Follow @PathtoTranscendence on TikTok before he gets taken down!!

Follow @PathToTranscendence on TikTok before he gets taken down!!

My TikTok Business Account got suspended!! Censorship is ramping up like never before. Btw look into the channel "Tim Truth" on Odysee and also look into Jack Posobiec's recent experience in Davos!

Just something I came across on TikTok. This is just a repost due to multiple accounts being banned. #Repost

This is a repost!!! This is a video from TikTok thats been circulating for a little while now. This Priest talks about what you should do in the event of a complete and total meltdown (or takeover) of society. A new set of norms is coming if its not already here!! Be prepared.

In this short vid I just talk about how the Pfizer documents were recently released. If you don't already know these documents were released under the "Freedom of Information Act". They were not suppose to be released this early but due to high demand from the public these "Classified Documents" are available to the public. Doctor John Campbell covers this topic more in depth and if I have time in the future I will go through them as well. I hope you enjoy the video! Take care and God bless!!!

Facebook (Meta) lost billions and it was the biggest single drop in history in regards to a public traded company. I didn't realize how big the loss was until I looked at the numbers. Facebooks lack of transparency in times of confusion has caused to the distrust and distaste in many. Facebook has lost its ability to maintain a sense of trustworthiness with a lot of people. In other news, the trucker (freedom) convoy continues to grow and its becoming quite a silent cultural event in Canada. At this point in time the large amount of $$$ raised on GoFundMe has been frozen in an attempt to cut off financial support to the truckers. The mandates must be eased at this point (esp in Canada) if the government wants any type of trust to be regained by certain segments of the Canadian population (and ppl living in other countries as well). Thank you guys for watching!!! Take care!!!

A small part of the Dr. Robert Malone interview regarding his stance on the vaccine

This is a TikTok I found a few days ago. Youtube removed this vid and a followup vid I made regarding this subject so this is a reupload. Please come to your own conclusions!!! Take care!!!


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