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Monet, Moliere and minarets--The growing culture clash between Europe and Islam.

Guests: Randall Hansen, Anna C. Korteweg, Michael Coren, Mazen Chouaib.


Randall Hansen is an Associate Professor of Political Science and holds a Research Chair at the University of Toronto.

Anna C. Korteweg is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on Islam, gender, immigrant integration and national identity formation.

Michael Coren is the host of The Michael Coren Show airing on CTS. For more information, visit

Mazen Chouaib is an Ottawa based international consultant. He is an advisor to Canadian and international organization promoting and building institutions of good governance and Democracy in the Middle East. He is also the former Executive Director of the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations.

Denis MacShane, British Labour MP, on the global resurgence of anti-semitism.

Many men have lost their jobs during this recession: Is the era of male dominance in the work force ending?

Guests:Reihan Salam, Barbara Byers, Armine Yalnizyan, David Foot

America's great health care debate. Shining the spotlight on the Canadian system: The realities and the myths. Blame Canada. Why are Americans so afraid of Canadian-style healthcare? Keeping the cross-border relationship ... healthy.

Guests:Dr. Anne Doig, Dr. Danielle Martin, Ted Marmor, Richard K. Baker

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What are the limits of social media activism? Lawrence Lessig sits down The Agenda to discuss the trouble with transparency.

Eric Margolis on 40 years with the controversial and colourful Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Legalize it ... and I will utilize it: MP Keith Martin and why it's high time for Canada to decriminalize marijuana.

Failing freedoms: Green Party leader Elizabeth May and the slow erosion of Canada's democracy.

From the police scanning your brain for hidden memories to pills that vastly improve mental performance: author Zack Lynch on the coming revolution in neurological affairs.

Culture, citizenship, and the Conservatives: Jason Kenney, minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism and his government's approach to new Canadians.

From Napster to iTunes to a universe of shared music: how the internet has changed the business, culture and content of music.

Russia's imperial impulse: foreign analyst Janice Stein on the re-emergence of great power politics in the 21st century. Tuesday September 2 2008

The radical critiques of capitalism: where are they now? Leo Panitch on the future of anti-capitalist politics.

Attraction? Or arousal? Psychologist Meredith Chivers on the laws governing female desire.

Down but not out: George Friedman on why the United States will remain the world's dominant power throughout the 21st century.

Bill Bishop, author of "The Big Sort," on why America's self-segregation is tearing that country apart. Friday October 31 2008

Denis Rancourt is a physics professor at the University of Ottawa known for his unorthodox views on student grading - he believes that grades interfere with the learning process and reinforce unequal power relationships.

Democracy 2.0: author Joseph Peters on how governments can use social media to engage citizens.

Sending a message: the Council on Foreign Relations' Adam Segal on what China's growing naval power tells us about that country's regional intentions.

Good for the environment and the economy: George Mason University's Karol Boudreaux on property rights, eco-tourism and an economic success in Namibia.

Worthless: the Cato Institute's Steven Hanke on hyperinflation and economic collapse in Zimbabwe.

From refugees and rights abuses, to internal rivalries and outside interventions: Gerry Caplan, author of "The Betrayal of Africa" discusses Congo's rich history of violence and suffering. Thursday December 18 2008

Blogger and author Christian Lander talks to Steve Paikin about his popular internet list satirizing the interests of North American "left-leaning, city-dwelling white folk." Friday December 5 2008

Out of sight, but out of mind? Retired U.S. army colonel Douglas Macgregor on a post-U.S. Iraq. Wednesday December 17 2008

Forget coal, forget cars, forget industry: Are humans the real climate concern? Guests: Jeb Brugmann, Bruce Cox, Stephen Hazell, Mathis Wackernagel, Madeline Weld. Host: Steve Paikin. Broadcast: May 5, 2008. For more videos like this, go to


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