Today marks the anniversary of Leo Frank being rightfully lynched due to the murder of Mary Phagan.

Jewish Supremacist Leo Frank was the president of Atlanta Bnai Brith. One of his fraternity brothers and lawyer, Jew Herbert Haas, who planted a blood shirt at Newt Lee's shack. Then Herbert Haas told police to check Leo Frank's laundry basket at his home, and they found nothing but his normal clean cloths. This was a Jew intimation to go check Newt Lee's home, and guess what the po-po found? The police found a contrived and forged bloody shirt, which Leo Frank's Bnai Brith minions had planted there. The Black guy almost swung by his neck if Leo Frank's racist, antigentile, and Jewish supremacist plot had worked. Do a google search of "Mary Phagan" and all you get is Leo Frank & anti-semitism returns. A Wikipedia search automatically sends you to Leo Frank's page and more "anti-semitism". They couldn't care less about the young girl.

Promote the American Mercury on Twitter, they made over 55 podcast audios on the Leo Frank trial

American Mercury articles on the Leo Frank trial: www.theamericanmercury.org
Leo Frank Research Archive: www.LeoFrank.org
Leo Frank Research Library www.leofrank.info

These three websites expose the Jewish supremacist ADL and the facts of the case the Jews don't want anyone to know

Also, Flickr has thousands of articles on Leo Frank for each image


The Man Who Planted Trees (French title L'homme qui plantait des arbres), also known as The Story of Elzéard Bouffier, The Most Extraordinary Character I Ever Met, and The Man Who Planted Hope and Reaped Happiness, is an allegorical tale by French author Jean Giono, published in 1953.


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