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I look at the French Generals shocking open letter to the French President and combine that with a recent Q drop. Both seem to indicate that there is no time left for 'passionate political debate.' We are in a war.

The Globalists call us Populists and Nationalists as if those are bad things! They use that excuse to keep us out of debates, out of the public square, and will not tolerate criticism. They are building their New World Order and they will not tolerate debate. In short, they have declared war.

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I think I figured something out. "Migrants" are basically UN Citizens and their main weapon in subverting our sovereignty will be through legal challenges for their "special rights." for tips & contributions to my work. (thank you!)


International Law Explained video:

Marine Le Pen presser:

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In this video I talk about fascism, corporatism & the way the Multinationals are using the UN and the EU to impose a so-called "rules based" international order on every citizen of Earth.
I look at the negative implications of bureaucracy and try to show some ways in which we are all worse off under a mountain of directives, rules, policies, procedures & requirements. Also I speculate on who might have instigated the Yellow Vest uprising in France... some laughs in here for you too, I hope.

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Corporatism in Europe:

Bureaucracy Must Die:

Max Weber theory explained:

Macron Climate Change:

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The European Union is the continuation of the German plan for total dominance - the Fourth Reich / Greater Germany.
The citizens of nations across Europe are awakening in Yellow Vest protests ... they want out from under the thumb of the dictators who seek to destroy their identities.

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CIA declassified document showing that the European Union was an elite plan (1945). Go to page 171.

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We are in an Undeclared War and 17,000 GM workers in the US and Canada just became casualties.
There are Globalist Deep State fingerprints all over this. Let me explain.


So many happenings! Low key talk about possible war in Ukraine, a major development in France, rumors of communist invasion at the border, George Soros, Canada's partnership with the UN of Refugees and other things.

#Macron #Paris #Ukraine

no commentary on this one - I just wanted to upload this for people to use for research.
The man's name is Bernard Sansaricq.
At the time I found it I could not save it properly so had to do a screen cast & record it.

Facts and Information free people from mental slavery.
Is it really free speech they fear, or the freedom for people to HEAR?

Carl Bernstein (of Watergate fame) wants to "edit" President Trump because he knows that if people are confronted with REALITY it will break the magic spell and set them free.
In this video I show an example of how people can become ideologically possessed and how they came out of it.

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Feeling misunderstood by your parents?
Don't talk it out with them..use them instead!
I go over cult recruitment tactics by looking at a shocking video that appears to be an advertisement for a well known organization.

UCLA video:

Allison Mack E.S.P recruitment video:

Allison Mack Arrest:

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In the second half I talk about what I think is the ONLY effective protest in Canada: citizen journalism.

Globalists accusing the enemy of doing that which they are guilty of themselves. Saul Alinsky / Gaslighting / Psychological Abuse.
This time it's all about "Freedom of the Press"

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Trump in Paris. Globalists vs. Nationalists.
Canceled due to rain? I found an interesting coincidence regarding assassination attempts and Trump’s French visits. In the second half I go over the election fraud in Broward County PLUS I tell you some unreported coincidences surrounding the so called MagaBomber & the Synagogue shooting.
All of this is enhanced by looking at today’s Q drops.

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Some casual musings about the important weekend coming up in Paris. It's November 11 - 100 years since Armistice. Trump will be in Europe meeting with Macron and then Putin.
Meanwhile in the US there is obvious election theft happening in several counties! What to do when a system is this rotten?

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I am counting on you, patriots.
The whole world is watching.

Similarities between Canada and communist Germany, Czechoslovakia, Romania. Censorship, Hypocrisy,
social engineering, going after the kids, transgenderism, debauchery, rewards for having the right party
affiliation, etc... links below

East Germany full doc:

Czechoslovakia Full Doc:

Romania full doc:

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In this video I go over how Trump's incredible speech in front of the Warsaw Uprising Memorial Monument is full of clues as to what he wants and
what he expect from us, as a people. I talk about how the Q movement was born, how it has parallels to a great historical battle, and I take you through some eye opening coincidences. We are
important - we are needed - we are strong - we are called upon - we have a role to play in history. Believe that. Know that. BE that.
Links below:

Trump's Full Warsaw, Poland speech:

Warsaw Uprising Documentary:

Warsaw Uprising website:

Qanon posts listing:

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My full report on the paper sponsored by Toronto Sick Children's Hospital. Thanks to a wizard I know I have a copy of the Extended Essay and in this video I will read much of it for you & give you my thoughts on the state of the Ontario Medical Establishment with regards to their stand on the Medically Assisted Death (Suicide) of children.

Full Paper, Medical Assistance in Dying at a paediatric hospital:

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#Medical Tyranny

You know why predatory Corporate Fascists love it when you're apathetic? it's because it makes it really easy for them to replace your free will with theirs! Did you know Toronto wants to help your kids kill themselves AND install an Internet of Things nightmare neighbourhood?

Listen and find out.
Plus I'm really tired people and I look like crap. I already know that. :)


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Q repeatedly mentioned the war for our minds. In this video I talk about Christine Blasey Ford's Stanford research into hypnotherapy & the exploration of ego-dystonic states as they relate to Mind Control of the masses. Does this type of research play into the seeming psychosis of a certain segment of our population as they fight to have their 1st and 2nd amendment rights taken away and are calling for an end to due process??


What is optogenetics (for beginners):

Paper on how Optigenetics rapidly evolved with key breakthroughs:


Blasey Ford's paper on mass hypnosis:

Science, "$4.5 billion for Brain Initiative"

Scientific American Warnings about who/why this tech is worrisome:

PEW Cell/Smartphone ownership survey:

Worldwide Cellphone ownership:

Remote control mouse:

Video, Ego-Syntonic/Dystonic (3 mins)

Viral Vector Wiki:

Frontiers in Genetics, "The Use of DREADDs to Deconstruct Behaviour"

Optogenetics Stimulates FEar:


We are turning into a tyrannical society of mob "justice."
I discuss Faith Goldy being refused election advertising space by Bell Media (illegal) and I
go over my reaction to the Kavanaugh Kangaroo Court Trial by Fire spectacle of lies.

I apologize if I'm a bit shrill in this vid.. I'm stressed out by this and it shows on my face & in my voice.
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Using several Qanon drops I go over the roots of the United Nations and many of their sub-organizations to take you on the Soviet/Communist and Occult tour of the people involved in bringing us into our current paradigm

I briefly talk about POTUS's efforts to re-order the world by looking at his visits to Saudi Arabia and China.

Next I go over the leaders & architects of the United Nations & sub-orgs to show you their associations with communism or the Occult.

It gets weirder as it goes along.
The UN is not at all what people think it is.
I talk about Trudeau's Globalism vs Trumps refusal to go along with it.

I wrap up with something CREEPY but interesting I discovered and give you a warning about an upcoming event.

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Sources for UN video

Trump in China:

The United Nations Global Government Agenda:
False Dawn:

History of McCarthy/Efforts to stop him:

Churchill Psychics:

Psychical Research Society Website / Balfour:

Allen Dulles: Master of Spies:

Robert Muller own web site:

I go over the results of my dig on the the Q drop from September 19th's crazy Q&A where an anon asks "Trudeau. Anything?"
There are things. :)
I personally think the most interesting parts are the Uranium 1 and Syria results that start about half way through.

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Billionaires (187)
Barry & Honey Sherman Case:

Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Donor List 2014:

FVEY (Five Eyes):

Uranium 1:
Guistra & Telfer Kazakhstan:

Syria Canada Mouaz Moustafa:

Elpida / Guistra / Khan:
Uranium Isotope study:
Amed Khan defends Clinton Uranium One:

Little Grey Cells Video:


The Cult out of Clifton Park NY has a million connections that the mainstream media are ignoring. In this vid I first introduce the cult & a few of its practices, then I go over how the Clintons have a cozy relationship with a lot of NXIVM's members.

Q mentioned NXIVM by name a week ago, but human trafficking has been a theme throughout the Q drops. Q anon also dropped a screen cap of an email between one Marty Torrey and Hillary, pointing out that her nickname (from him) is "Alice."

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I wasn't going to upload this because my mic didn't work and also I'm incredible depressing in this vid. BUT.. I just watched Owen Benjamin's "I can no longer live stream" video and wanted to add my voice.. he said exactly what I said in this vid recorded last night.
The Majority Doesn't matter when you've got psychotic control freaks in charge.

I wonder how many people share my experience - the moment that the world stopped making sense.
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9/11 was the Globalist's big move. In this video I go over the things that stood out for me and I talk about the devastation it had on my personal life, my outlook on the world, and how it has made all of us have a much shorter view of the future in this world that is much less free & open now.

I pray that we can one day come to grips with all of this and reverse course but it's going to take a mass #GreatAwakening to get there. This is my little contribution.


SCOOP! The person who wrote the OpEd contacted me for an interview!
The failing New York Tiimes Published an OpEd allegedly written by a Trump Admin official, and they claimed that this anonymous source is giving insider intel about a resistance inside the White House.


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