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...Because we are European.
'The world goes where Palestine goes. If Palestine is not free, the world will not be free.
If Palestine is freed, the world will be freed, and there will be justice,'
Why we should care

Thank you 张 For sending this cover photo.

From the book 'The Jewish Strategy' -Revilo P. Oliver

"Lest the Jews punish you, for having listened to impias words"
iExcerpts from the book 'The Jewish Strategy' Revilo P. Oliver
Part 1/10
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Commentary by Kevin Alfred Strom.

Dennis Wise

Feel good story.
Should it really be a crime?

Don't be a petty nationalist! ☭ ✡ ☠

Commentary from National Vanguard alliances' Jewish aggression part 2 -Kevin Alfred Strom

"We are change -mirror
There won't be any peace until these jews are dealt with. They're just bastards"-Bobby Fischer

We are change confronts Jacob Rothschild in NY.
Luke has huge balls.
The reptillian like countenance, the dark empty shark eyes. Not only am I starting to wonder if these things are even human, but are really aliens sent from another dimension.... ->



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