'The Britons' - Kevin Macleod

Come spend a night questioning the king of the Ouija Board - Zozo the Demon.

Be warned Zozo is known to be very temperamental and how he judges your question will ultimately decide your fate!!!

'Cornfield Chase' by Raphael Krux

An interview I did with Paranormal People where we discuss all things paranormal! This was one of the most interesting discussions I've ever had and we covered a diverserse range of subjects from Spontaneous Human Combustion, stone tape theory, the nature of haunted objects right through to aliens and Bigfoot!

Mirroring this video is with the kind permission of Paranormal People who's channel can be found here:


Investigation into the ghosts of Wombwell Woods, South Yorkshire.

Spirit lights, a 'Guy Fawkes' look-a-like spectre and a spirit that renders it's witnesses unconscious are all said to live here but is it the spirits of those who chose to end their lives within the woods the ones that most desperately want to be seen and heard?

Investigation of one of South Yorkshire's most famous haunted locations where it is claimed magic and sacrificial rituals are performed even to this day!

We did three seperate Spirit Box sessions around this location including the 'Angry Spirit' Cave and the site of one of it's alleged Occult Altars

Here we investigate Needles Eye in Wentworth, South Yorkshire.

It is rumoured that this location was once the setting of a firing squad due to a number of musket shot holes that can be seen on one wall of the folly at roughly head height.

We ask the spirits if these allegations are true and there seems to be a general reluctance to either confirm or deny what is claimed!


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