J1 speaks on Article 13 and the future of the internet.

Music by J1
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A J1, DJ Eyecon, Dane Britt creation.
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Created at Grier Farm Studios & Eyecon Studios.
Mastering done by J2.

A short video to display the Conspiracy.

J1, J2 & Steaknife
Video Created by Jeff Travis
Rehab and the Song Bump are Contracted with UMG

Number 1 Hit in Germany
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Danny "Boone" Alexander appears Courtesy of Universal Music Group

Remix of Steve Miller Band - Take the Money and Run
Rehab - Ride Out Chick
Created by J1, DJ Icon, Dane Britt & Steaknife
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Steve Miller Band Contracted with Capitol / EMI
Rehab contracted with UMG

This is Owned by AcidBrainWash.
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Video Created, Written and Directed by Jeff Travis.


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