Some advice as a Business Major and published author. Seriously, please just calculate and think about how much you're putting into your books and just wake up on what you need to do and what skills you need to work on to help you save money and become a career writer.

One of my first videos joining BookTube is pretty much me complaining about something that has always bothered me in storytelling. I hope you guys agree but if you don't, be sure to message what you think below in the comments section and what you might want to see more of.

I love you, Cam, I'm in your server and you're a cool guy, but nonsense like this only helps to alienate people who want to get into reading and use Ebooks as a way. Come on, you're also spreading lies. Let's do better than this.

I'm in the process of moving my videos over and I do want to say that, although BitChute is new to the genre, I will be starting a subsection here known as BookChute. If there are other channels that want to join the BookChute club then feelfree to joint he BookTube Discord Server


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Hello everyone, Welcome to BookChute!

I'm here to mostly talk about three things.

-Book Reviews (both good and hilariously bad books)
-Writing advice
-Criticism videos

Hopefully some of this will help you as you strive to become a published author in your own endeavors.