When I was researching blades for our Polaris General, I couldn't find much video footage. Most of it is either the wrong blade or a different UTV or ATV.

Here's a quick video through the Seizmik windshield on our General with a fabulous 72" KFI Pro-Poly blade. We have been very happy with this combination.

You can see that we had quite a lot of snow and the plow handled it very well. The General 1000 has plenty of power for this, but we try to avoid putting too much stress on the frame and drivetrain. The plow and UTV are capable of a lot more than we typically try to push.

My only regret is that the winch uses a steel cable that has broken a couple of times and puts a lot of wear on the fairlead. I've had to learn field repair of wire rope to keep things moving. None of that on the day of this video, fortunately. Still researching the best way to deal with that.

This is Part II of my flight in the P-51 Mustang, “Crazy Horse”, from the Stallion 51 headquarters in Kissimmee, FL.

In Part I, I was introduced to the Mustang and was given the opportunity to learn the feel of the controls as well as slow flight characteristics (and what surprised me was a relatively benign stall, when coordinated).

In this part, we start exploring what the plane was made for – aerobatics. The Mustang has virtually no noticeable adverse yaw with aileron movement, which I didn't expect at all. I found myself unintentionally turning right when pulling up, and you can hear "Homer" telling me several times to keep the wings level.

This was the first time I’d actually done aerobatics, or had it explained to me, so I took it easy. It doesn’t look like it, but all pull outs needed between 3 and 4 G’s.

We originally briefed to make a continuous turn from the downwind leg to final in the landing pattern, but my turn was a little tighter than it needed to be and I wasn’t lined up for the runway centerline. This put me to the right of centerline all the way to touch down. Without a crosswind, not a big deal, but I would’ve liked to have done better.

The Mustang owned the sky. I can see why it was such an effective air-superiority fighter, and why pilots fall in love with it.

Thanks to instructor John “Homer” Black and Stallion 51 for the flight of a lifetime!

We take the Polaris General on trails from near Northstar Lake to Hayslips Corner (a bar) in Northern Minnesota.

Taking the Polaris General on a little off-road ride in Northern Minnesota, July 2019.


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