Whilst still under lockdown measures, the team focus their attention to the growing unrest in America. Information is coming out about former President Barak Obama and his administration and Geoff is there to bring you to speed with some of the findings so far.

Pete Buttigeig, Jo Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders join Geoff News as part of ALZN News' US Election coverage. The four, who are currently running to become leader of the Democratic Party give their final pledges before the upcoming Super Tuesday.

Geoff News brings you the latest from the world that seems to currently have 'incompetent' as it's default setting. This broadcast also brings you probably one of ALZN's most distressing stories to date. An awful tale that just needs to be told. Viewer discretion is advised.

As humanity adjusts to social isolation, Geoff adjusts to his own 'isolation' with his temporary, 'live in' producer Phil. They're having difficulties, but they're not the only ones!

Geoff News, live from Isolation. As the pandemic rages on, Geoff is at home with a skeleton crew delivering you the latest on the situation, with special guest (via satellite link), Boris Johnson.

Having some down time during the isolation period, Geoff decides to use this time effectively and sets about learning some basic biology. Join him as he narrowly avoids the pitfalls of this sometimes 'controversial' topic.


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