Check out mi casa. A solar powered Thomas Vista. Soon I'll be working on a new off grid base so I won't have to cram more panels on Franklin.


Some clips of Wabi in the snow over the last couple of years.

Took Wabi out for a scouting mission today. Still getting used to the new gears and twin Detroit lockers (grizz in the front.) Wabi still has a bug I'm chasing though. Truck dosen't want to restart once its warmed up. Any Ideas out there on what it's problem is?

Wabi is short for Wabi Sabi, which this truck has much wabi sabi. Stay tuned for an update vid on Wabi.

Here's some footage of Wabi before any major mods. Even stock, that 4runner was a pearl turtle!


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This channel is about my experience living off-grid and the various projects I task myself with. The players are myself, Wabi, Franklin, Xander, Murphy, Nux, and Belly. Wabi is a moded 87 4runner which will be a frequent star of the channel. Franklin is my dear home, a 95 International Thomas Vista which I converted into a solar powered life pod. Murphy and Xander are my two dogs. Nux and Belly are my cats.