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Good Canadian men and women are basically under attack by politicians and the media for trying to hold the government to account. In this video I go over their tactics with examples from the Yellow Vest and pro-pipeline, oil & gas #UnitedWeRoll Convoy protests that just wrapped up in Ottawa.

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Allegations by CJ Clayton against Convoy's Carritt:

Stay on Message, Experts:

CITY local: Completely Jealous:

Almost a Perfect Protest:

The Post Millennial:

pro pipelines boo nenshi:

Chris Clayton Kelowna is a scammer:

Chris Clayton facebook scam 2:

Chris J Clayton IMdB:

Legaljunkies page:

Calgary Herald about the Split, Jan article:

#WWG1WGA #AntiGlobalism #Ottawa #FakeNews #SmearCampaign

As usual the Lamestream Biased Media isn't telling you the full story.
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Satinder Dhillon appears to be a serial lawfare warrior. I think he might be a fake Human Rights advocate who is being used by wealthy interests to fight their battles for them.

CBC Article about PPC trademark lawsuit:

Vancouver Sun: Money Laundering charges stayed:

Supreme Court Of Canada, Dhillon v Pannu:

CISION PR Web story about Braich:

SatinderDhillon Movie web page:


Vancouver Sun Dhillon article re PPC name:


Episode 5 -- Feb 18
This is not a bummer .. tons of people have become awake in the past 2 years but we just have to realize that some people are goners.

#Narcissism #FlyingMonkeys #Enablers

Episode 4 -- Feb 18
Why Jussie Smollett's story isn't going to change anything and why it is a prime example of the false [email protected] news industry working to BREAK democracy

Episode 2 -- Feb 18
Some people give me the gears because I "believe in" Q Anon.
Yeah well people who don't follow Q don't get it.


Episode 6 - Finale -- Feb 18
Next phase imminent. We ARE WINNING, you can tell because they are panicking. Time to go in for the kill.

#Qanon #GreatAwakening #Courage

Episode 3 -- Feb 18
How many times does the lamestream News Media have to be caught propagating a complete lie against Conservatives, white people and Trump supporters before people get it?


Episode 1 -- Feb 18
I'm uploading a series of short ones today because that's what Roseanne did the other day and I thought it was a cool way of doing it. They all relate to each other. We need to get control of the Lynch Mob.

This isn't your typical [email protected]$ story.. I go through [email protected] [email protected]'s "Private Mossad" expose and show why it's just another layer of BS. One particular bombshell is that an alleged influence peddling organization created a fake expert so believable that he was quoted in the press & by EU parliamentarians.

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PSY-Group New Yorker Article:

CNN Ronan Farrow is Just a Good Journalist:

GQ article on Farrow:

[email protected] Dec 2018 'Catch & Kill' AMI:

Daily Mail, Jan 2018 article Ronan Farrow:

Haaretz Rhodes:

GDPR and Israel Laws:

VICE: Food:

SLATE: You Can't Handle The Truth:

Who is Joel Zamel, Haaretz article 2018:

Wall Street Journal:

Wikistrat Experts List (LONG):

Forging and Intelligence Partnership:,%201..

Over 40 years ago a little girl went missing in Ireland.
Corruption appears to have prevented a killer from being brought to justice... what does this have to do with Gemma O'Doherty's copyright strike?

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News Stories about Mary Boyle case & Joe Craig:

Mary Boyle political interference article:

Silent Protest 41 years after Boyle's disappearance:

Joe Craig pretends he knows how to be sorry, gets a fine:

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I explain my take in this quickly put together video.
CorporationG00G has taken down Gemma's latest video and she is not taking it lying down! She is down at G00G HQ today. This vid is about more than you might think.

Unstructured and more personal than usual. Bear with me as I go through several topics...
First: Why be agreeable? I've never been good at that. In this video I talk a little about Technocracy (sustainable development and people being 'energy units') and then it devolves into my thoughts on the minefield being laid for women, the idea of fight or flight, and a plea to everyone to help define what winning would look like.

Fake personas online are a bona fide warfare strategy - - they appear not only in the realms of spycraft & law enforcement but corporations and NGOs use them as well. Manufacturing Consensus is big business. The results, though, are wrecking society as people become more and more polarized, horrified by the attitudes and actions of Fake Idiots who they mistake for real people.

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GCHQ taps cables, guardian 2013:

Forgein Policy Mag, NDAA Propaganda, 2013:

Intercept, 2014:

Boing Boing, 2011, HBGary:


Conspiracy Theories, Sunstein: (you can download the full PDF at the bottom of that page)

Storyful Spies:

Attkisson, 2018, the Hill:

You Know the Obama White House Spied on Me, Too:

Michael Hastings: Occupy:

Wikileaks Brenn*n:

Need to Protect Internet from Astr0turfing:

This is a very tip of the iceberg look at the attempt to take over "Truth" by a handful of HUGE multinational corporations and some rather dodgy multi-billionaires.

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Sandlers Background:

Pool of Assessors:

ISOJ affiliations:

IEI Media Steve Fox:


Online News Association: and

ONA Open Societies:

Local Newsrooms:

CRC, ProPublica, Investigative Journalism or Liberal Spin, 2009:

Sanford Duke Joint Project:

Raises Questions About Fact Checking Conferences:

Big League Politics Covfefe Coffee:

Luminate Group:

Logos Logistics:

Janet Haven:

Public Lab funding:

Knight Foundation Prototype Funds:

This is an intro to what I call the Censorship Cartel.
In this vid I go over the failure of Fact Checking re the Covington story and I talk about all those laid off journos spinning a tale of woe. I wrap up by looking at their latest target and expose the tip of the iceberg on the 'fact checking community' .. a huge industry which threatens the proper functioning of society.

Oh yeah, and suck it, Gavin Sheridan, you foul mouthed hater.

An0maly's video:

#GreatAwakening #fakenews #factcheck

They foiled a terrorist bombing plot in my city, busted a human trafficking ring AND announced that we're getting more migrants into our rural areas! WOO HOO! What more could a taxpayer ask for? NOTHING - Not even straight answers.

#ontario #terror #fascism


In this video I go over the information provided to me by a source in France who is involved with the Gil-ts jaunes / Yell0w V-st protests.
I take you through the main points - characters, events, government response, police statements & developments both good and bad. Also, I offer caution after reading a news release from DAVOS which I believe shows that the would-be rulers of the world are ready to grab the ultimate power.

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VIDEO: le gitan de Massy:

VIDEO: Protester with cross:

VIDEO: Act 9, Yell0w V-sts are Full of Determination:

VIDEO: Injured man does Quen-lle while receiving first aid:

Dieud0nne going to jail:

Dieud0nne Guardian article:

VIDEO: Dieud0nne on tour:

VIDEO: Gil-ts Jaune Who Refuses to Move, Tells them to Send the Gas:

VIDEO: Luc Ferry calling for police to use real bullets:

Globe Article Quenelle:

VIDEO: Castaner blaming Yellow Vests for deaths:

VIDEO Macron Speaking:

VIDEO: Policeman ..

A follow up to yesterday's video.
Convington, Black Israelites, Individualist, Flawed Jesus.
I'll get back to investigations & deep dives soon!

How Jesus Exorcized Ancient Collectivism:

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The mob reaction to the boys from Coventry Catholic shows exactly why the example of Jesus Christ is so threatening to the collectivists & progressives.

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This applies to all countries in the grips of the Gl0bali$t agenda.
Our priorities are backwards, our morality is absent, up is down.
In this video I'm hoping to reach the people still in the Matrix who can't see past the thought reform they've been through in school, via government and reinforced by the Information/Media Cartel.

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Canada Post National Country:

Canada Visible Minority:

Hussen to Bring in Way More Migrants:

Un Global Compact Nations that are against it:

Trudeau Bans words:

Selfie with Syrian kidnapper:
source 2:

ISIS fighters a "Powerful Voice" in Canada, Trudeau:

Hijab Hoax:

Trudeau Boushie Case:

ISIS Commander says he's Canadian, Government doesn't know what to do, RCMP struggles:

RCMP has to Delete Files on Illegal Muslim Border Crossers: https://www.thest..

Fake meat made with celebrity tissue? Isn't this cannibalism? What about lab grown "meat"? What is that stuff and why is Bill Gates, the dangerous, misguided eugenicist investing in it?
Re: Bite Labs - I am not alleging that this product is AVAILABLE.. it is not. However, the site owner insists that they would like to see it happen, and they did just renew their ownership of the domain name this month.

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Richie Allen & yours truly:


Memphis [email protected]:

breitbart on chicken in vats:

Test Tube Food VIDEO:

Lab Grown Meat Vid for children (or simpletons):

PBS 1995 interview about factory farming & irradiating meat:

Bite [email protected]:

Slate on Bite [email protected]:

WARNING: This is disturbing. "The choice to know will be yours." -Q
I did more research on Impossible Foods, a company that has been selling "alternative meat" for years.
I am genuinely shocked by what I found. Make sure to watch until the end.

Note: Impossible meats says it does not use stem cells in it's fake meat.

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Market Screener article:

FDA Compliant or not?

Interview with Patrick O Brown, NIH:

You Say You Want A Revolution: PLOS Genetics Interview, 2009:

Open Access, Patrick Brown and Open Society:


In the name of Environmental Sustainability the Dr. Evil's have come up with an 'alternative meat' made from stem cells and chemicals. They can't honestly call it vegetarian so they don't, but they hide the true makeup of this monster meat under the phrase "plant based."

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meat tax:

report about meat tax Paris Accord:


Tracing this back a little further brought a huge surprise.
Stay with me in this video.. I think it's a BOOM.
I talk about all the illegal surveillance and hacking, including HIllary's antics and those of US Rogue Deep State bad actors.. but it is crazier than you cam imagine. References below.

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Qu-andt Family History, National Post:

VIDEO: Tracy Beanz: An Update on Dennis Montgomery:

VIDEO series (Ep 1 - The Silence of the Qu-andts):

VIDEO: American Intelligence Media: Trump's September Surprise is a Doozy:

American Intelligence Media: Hillary has Encryption Keys:

ENT RUST suddenly hires:

Bloomberg article on Qu-andt Family "Datacard" buying Entrust:

Thom-a Br-avo, K-atie Brenn-an:

Goebbels descendants are hidden billionaires:

So data is the new oil, is it? Then we've got to give them the dirtiest data we can.
Harness your playful, rebellious side and do good at the same time.
what could be better?

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Short answer: there's a new gold rush and it doesn't want to miss out.
Gl*balist organizations don't want any opposition as they colonize the planet.

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EU Press Release Visa/Matercard Antitrust:

GDPR overview:

World Bank Kenya Colonization RFP:

CIS: Center for Internet & Society / Stanford: GDPR gaps:

Human Rights Watch on GDPR:

Fortune: How Google is Fighting Europe's Privacy Law:

Telegraph: Google gets more data after GDPR:

VIDEO: Naomi Wolf, Daily Clout "Green New Deal" Shocker:


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