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This short extract for educational purposes from a much longer interview with Adrien Arcand in 1962 contains urgent evidence that Arcand and his men, his Legionnaires of the National Unity Party of Canada were in fact innocent.

They were arrested in May and June of 1940 by the RCMP on charges the Crown never pursued before the Court, and they were never put on trial — They were not plotting the overthrow of the Canadian State as alleged by Judge Rodolphe DeSerres, proprio motu, and no such charge had ever been laid by the Crown.

The press and media laid the charge, indeed they trumped it up in headlines and false accusations going back to at least early 1938, according to newspaper clippings I retrieved at

The papers were biased, the “journalists” lied, brazenly at times, fabricating even the fine details of this imaginary plot of Arcand to arm his Legionnaires with imported weapons (they had no weapons) and perpetrate a coup on the country.

Arcand should have sued the press at least at the start of 1938. I don’t know of a single law suit he ever brought against the press; but in 1938, at least, he consulted the Quebec legal authorities about a defamation suit against one paper, the one that had pretended he was importing arms from the USA.

And please note that Arcand’s party headquarters across Canada, and the homes of the leadership of the National Unity Party in every province, were all raided by the RCMP. The only thing the federal police got in these raids was personal correspondence and 6 truckloads of pamphlets, no doubt mostly The Key To The Mystery, which the left-wing was desperate to confiscate and shred.

No arms, no weapons, were ever recovered! For had that been the case, the Crown would have said so in its exhibits that it concocted, but it did not say a word!

So where is the sense of Judge Rodolphe DeSerres saying he saw a conspiracy to overthrow the Canadian State? With what? Pamphlets? Did the judge really think that Arcand and his men would confront the Canadian troops and beat them over the head with pamphlets? If the troops had read the pamphlets, it might have done them some good, though.

Without proof of arms, the allegation of a coup is farcical.

It should be noted that due to technical problems, this clip, screen-captured from the original in segments, is a little bit slower than the original. Arcand and his interviewer spoke slightly quicker.


A spectre haunts Europe and the world. It is Replacism: Renaud Camus
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Renaud Camus' web site:

A rare speech in English by a true son of France. Renaud Camus is President and co-founder of the Conseil National de la Résistance Européenne (National Council of European Resistance). His “Appeal from Colombey” (delivered above in English) was published by him on Monday, 18 January 2018 at the web site of the Resistance. I have added English subtitles to the film clip, for clarity.

Renaud CAMUS popularized the term "Great Replacement" in his 2011 book Le Grand Remplacement (The Great Replacement).

Nearly a century apart, an extraordinary convergence of goals by two great men of their day is clear. Comparing Renaud Camus' initiative in Europe, launched in 2018, with the great political wager of Adrien Arcand in 1933, we see that Camus today is working to repel "the invasion" anticipated by Arcand.

Renaud CAMUS is a French writer with some 160 books to his credit by different publishers.

In the video above, CAMUS delivers an appeal for European unity and resistance to the death of nations. He exposes the planned genocide of Europe through mass population transfer, a problem not only of Europe, but as we know, or should know, of the whole of the West in general.

CAMUS cites two political figures as “most accomplished” in this form of national destruction: Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau. The Founding Peoples of Canada are therefore specially concerned in this appeal by CAMUS to resistance of our planned genocide.

It was in fact the father of Justin Trudeau, communist Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who in 1962 in the pages of his Marxist review, Cité Libre, openly called for the genocide of the Canadian founding peoples. He demanded our replacement by third-world mass immigration and the recolonization of our territory to carry out “polyethnic pluralism”. Trudeau demanded that the population of the Saxon co-founders of Canada whom he called “Britanno” Canadians, be reduced to a strict minimum, relinquishing our national sovereignty.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau expressly anticipated the “disappearance” of the French-Canadians, extolling their genocide as “a glory of Thucydides”, who had foreseen the end of Athens. This undoubtedly is an early expression of what CAMUS, in his appeal from Colombey, calls the “teaching of oblivion”, used against the West to subject us to our own genocide.

Download a free OCR'd copy of Trudeau's original article in French (La Nouvelle Trahison Des Clercs, Pierre Trudeau, Cité Libre, Avril 1962):

CAMUS speaks to us from Colombey-les-Deux-Églises in north-eastern France, best known as the home of Charles de Gaulle.

The logo of the Resistance, the CNRE, depicts the Charles de Gaulle monument at Colombey, with the addition of the colors of the national flag of France.

“Colombey” became widely used as a political metaphor for a statesman’s temporary withdrawal from political life until his country came calling for him again.

The symbol can be rightly understood as acknowledgment by CAMUS of his own reply to that call to action by his homeland.

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Prayers by a Roman Catholic Fascist (First Edition, Christmas 2020) presents the first English edition of prayers and apologetics selected from Adrien Arcand’s 1936 French booklet, Mon Livre d’Heures (My Book of Hours). The prayer book will be released some time in November for Christmas 2020. Be sure to subscribe at the web site in order to be notified when the download is available.

The prayer book is a free edition in three formats: flash flipbook, pdf and epub.

Thank you for visiting.

Opening quotation:

"… fascism means the doctrine that seeks the restoration of the social order through spiritual values and the national ideal.”

— Lambert Closse (Joseph-Henri Guay), La réponse de la Race: (le catéchisme national des Canadiens-français), Montréal: Imprimerie Thérien, 1936, 546 pp., at 495

Featured Excerpt by Arcand:

“Use me, as you wish, as you will;
blow upon me as the autumn wind
blows upon the leaf detached
from the tree; like the leaf, I will go
where your Spirit blows me,
sweep me away”

— from the Adoration of the ETERNAL SPIRIT, Third Person of the Divine Trinity in MON LIVRE D’HEURES (My Book of Hours) (1936) by Adrien Arcand

Further excerpt, same prayer:

Come to me, bend over me,
fall on me like a fiery Light.
I will offer you neither protest
nor resistance, for I want You
with such a vehement desire!
Like the leaf in the wind,
I will endure your divine Breath,
with love, with joy,
while blessing and adoring you;

- 30 -

Liberalism: Adrien Arcand on Lucifer in “The Universal Republic” (1950). Download a free copy of this video in a zip file:

An audio rendition of a chapter from Adrien Arcand's The Universal Republic, with face animation.

Video, exclusive English translation and free eBook by Adrien Arcand Books. Free ebooks by and about Adrien Arcand, translation previews and much more at:,,

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The Universal Republic (1950) is Adrien Arcand's most important public talk.

From the French Revolution to the Bolshevik Revolution, through the World Wars to the coming World Government, Adrien Arcand traces the path of Judeo-Communism.

From Adrien Arcand Books. Available soon in FREE Flash flipbook, pdf and mobile.

Kevin MacLeod

For the first time in English. Adrien Arcand Books, The Universal Republic (1950) is Adrien Arcand's most important public talk.

From the French Revolution to the Bolshevik Revolution, through the World Wars to the coming World Government, Adrien Arcand traces the path of Judeo-Communism.

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Download a free book preview of The Universal Republic by Adrien Arcand (1950):


“The final goal pursued is the conquest and domination of the worlld, without which, the Messiah awaited by the Jews will not come.”

Adrien Arcand said these words (in French) in 1950. In 2018, we find Jacques Attali, a Jew of France, and former adviser to Jewish president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, anticipating world government out of Jerusalem, in Israel. In filmed interviews, Attali suggests that the “Messiah” of the Jews will then emerge from a door in the center of the city of Jerusalem.

The French original:

“le but final poursuivi est la conquête et la domination du monde, sans lesquelles le Messie attendu par les Juifs ne viendra pas.”
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Short excerpt from Adrien Arcand's Fascist (Corporate) political platform of 1933.

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Adrien Arcand (1899-1967) was a controversial French-Canadian political figure and activist in Quebec who founded Canada’s first anti-communist party; and later promoted the idea of Corporatism as a new constitution for Canada (unaware that the BNA Act of 1867 is permanent).

Arcand was a journalist all his life, and for his opposition to Canada’s participation in WWII, he was sent without trial or charge to a Canadian concentration camp, where he spent five years and five weeks consistently refusing to “do his loyal share” for our “glorious ally”, the Communist butchers of the Soviet Union”.

Arcand wrote A BAS LA HAINE! (DOWN WITH HATE!) less than two years before he died from cancer. He was reacting to the demands of the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) for hate-speech laws in Canada. Arcand exposed the hypocrisy of the CJC in DOWN WITH HATE!, and called for the Talmud to be banned in Canada as hate literature.

The book is now rare, the one in the Quebec Archives (16 January 2018), a hard cover in mint shape, had a penciled price in the fly-leaf of $100. Today, the paperback is going for around $399.

This video is a narrated preview of some key highlights from this important book. You can read the complete book online in French, and in particular for the first time in English.

See the Free Downloads tab at this web site for a free gift copy of the original book in French, and other items by Arcand also now in English.

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