Take a deep breathe and hold on toight

It is now a known fact that Fluoride ( in your drinking water and toothpaste ) is poisoning you and your kids on a daily basis.

Ask yourself Am I anti-semetic? If your confused there is a book somewheres that tells you what the meaning of words is

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is this what they have planned
09.46 Simulated Crisis coming FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency 5G Alert Test for Oct. 4, 2023
15.33 will vaxed be dead by 2025
19.34 incompetent or malice
23.02 big pharma own natural supplements
26.22 'People_talk_and_the_truth_will_out!'___Neil_Oliver_on_the_Online
35.46 impechment evidence
37.03 biden exposed
41.37 afrika rising up
48.00 what is a galvanic cell

Michael Yon joins guest host Maria Zeee of The Alex Jones Show

Zeee, Yon, tell me this report is dis/mis INFO WARS

Humbly the adds are a lil over the top.

Baby baby gonna freak my mind

Everything that can be going wrong for the Libtard D.I.L.D.O.S, is going wrong. Just as they are floundering, the Freedom Convoy 2.0 is coming in to deliver the knock-out blow. And this time we are playing for keeps... NO MORE MR. NICE GUY this time around, we won't be leaving till the job is done!!!

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Kick-ass band Angry North & Boris's Bitches https://www.bitchute.com/channel/izGNygqz14Sv/

Melbourne lockdown footage, you aint off the hook labor

A bad batch of a party drug in circulation just in time for footy finals

Grab ya popcorn

IOTP explain Labors covid-19 inquiry is nothing but lip service, and goes through the process to prove it.


The price of fuel in Australia is the highest in the world.

Smart Community Aloha Plus Challenge


Andrews the Blackhead

QANTAS Board glowing along with Anna from Queensland

The Triple Clown(s)


Dan Andrews E-Gawn

More vaccine truths

Queen flicks the switch at jubilee

Triple helix and what that means for you


Why doesnt the US military come in and blow these cartels off the map? This has only escalated under the Biden regime and you still think Trump is going to save you?? Good luck with that. Remember the military came first.

The U.S. Government is totally involved in this Child Trafficking and yet, no one talks about it.

The Full Story:

A house divided cannot stand. Do not comply

Take heed, Embalmer Major Tom's research backing up facts/findings from around the USA and abroad from fellow embalmers that bodies presented to funeral homes are not blood clots but fibrous growths

Major Tom Haviland joins Maria Zeee on The Stew Peters Network with new BOMBSHELL survey results confirming embalmers worldwide are finding the strange white fibrous structures inside of injection recipients.

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Joe Rogan: "I'm EXPOSING what they are planning in Maui.." ENOUGH!
Joe Rogan has recently unleashed a powerful call to action in defense of Maui residents. He's taken a stand against elites who are greedily eyeing the land of these islanders, questioning the audacity of anyone trying to snatch away their homes, especially during their most vulnerable moments.
The people of Maui, particularly in Lahaina, are deeply troubled by the looming possibility that their ancestral lands might be taken by the state. But here's the twist: it's not just the government at play here. Wealthy real estate investors, developers, and elites are also in the mix, making enticing offers for the fire-ravaged land.
So, join us as we unravel the compelling story of post-tragedy Maui, where forces both public and private seem determined to grab a piece of paradise from its rightful owners.
Just recently, Joe Rogan invited Tulsi Gabbard, who represented Hawaii's second congressional district in the U.S. from 2013 to 2021, to his show, "The Joe Rogan Experience." During their conversation, they delved into the response to the devastating fires that struck Maui.

Discussed in this video:
Watch Now before they get to me. | with Joe Rogan
we have 8 days left | with Joe Rogan
Watch NOW before they silence me. | with Joe Rogan
this will AFFECT everyone in 1-2 weeks. | with Joe Rogan


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