mansplainin’ comedians Rob Cioffi and Marcus Johnson discuss what’s been on their minds including: Seeing Joker Alone; Girl Lied About Racist Dreadlock Cutters; Hugging Your Brother’s Killer; Twitter Ain’t On the Level; South Park Takes on China!

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EP.42 "I'm Not Gay.... F*ck Trump!" - In this episode of Mensplainin' Mansplainin' comedians Rob Cioffi and Marcus Johnson discuss what's been on their minds including: A Plus Parenting; Who Are The Rich; Robert DeNiro's Temper Tantrums; Malik Yoba's We Don't Know What.

(*Our apologies for the technical issues regarding the sound. We're using a new recording method and we're still working out the kinks. It's definitely better than last week's show.)

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EP.41 "Impeach Climate Change" - In this episode of Menspalinin' Mansplainin' comedians Rob Cioffi and Marcus Johnson discuss what's been on their minds including: Professional Wrestling, Hosting A Comedy Show, Climate Change and Greta Thunberg, and The Impeachment Inquiry of Donald Trump.

(*Our apologies for the technical issues regarding the sound. We're using a new recording method and we're still working out the kinks. The problem clears up at times and only really seems to affect Rob's one-shot feed so you'll still get to hear all of Marcus Johnson's gold!)

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In this jam packed episode of Mensplainin' Mansplainin' Rob and Marcus discuss the inevitability of another American civil war and the the totalitarian government that it will likely give rise to. But first they take on the senate confirmation of supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch, the influence of cultural Marxism on popular culture and current day political thinking, and the sickest bastards of the week - the clover gender movement. As usual, things get pretty heated and race becomes a primary topic of the podcast.

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I came across this video by NollaGirl504 in my YouTube feed the other day and thought "She looks pretty hot." Then I realized this was probably one of those angry and illogical I HATE MEN videos. So I donned my Robatar persona (including cape) to check it out.

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John MacArthur explains the impact on America of the two greatest acts of terrorism perpetrated against her.

Watch the full video here:
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Mensplainin' Mansplainin' podcast hosts talk about joining the social network and about the importance of platform independence.

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Is America a Democracy or a Republic?
Today we watch part of a film produced by the John Birch Society that is sure cause some serious butt hurt to the Antifa crowd and please just about everybody else.

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Watch the entire JBS film here:

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Who Put Fluoride In Maxine Waters?

Is fluoride part of a racist conspiracy perpetrated by the white power structure that not so secretly runs the United States? We have no idea. But Marcus and Rob certainly have opinions about fluoride, racism, and Maxine Waters' hair.

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Nursing Home POWNAGE - Robatar Plays 1993's DOOM!

Are you over 50 or know someone who is? Ask them about DOOM. It may take a little prodding but chances are they're gonna go bananas about it. That's because in 1993 DOOM was revolutionary and mind blowing. It was the VR / Oculus Rift of it's day. And it was a real phenom regarding computer games.

Robatar walks through the first section of the first level. He plays it online on a average laptop of today in a web browser for FREE. Use this link to play DOOM for yourself:

If you'd like to see Robatar play a classic computer game leave a comment below.

It's A Puppet Show For Grown Ups Who Think!

Rob and Marcus talk to the man behind the YouTube social commentator and humorist Triggerz McKnickers on today's episode on Mensplainin' Mansplainin'. The guys discuss some of the issues covered on the channel like gender identity and the black lives matter movement. They also delve into the mysteries of YouTube censorship and ways to monetize content in a politically correct environment.

Check out the Triggerz McKnickers channel here:

Rosie O'Donnell seems to have gone off the deep end. But can you blame her? During the presidential debate Donald J. Trump's reference to her practically sealed the deal for him in many eyes. The truth is Rosie may be easier to reach than you'd think.

This is a response to this White Privilege explanation video:

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Snoop Dogg Assassinates Donald Trump For Realz?

Marcus and Rob go back and forth about Snoop's new video depicting President Donald J. Trump as a clown who gets shot in the head by a toy gun. Is it legitimate satire or is it an act of treason? We delve into some of the twitterverse controversies regarding the video and hear what kind of advice Steve Harvey has for Snoop and company. We then turn our sights on that obnoxious guy who taunted a couple of cops getting coffee in a bodega.

Creationist Cat's Lowly Human Slave is Our Guest!

YouTube creator, actor, and comedian Vadim Newquist is our guest today on the Mensplainin' Mansplainin' podcast brought to you by http://Mansplaining.Club . We talk to Vadim about a pretty wide range of subjects including Creationist Cat, the state of the "Skeptics" genre of video on YouTube, Creationist Cat, why Vadim is an atheist, Creationist Cat, taking too much cold medicine, Creationist Cat, his experience at NYC's Upright Citizen's Brigade, Creationist Cat, and his admiration of the Bob Nelson film "Brain Donors".

Among some other things - including Creationist Cat.

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Direct From Vault7!

Rob and Marcus discuss the recent release by of the CIA's surveillance tools that include some nasty backdoors into smart TVs, automobile control systems, and smart phones. Which is apparently shocking to everyone who has not seen an episode of Alex Jones in the last 10 years. We also talk about memes and some other stuff. It's all good. Really

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Main Stream Media is Dead. Long Live Alex Jones!

The MSM is in its death throws and Rob and Marcus are ready to take on the the challenge of community based journalism. From Mika Brzezinski's slip of the truth stating she tells us what to think to the Wall Street Journal desperate hit job on YouTube star PewDiePie, the guys share their thoughts and fear about the future of the Fourth Estate. We want to hear your thoughts about this important issue. Please Leave A Comment Below

Free Speech Can Be Dangerous for Your Health?

In this episode of Mensplainin' Mansplainin' Rob and Marcus discuss their predictions and opinions of the 2017 Oscar award nominees. They seem to agree that Denzel Washington is the greatest actor of all time and space. They then turn their attention to the quest on free speech in general and specifically the strange case of Milo Yiannopoulis orchestrated downfall.


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