Before Donald Trump wanted to enter Politics, we have the beginning of the New Paradigm.
Do You Remember, Will You Forget?
Into the Future, Will You Defend Liberty?

The Full Episode that displays the Lies of Popular Mechanics concerning the events of 9/11/2001

This is the entire Episode, The debate begins after the 17:00 min mark.
Youtube Deleted this episode after over 4 million Views....when Shadow Banning didn't stop the interest in the topic.

I won a Law suit to display this.....I will DMCA anyone who claims I don't have the right to display it. -J1

Islam and Socialism have always been allies.
"Iran", the Word.....Literally means....."Land of the Aryans"
Come to GAB, Speak Freely

Song Title: "Guitar Weird"
Music by J1 & J2
Written and performed
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The story of a Presidential Candidate with some space to fill

Thanks to CKY for this brilliant crank call.

Jay One on Vocals
Jay Two, Jay One, Neel and Yogi appearing
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Simple Math, Economics and Stats prove the Future.
Created by J1 and AcidBrainWash.
Wake the Fuck Up of you will know the Suffering of those who engage Islam.

This film is designed to open your mind and begin the process of setting you free.
Jay One created this.

Disney made short cartoon detailing the Socialist agenda and actions concerning what it takes and means to be a Socialist in World War Two Germany. is my Youtube channel, it is Demonitized....however I still earn revenue
This displays the cracks in Googles plans.

Turkey is ready to go to war.
The Euro Zone will either break apart or have a War to determine who will stay and who will go in the European Collective.
The Silver lining is Silver.

Photo is really a Chicken...which works perfectly in this case.
GO Chargers.

The case study then boasts about the effectiveness of the campaign by bragging about the Facebook advertising campaign’s astounding results:

Photo Courtesy of Hillsdale College,
The Mighty Chargers.

We Have Yet Begun To Fight.
Freedom is Living
Freedom is the Breath of Man, For anything else is only existing

An AcidBrainWash & The Beat Transformers production
Jeff, Charles and Dane had a lot of fun making this together.
Thank You
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J1 speaks on Article 13 and the future of the internet.

Music by J1
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