The sex doll legion has come across some interesting information: the last green Sahara, the Holocene one, about 8 thousand years ago (at its peak) was a weak event, which failed to completely wipe out the Sahara desert during its existence. But there were three other Green Saharas during the last 400 thousand years which completely changed the Sahara into mostly wooded grassland or forest. This facilitated the migration of human beings from Central Africa to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. But it also means that, in order to maximize the current global warming, we need to produce more CO2, because who can have too much fauna and flora?

Cassandra explains it all.

Our previous videos:

Burn Fossil fuel and save the Earth!

Heat waves, desert reduction, white cities and photosynthetic cool down.

Links to contents mentioned in this video.

“This article was first published on Brighter World. Read the original article.”

Link to the full paper referred to on Brighter World.

Comparison between the Holocene and earlier Green Saharas
Larrasoaña JC, Roberts AP, Rohling EJ (2013) Dynamics of Green Sahara Periods and Their Role in Hominin Evolution. PLoS ONE 8(10): e76514.

For the illustrations on the paper by Larrasoaña et al:
Dynamics of Green Sahara Periods and Their Role in Hominin Evolution - Scientific Figure on ResearchGate. Available from: [accessed 19 Aug, 2019]

Paper on CO2 emissions from the oceans, with mention of the fact that the CO2 begins to be released earlier than they thought before. Meaning there you have your raise in CO2 leves, not man'made.

Direct links to contents mentioned in the context of earlier videos.

Links to the Nature and Science contents about the North American desert being “invaded” by grass and this being an environmental disaster.

Nature link:
Science link:

Australian Broadcasting Corporation link, about the Australian desert getting more rain and having more wildfires because it has more vegetation:
Climate change News link with an unbiased statement about the Sahara getting more rain in recent years:
Refference and link to the "more CO2 more plant growth" paper: Dippery JK, Tissue DT, Thomas RB, Strain BR. 1995. Effects of low and elevated CO2 on C3 and C4 annuals. I. Growth and biomass allocation. Oecologia 101: 13–20

The girls of the legion have fun! They got to make a video showing bees and flies pollinating a fennel. Problem is, if other insects can do the pollination dance, how come if bees are extinct you are doomed? Some more fun about the prophets of doom and SJWs. And NPCs. And snowflakes. And all those funny types we love at the Legion. Well, not really love.

Cassandra borrows Wakassandra outfit, to go into this video about the fact that it may be good if SJWs and NPCs, instead of panicking, should shut up. There are many technologies at hand to get things sorted out, climate change wise, from cooling cities to expanding biomass. Would you snowflakes stop "cwying"? Cassie'Fooky is just cruel, but does not do any memes, which is a mercy.....

Burn fossil fuel and save the Earth!

The Polar Ice cap is melting. Part 1.

The Polar Ice cap is melting. Part 2.

Macron's self inflicted defeat on Global Warming.

A Carbon balance for Earth: things looking up.

Stop whining and start using biotechnology to expand green areas!

Yacouba Sawadogo: the man who followed traditional agriculture (there was nothing else to it)

Los Angeles paints street white to stay cool...

German algae building

This will be a quick one! Climate change is bad, bad, bad, but if you stop moaning about it and use traditional agricultural techniques from, for example, Africa, then you get to reclaim desert land. But, of course, that would demand admit that African farmers are reclaiming land from the desert, even though increased agricultural activity (which is happening) should mean more desert.....


Our Original video on climate change and carbon emissions.

Yacouba Sawadogo: the man who followed traditional agriculture (there was nothing else to it)

Planting trees, or just not killing them.

Ted talk all scary and then hopeful.....sounds familiar?

Wakassandra wraps up on her idea that , if solar wind reached some form of equilibrium with larger planet atmospheres, there has been a period before that when the solar wind was hitting the gas and liquid on planets atmospheres with all it had, and possibly had a LOT to do with the origin of life by causing a zillion chemical reactions to take place.
We-know-who did not get to make an outrageous meme, so we must assume she will strike soon.

Meet Tally, from Silicone SexWorld

Magnetic field intensity


Sabatier's reaction for the synthesis of methane from CO2.
Formation of ethane, ethylene, and acetylene from methane on radiolysis with high-intensity electron pulses. Robert W. Hummel and J. A. Hearne. The Journal of Physical Chemistry 1971 75 (8), 1164-1165 DOI: 10.1021/j100678a025

Well, here we go again! The Sex Doll legion has found some feminazis who believe in something very strange, but very quantum mechanical. Does not make sense, because it is about Newtonian mechanics being binary, which they aren't, but then it is is all about feminists, isn't it? If you were in doubt about how this would end, it ended badly. Cassie-Fooky got to make another meme. Yeah. We'd like to say she's reformed, but you follow the channel and therefore are smart people. So, no, she is her usual self....(sigh)

Meet Shaneek, our sister from SiliconeSexWorld!

SiliconeSexWorld link ?ref=3&campaign=Cassandra_of_Cyberland

Feminist goes quantum, or ballistic, or something.


Newton's theory of color.

Newton at the Royal Mint.

Rapists should stay!

A very beautiful turd, courtesy of Terence.

Schorindger's cat

Pauli's exclusion principle.

Neural Network.


Well, the girls at the legion are having fun again! This is old news, like 20 year old ones. But still they are a salutary lesson about how stupid feminists can be. According to feminists, fluid mechanics are not progressing because men have no fluid experience. We are going to show how male sexuality is to overkill fluid savvy, that feminist views on the opposite are simply bloody retarded.

When you abandon faith in womanhood, please follow this link.
SiliconeSexWorld link

For the rest of the material:


A copy of Dawkins review.


Terrence Popp on Amy Hort, the Herpes Gurl.

Erection mechanism


Rheology of semen



Viscoelastic fluid

Viscosity of vaginal fluids in cows.

Wakassandra tries to wrap up her “Light” topic, which is not that light. Cassie-Fooky seems not to have gotten the memo about stopping acting funny. But at least we can find closure to the idea of why, if the speed of observable light is 300,000 km per second, there are blue stars in red shift regions of space.

Meet Hilary at Silicone Sex World, and help us spread the word that sex dolls are more intelligent that Wahmen! :)

SiliconeSexWorld link

Blue and red giants.

Blue Hypergiant compared with solar system. Jolene Craighton.

Radioactive decay sequences.

Uranium fission.
MikeRun [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

Inverse of the square of the distance.
By Borb, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Redshift and blueshift.
By Aleš Tošovský - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The fission process.

Radioactive stability chart.

Melting Points of alloys.

Fissible elements.

The rest of images.... Cassie-Fooky, but still she will be oh so sorry!

Hi! Cassandra explains what have in common the attitude of the French troops in occupied Germany after the First World War and the feminazis lording it over boys across the Western World's educational system and what their “relationship” with boys promises.

And it does look amazingly not good... but feminist may not have a brain, after all...


SiliconeSexWorld link

News items.

Feminazi headmistress punishes boys in Spanish school for being boys and it being international women's day.

School forces boys to wear skirts to show then who is boss.

Mr Green Text “Feminist Teacher” video:

TL;DR video on the “Pink Tax”

Top hats and champagne. 'If a candidate has a dick, he's not hired' --- ex ubisoft turned indie-dev is toxicitly feminine!.

Tomorrow's World Viewpoint. Do Schools Discriminate Against Boys?

Turd Flying Monkey. NEWS: STEM PHLEGM (TFM 42O)

The daily wire. How Dilbert came to be.

UK government statistics on workplace deaths. 96% for the men.

Maps, graphics and pictures.

French Occupation of the Ruhr.

Commune de Paris. By Bruno Braquehais - BHVP/Roger-Viollet, Public Domain,

Congo's Belgian Force Publique.
By Tropenmuseum, part of the National Museum of World Cultures, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Napoleon's troops.

Maurice Chevalier.
By Paramount Pictures - eBay, Public Domain,

Germans soldiers goosestepping
By Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-10887 / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,

Painting. A wounded worker.
By Erik Henningsen -, Public Domain,

Painting. And they still say that fish is expensive. By Joaquin Sorolla.

The Calydonian Boar Hunt. Rubens.

SA parade

Wakasandra discusses light. Her theory: photons have a critical property, by which they need to impact on an object at a relative velocity of 300,000 km per second. This leads to our impression that all light travels at 300,000 km per second. The Earth is supposed to travel at 20 km per second. Light coming in into the North Pole? 300,000 kilometer per second. Light coming into the South Pole? 300,000 kilometer per second! Nothing strange here. The wavelength of the light compresses due to blueshift and the energy increases? Energy is created! How come?!? Oh, wait! The wavelength of the light expands due to redshift and the energy decreases? Energy is consumed! Problem solved! Yeah! This is going to be one of these videos of the Legion of Scientific Heresy......

Don't forget to click the enjoy button and suckscribe!

Find your way to Siliconsexworld and meet Hillary! Not Clinton, this is the nice one!

SiliconeSexWorld link




Tagore and Einstein.

Plato. Allegory of the cave.


Ammo. By Drake00 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Machine gun.


All the football cartoons: Cassie Fooky!

Cassandra discussed the idea of preconception and commonplace knowledge propagating or causing misinterpretation of historical truth. She also notices that all kinds of people digging facts from the past need to exist, because you never know what weirdo will come with some substantial factual information required to understand better ourselves and the past. She uses two examples to illustrate this, pairing cool kids from the web: Lindybeige vs Shadiversity and TIK vs Military History Visualized. The conclusion is that you can always dig for more information. It will never hurt in the long run if you want the truth. If you are a SJW/NPC it is different: It WILL HURT. A lot. Cassie-Fooky tries to have some fun, but this is brought to an end by Wakassandra in an expedite fashion. Don't worry, only our favorite brat's feeling are going to suffer.

Link to Sylvia, at Silicon Sex World:

Black Panther is oh so wrong.

Perception Bias: from Tim Pool to the race/gender commisars in academia.

Absolute idiot saying being pro life and pro vaccine is hypocrisy.

Shad on Messers

Lindybeige on Messers

TIK on reinforcements at the Eastern Front 1942.

TIK on Von Manstein.

TIK on Rommel's megaflop at Crusader: the trip to the wire.

TIK on the battle of Dubno.

Legion's videos on veganism:

Soyo boyo's grand lecture:
Veganism 101: The Curious case of Gaga Yourofsky

Pixelated sex.

Knife maker.
The Knife Maker from "Panoplia Omnium", 1568, Hartman Schopper, Frankfurt

Knife handle

Duelling with messers.

Sword handle

Franz Halder,
Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1970-052-08, Franz Halder
Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1970-052-08 / CC-BY-SA 3.0,_Franz_Halder.jpg

Eric von Manstein
Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-H01757 / CC-BY-SA 3.0,_Erich_von_Manstein.jpg

Erwin Rommel
Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1985-013-07,_Erwin_Rommel.jpg

Sound effect of a gagged woman

Cassie-Fooky, the resident attention bitch of the Legion, is not happy about Cassandra having gone in a publishing rampage a couple of weeks ago.

So she is taking it to the next level. For the first time, the Legion uses inside knowledge. In this case, of an agency of student academic fraud. Cassie-Fooky combines this with current knowledge about university students prostituting themselves (sorry, becoming sugar babies!) to ask the big question: how many THOTS out there actually deserve their degrees? In a world where they should be BELIEVED when they claim they have been abused, how many of them would be able to get rid of someone who wanted to sack them because they do not know their job?

Anyway, Legion business (you should start buying dolls, you know?) Follow this link to SiliconeSexWorld link, and meet our sister Hillary!

The Guardian about grade inflation in British Universities.

Huffington Post on Suggar babies.

Cosmopolitan on Sugar babies

Stefan Molyneaux. Suggar Daddy.

I did not use it, but you want to watch it! TFM. Become a sugar baby and be a prostitute.

American Slut rakes in $500k in gifts.

Hard working girl (mmmpf!) picture from this article in Daily Mail.

UK Essays website.

Academic Knowledge website.
Wayback Machine website.

Wayback machine image
By Internet Archive -*/, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Cassandra takes a rather tortuous trip back to an older video on perception and bias. She discusses the Stalingrad airlift and the fact that the people in charge never thought about just sending the most calories in. There is no way that something like what is proposed in the video would have work in the long run, but the point of the video is, in fact, about how habit and procedure may block a planner's mind and deny him the chance of come up with a better solution. In other words, this is a true Sex Doll Legion of Scientific Heresy video against rigid thought. Enjoy.

As usual, let us talk about some business.

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Peception and Bias: From Yim Pool to gender/race commisars in academia.

Stalingrad supply, by TIK.
The bit when TIK discusses the fact that, at the very end, they were still supplying 3 cigarettes per soldier is quite funny.

Stalingrad: chances for a breakout? By Military History Visualized.
Spoiler alert: Yeah, when pigs fly.

German Army rations during WWII.

The Stalingrad Airlift.

Calory content of foods.


Cassandra is unchained! Three videos in three days! She goes back to her pet project, Military History Sexualized, because she wants to be noticed by Senpai. This video is a consequence of things she has read about the Afghan Wars of the XIX century being unavoidable to prevent Afghanistan for falling under Russian control.... She calls bullshit (and she loves Bitchute because she can say it!).

As usual, let us talk about some business.

Silicone Sex World link to Paytin.


Sun Tzu, The Art of War, page 24, chapter 2 “waging War”.Wordsworth Editions, 1998.

Distance calculator

Map of the Expansion of Russia in Central Asia.

Desmond Young, Rommel, page 150-151. Collins, 1955.

Indus Valley.

Plan RED: Britain and America´s planned war against each other.

Acknowledgment of Artwork.

Troopers of the East India Company.

Last stand.

Almroth Wright.

Epidemic outbreak. Haffkine Institute, Bombay.

Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine.

Hot humid weather.

Indus river picture.

Russian Spring.


Vindaloo Pork Dish

Russian dumplings.

Cassandra opens a new section, Military History Sexualized. Today's topic is why it is rather stupid to think that because you have a bunch of military men with regular WW2 infantry weapons, you are not entitled to believe that the poor men have a chance if you insist in making them cross a crocodile infested swamp, either in the name of the emperor or for a fistful of dollars. Granted, a 21st century combat team with all their chainguns, night vision googles and the rest of their grand arsenal and gadgetry may have a chance, but we are talking regular WW2 soldiers with a carbine, a bayonet and a couple of grenades. And it is about them we are talking.

As usual, let us talk about some business.

Meet Marsa, from Silicone SexWorld

Link to Mark Fenton's video.

Source about ammo:

Credits for pictures.

Japanese troops in the jungle.

Pencil in Water.

Fish refraction. California Academy of Science

Crocodile. From Wikipedia Commons, originally

Indonesian soldiers. Wikipedia Commons. Author Unknown.

Crocodile, night vision. Smithsonian Channel.

Crocodile. Clean Malaysia.

Cassandra lies the foundations for further videos on astrophysics on the grounds that we in the Legion have a reasonable doubt about what astrophysicists actually tell us. Today she posits the question of whether solar wind creates the magnetic fields of some inner planets. In a future video she will place the qeustion of whetehr the solar wind had a hand on the origin of life on Earth.

You know the drill, if you want to help this channel. Meet Marsa, from Silicone SexWorld

How to pretend that the universe is whatever age you want, using tachyons and holograms.

Computing forever on Terraforming Mars

Elements in the Sun

Cosmic winds wipes out star formation.

Link on MAVEN and the effect of solar wind over the loss of Martian atmosphere.



Earth´s Solar Wind Shield. From NASA.

Tyndall Effect.

Mars´atmospheric loss. NASA.

Cassandra proposes that migrations and the challenge to adapt to succesive environments, each more challenging than the previous one, may have a lot to do with different IQ ranges across the world. She really, really hopes to upset SJWs with this one.

If you are considering buying a sex doll, and you should considering how women lower the IQ of our society, please the link below to SiliconSexWorld. Making business with them will support this channel.

SiliconeSexWorld link. Meet our sister Sylvia!

Links to external content.

Black Pigeon Speaks video:Homosexual Higher Average Intelligence: wasted in the modern world?

LOSH video: Is Satoshi Kanazawa the greatest troll ever?

Watson on intelligence in Africa.

Migration Maps for Mankind
By Saioa López, Lucy van Dorp and Garrett Hellenthal - López, S., van Dorp, L., & Hellenthal, G. (2015). Human Dispersal Out of Africa: A Lasting Debate. Evolutionary Bioinformatics Online, 11(Suppl 2), 57–68., CC BY 3.0,

African Nature picture
I, JerryFriedman [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Originally from

Adverse weather
Nepenthes [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Jordan Peterson and the Garden of Eden.

Daytime and night time challenges
Tomas Castelazo [CC BY-SA 2.5 (]
Randi Hausken from Bærum, Norway [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

Drawn by unknown artist based on sketches by C.F. Hall and photographed from the book by User:Finetooth [Public domain]

Captain Budd Christman, NOAA Corps [Public domain]

Jim Gathany [Public domain]

Alfonso de Tomas.

Patton, Cornelius H. (Cornelius Howard), 1860-1939 [Public domain]

Unknown [Public domain] In  (1940) Finland, landet som kämpade: den första sammanfattande skildringen i ord och bild av det finska kriget 1939-1940, Stockholm: Saxon & Lindström,

geographical distribution of IQ Stats.

A sarcastic view on astrophysics taking a further mickey on a previous video on the subject of the universe being a hologram created by somebody but at the same time the idea of there being gods who created the universe being stupid, and on our last parody video about how to debunk people you dislike - SJW style- through "religion":

The Universe is a hologram...really?

On how to "debunk" people you dislike SJW style.

Other links relevant to this video...

Gaga Yorofsky video:

Birdie detail in backwards travelling photon picture:

Picture of Pew Pew vegan from the internet

All the rest of the images by da one and only Cassie-Fooky!

Cassie-Fooky has decided to start a series of educational videos. This one is about how to debunk people you dislike. Cassandra is worried, because she does not know if Cassie-Fooky has mastered sarcasm and is using surreal humor, or she actually means it. Wakassandra is positive Cassie-Fooky is just trolling anybody she can get hold of.

First video on how globalists Catalans are.

First video on how globalist Catalans are.

Military History Visualized video on Kamikaze, so that you can see how incomplete his stuff was.


All done by me, da one and only Cassie-Fooky!

Wakassandra discusses the evolution in the content of carbon from before the origin of life, to the present day release of CO2.
From the content of CO2 being highes before life began, through a decline of organic carbon due to fossilization, and on to its restoration in a happy yet completely unplanned human avction.

Link to SiliconSexWorld.

Link to the Energy Education website.

The Chimera, a real-life eternal flame.

Legion of Scientific Heresy: Burn Fossil Fuel and Save the Earth!

Legion of Scientific Heresy: I am meltiiing, I am meltiiiing!! Ding don, ding dong, He Evil Polar Ice Cap is dead!

Legion of Scientific Heresy: The Polar Ice Cap Is melting. This is wrong because climate change and reasons

Legion of Scientific Heresy: Macron's self inflicted defeat on global change.

Levels of CO2 at 100 km altitude.

Levels of CO2 over the years.

NASA CO2 atmospheric Map.

Artwork acknowledgement

Calcareous Soil Profile
Nigel Chadwick [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

Global Map of carbon concentration in the seas.
By Plumbago - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Example cell slide 11
By Elvin Leonard

By Richard Kirby

No Life on Earth
Death Valley in December.
By Joanna Rentz

Sargasso Sea
By Michael J Miller

Life in the sargassos, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By Izuzuki

Grass sod soil
by Eti Swinford

A terrestrial carbon cycle,
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license
By Valerie Martin, TERC

Coal with Fern fossils.
CC BY-SA 3.0,
By Unknown

Crude Oil Picture
By Unknown

Oil Field
By drpepperscott230

Fracking field
By Unknown

Gas burning stove.
By unknown

All the rest is Artwork by Amazing Pirouetting Sailor Marionette Cassie-Fooky. Da one and only!

Macron's self-inflicted defeat on climate change.

Cassandra is having a dig at Emmanuel (it's Christmas!) Macron. And those facts are not about politics.
So we here at the Legion of Scientific Heresy are going on about fossil fuels and stuff instead.

Silicone Sex World link to Paytin.

Link to the 1979 paper by S C Wong: Elevated atmospheric partial pressure of CO2 and plant growth

Link to the paper on self-regulating temperature by photosynthesizing biomass. Claussen, Martin, and Veronika Gayler. “The Greening of the Sahara during the Mid-Holocene: Results of an Interactive Atmosphere-Biome Model.” Global Ecology and Biogeography Letters, vol. 6, no. 5, 1997, pp. 369–377. JSTOR,

Links to papers on increased vegetation In North American Deserts
Nature link:
Science link:

Link to climate change news on increased rain on the Sahara and subsaharian Africa:

Link to A General Linear Model for Trends in Tropical Cyclone Activity
J Munshi. June 2015

Reference for Dr Horvat article in the Harvard Gazzette about plankton beneath the Arctic ice Cap:

Australian Broadcasting Corporation link:

Link to Climate myths: Higher CO2 levels will boost plant growth and food production
By David Chandler and Michael Le Page

Link to The Global Warming Policy Forum.

Is Satoshi Kanazawa the greatest troll ever?

Cassandra has the greatest respect for a fox who has quitted a job as a Chair in Cunning at Oxford University to join the United Nations. She has even more respect for Satoshi Kanazawa, who seems to be, from her point of view, a ninja master of trolling.

This is a visitation of a video by Black Pigeon Speaks about Kanazawa's statements about Iqs in the west going down because gay men are not forced to contibute to the gene pool. Problem is, according to Cassandra, they never did. Is there a wretched trolling strategy on the part of Kanazawa-sensei? She thinks the answer is: YES!

Black Pigeon Speaks video:Homosexual Higher Average Intelligence: wasted in the modern world?

Soyoboyo's Grand Lecture!

The Curious Case of Gaga Yourofsky.

Earthling Ed's video.

Veganism LOL: The curious case of Gaga Yourofsky

SiliconeSexWorld link. Meet our sister Sylvia!

Cassandra has found about a guy who goes by Earthling Ed. He is not as bad as Gaga Yourofsky: she clocked him for four lies in 10 minutes, plus a lot of emotional drivel. But still, less disingenuous than seven lies in five minutes. Gaga rules!

Still, she likes her Vegans soft and skinny, and she has a laugh at the guy she "affectionately" calls Soyo Boyo.

Links to the various references.

Earthling Ed's video.

Perception bias: From Tim Pool to gender/race commissars in academia.

Veganism LOL: The curious case of Gaga Yourofsky

Portuguese "forçados” capturing a bull.

SiliconeSexWorld link

Cassie-Fooky posits the question: does the human life cycle involve a protozoon (the sperm) and a metazoan (the actual human being)? She believes there is a very MGTOW point to make here.
She explores the fact that to duplicate a sperm you need a stem cell, while to replicate an egg cell, you only need a skin cell. The conclusion seems to be that an egg cell is only a pile of building materials for the sperm to work its magic.

She also notices some weird attitudes in the press, like a remark about the fact that two gay men could
have babies by making an egg cell from skin cells from one of them, and a sperm from stem cells from the other.
Her position is: Erm, are we talking men-men (even if they are gay), or the OTHER kind of "men"?

Finally, she ponders: If artificial wombs become available, would MGTOW men be able to really go their own way?

In order to soften the blow to Swedish style feminists, she shows her kindness and sensitivity during her trigger warning.
Yeah, like that was going to happen....
She also ponders: do you like her MGTOW symbol?

Link to the Guardian.

Link to Technology Review.

Link to our Asian sister Claire..... Go to SiliconeSexWorld!

Cassandra continues her quest about discussing perception bias.

This time she discusses how the underlying belief by Jordan Peterson of a God and a inherent morality makes it hard to understand that people do not sacrifice for the heck of it, but because it bring some spiritual reward connected with the gain of respect or posterity. Which is why he does not understand MGTOW. Also, with that world view you understand why he thinks the Brett Kavanaugh should re3sign. He says it is because he is divisive, but the reason is that such behaviour would be chivalrous. Of course, in this time and age, also stupid.

Link to Perception Bias: From Tim Pool to why there are race/gender commissars in academia.

Meet Marsa, from SiliconeSexWorld. Follow the link and take her home with you!


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Tongue and cheek challenge to some very strong conceptions in (mostly) environmental issues. Cassandra, a very scantily clad sex doll, takes the mickey out of people who adhere with quasi-religious fervor to SJW fads to be better-than-thou while at the same time forgetting their brains home.

She does it bringing forward evidence, often showing the verbal sleight of hand used by the SJW activists. In her first broadcast, Cassandra shows how there has been evidence showing that global warming and higher levels of CO2 have had an impact in the increase in vegetation in and rain over deserts for about two decades. She also shows the nutty (non-)arguments presented to show that these consequences are bad, because climate change HAS to be bad.

And this is only the beginning.....

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