What is Honda's purpose in life? Spoiler: this

(Would that the whole movie is this fun)

Winner of the 1998 Gayest Imaginable Low-Budget Edit for a Staged Car Crash (GILBESCC)

Thank GOD that Sho noticed (Shoticed) in the nick of time.

Do or don't, dork.

Let's be honest: can you imagine this happening to two male lunatics born before 1981?

Victorian euphemisms require a certain prurient subtlety.

David knows how to solve juvenile problems.

We all know what The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) prescribes for keeping your filly in line. Don't you call me a bigot! Read your Koran.

P.S. This is literally how Jim Douglas recommends one resolve every problem relating to his baggage.

Big Joe Swanberg brought me a vision of bliss! Would that life imitated art.

It just isn't your best pickup line, Clint.

Why isn't police brutality this fun or internecine in reality?

Don't forget that firewater, chief.


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