This week, Greg and Jeremy begin by discussing the recent 50th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F Kennedy, similarities between his assassination and the 9/11 attacks, and how a very carefully created alternative media narrative has been set up which places emphasis on organizations such as the CIA while omitting almost entirely the critical role of Israel in carrying out these fateful events. From there we talk about the 5 part interview with professor Anthony Hall published in the Lethbridge (Alberta) Herald in which Professor Hall details how he was suspended from his professorship and the role of B'Nai B'rith Canada in targeting him. We discuss the importance of his case and the ramifications it has for academic freedom and true intellectual discourse.


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This week Greg and Jeremy begin by discussing Steve Bannon's resurgence in the public eye as a key player in promoting and shaping strife and conflict in Europe, as well as the controversies surrounding Roseanne and Joy Reid and how these are used to shape and manipulate public opinion. Then we discuss how Russian state media such as RT tend to promote a positive narrative when it comes to Russia and its efforts to restore "traditionalism" while promoting an opposite message for its American audience. We also talk about the failure of Russian media to accurately report on events such as September 11 as well as the true extent of Israel's power and influence as well as Jewish power globally.,_3rd_Baron_Rothschild

This week, we discuss the recent revelation from longtime Iraq oil insider Gary Vogler about how a primary motive for the Iraq War was an oil pipeline extending from Kirkuk Iraq to Haifa Israel and how this information was successfully suppressed for so long. We also discuss the recent Reuters story indicating that the Trump admin will imminently recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli territory and analyze what this might mean, including a look back at the Clean Break document and what it actually suggests for Syria. Finally we discuss the Left Forums decision to censor a panel with Allison Weir of If Americans Knew and how this is yet another example of primarily Jewish figures within the anti war and Palestinian solidarity movements working to silence and slander people who expose hard truths about Zionism and Jewish power on a global basis.



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