Regardless of what you think of Henry Ford, you will be forced to conclude that the man was an illiterate genius after even a cursory study of his endeavors. The Model T, his crowning achievement, is no exception to this rule. In this video, I present all of the aspects of the T that showed how ahead of its time it really was.

This was one of my few philosophical videos where-in I present a rather ham-fisted argument that should have read as such: Science ignores the paranormal & even the possibility of God above because neither can be categorically tested in a laboratory setting; nor can either be reproduced at the flick of a switch like any experiment can. That is why I believe that the scientific discipline has been utilized by Atheists so steadfast for the past six decades. Agree, disagree, I don't care. I've said my piece.

I made this video way back when there was serious concern that Bombardier was going to shutter the Derby Carriage Works. People were saying that it was the end of Britain's train manufacturing industry. This was incredibly annoying to me because trains were literally invented in the British Isles. So, after nearly a week's worth of research, this is what I produced. I still plan on doing an American railroad manufacturing industry video; it's just that these videos are always going out of date too quickly. This one is nearly four years old at the time of this writing!

America invented the limited access highway system, NOT NAZI GERMANY! Although crude by today's standards, the parkway system is still alive & functioning on both the eastern seaboard & a small portion of Los Angeles here in the United States (Commonwealthers would probably refer to this as the first "Dual Carriageway"). This was the first real attempt at an interstate highway system/motorway/freeway/autobahn/etc.

People are discernable far more for their cultures than their genders or skin tones. Part of culture is what people produce; with the fruits of their labor becoming reflections upon their values & tastes. In this video, I present four commercial trucks that are being produced by four different countries; each being totally unique to the culture that birthed them.

Here is the actual history of Intermodal Transportation. It was not a single man (nor nation) who is responsible for its creation.

This is aimed more for children who probably never even heard of a Signal Box or a Switching Tower. This video is an extremely limited view into the incredibly interesting subject of manual railroad signaling (which happens to be my favorite interest).

Road construction always required some specialized equipment; however, these four machines are just insane.

This is the REAL list of the ten biggest automotive industry failures to date. Please note that I did include the Edsel, but only briefly mentioned it because the video is very long & I thought that there is already enough material dedicated to the subject (I highly recommend watching, "The Car's the Star: The Edsel," on ANYTHING BUT YOUTUBE/GOOGLE).

This is a detailed drawing that I made based upon a photograph out of the book, "Rise & Fall of British Railways: Goods & Freight." It's not an exact copy...mostly due to a few very minor mistakes that I made when making it (at that time, I was unfamiliar with how copyright laws apply to artwork). Still, it's probably legal, so I'm happy. I highly recommend that viewers check out the book; it's a comprehensive read on a very interesting subject for any transportation enthusiast.

Here is a very brief history of the Transverse Engine in its various forms & applications since its inception during the early 1930s.

This was America's second, private transportation network that was almost immediately eclipsed by private automobiles driving on public roads.

Take your pick! In this video, I present two railroad vehicles that evolved independently of each other for roughly the same purpose.

Here is a list of the five strangest locomotives ever to stalk steel rails!


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