Testing a home-brew Root beer can stove and seeing how it performs.

A night of fun playing Battlefield 5 interactively and laughing at the hijinx.

We begin the process of removing the motors from a Hubsan 502e and go through a real-world learning experience of just what it takes to replace the motors for the first time on a quadcopter.

This is not a glossed over video with just the steps. This shows the entire process (mistakes included so you don't repeat what I did!) in 3 parts and the fourth part will feature test flights to wring out the quad to insure the repair is satisfactory.

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If you have a parent with a walker, it might be a good idea to check it for issues. My mother's walker began to have an issue with the seat which started with screws loosening and then the seat abruptly fell off after the plastic bearing blocks broke.

It is hard to believe how cheaply some things are made, but my mother's walker experienced a break with plastic - yes - plastic bearings that can hardly be expected to last over the long haul. I made a somewhat permanent repair for this first phase of the job, to get it working for her, but plan to add more beefed up clamps to insure the fix is absolutely foolproof.

We review the Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour GPS and take it for a field test to see how well it works and to test it's ability to track a path I walked on the road in front of my home. We'll be doing another video on this unit soon to give it a more extreme test on a real trail and to have it guide us to a remote spot that the hiker who will have the unit never has been to. Music: "Good Starts" by the Jingle Punks

This is our test of the Bushnell Backtrack G2 handheld GPS unit. The BackTrack provides distance and a directional arrow to any of the three saved locations at the push of a button. In this video, we test the Backtrack G2 in two real-world scenarios: Navigating at speed in a car and a short hike to return to an origin point. <P>Amazon Link:

Our 5 inch Ferrite Sleeve Loop (FSL) antenna project is done and we have finished off the antenna with connecting up the litz wire connector after having to do a little fabrication work and some additional shoring up of the bulk antenna/ferrous rod section of the antenna. Links: This was the original article, but the original server that had it is no longer online. I had a version of the original article saved as PDF along with a couple of others - The original site is no longer up. Gary Debock has since put up a new version of the antenna - I will provide the links to this soon since copying them here to BitChute is proving problematic due to the size...

The FSL antenna is an antenna for improving the reception of long distance AM stations. This video covers the first part of my construction of the antenna. This was the original article, but the original server that had it is no longer online. I had a version of the original article saved as PDF - The original site is no longer up. Gary Debock has since put up a new version of the antenna and I have the new links here as well.

Part Two of our field expedition to Hope Valley, California to test out the Yaesu FT817nd QRP low power radio in the field.

Our first mobile QRP - low power - ham radio expedition to Hope Valley in the Sierra Nevada range near Lake Tahoe to do digital mode ham radio on five watts. We are covering the creation and fielding of our mobile QRP - low-power - solar powered station in these two episodes. We had a lot of fun. Enjoy this first of the two part video.

Part 2 of our review of the iHome Zenergy iZBT10 Sleep Therapy System. This review covers my thoughts after several weeks of using the device and in-depth coverage of the features and the Zenergy application. iHome IZBT10 web site - iHome Zenergy Application: Android: Apple:

I happened across this great IHome sleep therapy machine and this review covers the unboxing and initial impressions of the device. Overall first impressions are that it is a BUY. The follow up review will be posted in part 2 with a discussion of the alarms, the Android application to control it from my Samsung phone and more. Links of Interest:

Unboxing and then field hunt with the Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector. Music: "Atlanta" by the "Jingle Punks" Comment on our page on Gab - A free speech alternative to Facebook:

This video is not so much a how to as it is a real-world "My Experience of the Install" video and I humbly refer the viewer to watch the additional links posted below to help them fully understand the install of a Pioneer Stereo into their vehicle. Parts list used on this project Installation Material For Our Techs: -Metra Part Number : 95-5812 Dash Modification Kit -Metra Part Number : 70-5521 Into Car Amplified Harness With 8-pin harness & 2 pairs of RCAs out -Metra Part Number : AFDI-5V 5 Volt "Step Down" to eliminate unwanted feedback noise Links of interest: Pioneer site for the FH-X700BT Useful reference for installation of the Stereo in a Mustang Detailed How-To video on Mustang stereo installation: Comment on our Facebook page:

Part One of the install of the Pioneer Sterero DEH X6800BT in my 1996 Ford F-150. We cover the full install in part one and then the tests and demonstration of the completed radio in part two.

A light-hearted look at the build of my Viking War Wagon trailer build based off the Harbor Freight mini-trailer.

Star Night Laser Shower Christmas Lights review from December 2016. These lights are amazing and do a good job of decorating your home with the Christmas Spirit.

Star Night Shower Update and 1byone Magical Outdoor and Indoor Christmas Laser Light

I have had the privilege in the past to fly with some of the best pilots I've ever met. The Red Star Pilot's Association is an amazing group of people who fly vintage Chinese and Russian warbirds in mock combat and air shows all over the U.S. This music video celebrates a trip I took with them in 2014. Enjoy!

Repair of a flaw in my Stanley work light that causes it to refuse to work. This light is a great unit, when it works. Adding a switch to control the power and fully reset the circuit cured the issue. This video shows the disassembly of the light, the repair and the reassembly.

This video shows how to program a 808 #16 Keychain camera for RC flight or other uses like hat-cams and the like.


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