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Welcome to my video vlogging channel. I am a man who enjoys many hobbies and getting out and living life. I am a retired webmaster, having left a 32 year career in aerospace and now am into bushcrafting, outdoor living, travel, writing, vlogging, hiking, projects and much more. My channel is a reflection of my life! Please come along and join me for our weekly videos!

My web site and regular blog are at and I encourage you to visit this site as it is our hub site with much more in terms of my writings and thoughts on everything from technology, people, hobbies, projects and much more.

I have moved my videos to BitChute as a result of the YouTube stance on silencing alternative and free thought. YouTube has completely lost it's objectivity and is quite frankly submitting to Orwellian practices that produce a chilling effect on Free Speech and the entire Bill Of Rights.