George Bush, Blackwater, & the Cabal

Although the System is Designed to Enslave Humanity to Unlimited Amounts of Debt, The System is Still 100% Beatable.

My Company “iTrade” is Designed to Train The Average American to Beat This System and Give You an Edge That Very Few People Possess.

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This [DS] Operative Has Been Plotting Against Trump Behind Closed Doors

LFG LIN WOOD!!! 🔱🐸🇺🇸


Ohhh Lawd Are We Comin Bros 😈🔱🐸🇺🇸

The Fire of God is Flowing Through Lin Wood.

Nothing Can Stop What is Coming


Facts Over Feelings 🖕

For a Second Time, Jim Caviezel Publicly Speaks Out Against the Cabal and the Evil in Which [They] Inherit.

“Soup For My Family”

Ricky Gervais Told Hollywood to Their Faces How Much We The People Don’t Give AF What They Think or Say About Politics.

Ricky Gervais Also Told [Them] Exactly What We Think of Them. A Bunch of Pedophiles & Pedophile Sympathizers.

Q The Storm

Lin Wood’s Speech at the Tulsa Church Rally.

Every Lie Will Be Revealed.

The World is Finally Waking Up to the Atrocities The [DS] Has Perpetrated on The American People and The Entire World.

Jim Caviezel Goes Live in Tulsa with Lin Wood Discussing the Return of Donald J Trump, DUMBS, Child Sex Trafficking, Adrenochrome Harvesting, and How God Will Help Us Digital Soldiers Save The World From This Evil Cabal.


The Shocking Truth Behind EVERGREEN & The Shipping Container Vessel EVER GIVEN That Almost No One is Talking About.


You’re Witnessing The Systemic Destruction of The Old Guard. You Are Witnessing The Greatest Covert Military Operation in the History of the World.



Capitol Hill via Animal Planet 🤣

This Will Go Down in The History Books as “The Greatest Covert Military Operation in The History of The World”.

Music / Song : Papercut by Linkin Park




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I studied Finance at DePaul University in Chicago, International Trade at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, finished my Finance Degree at the University at Buffalo & became a member of The Society of Technical Analysts at The London School of Economics instead of finishing my graduate degree. Thereafter I worked in a corporate Wall Street setting before landing my dream job in the IC.

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