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yay i think my skills got worse

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title says it all, I might do more videos of me taking on the last bosses on the blacklist, im Currently on blacklist 3, its been a while since I played this, so im a bit rusty.

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been messing around a bit with effects on Sony Vegas, somehow the beginning is glowy, I cant really remove it either :/

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made yet another video, messing with effects again, i was a bit sad doing this, its been a while since i seen those scenes. I might do more later in the future.

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a lil vid i kinda wanted to make, hope you enjoy.
song: Delta Goodrem: Extraordinary day

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ending with the original song

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after like 4 tries i finally beat this mode... at level 10
song name: Trance: military storm

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Jecht i believe is the hardest one for me to beat, his countering and defenses are really strong not to mention that he can break your blocks lol but anyways i handed his butt over lol
everything is owned by square enix nothing is owned by me except the actions i took to use against Ject :)

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well i had a set of videos that i put together.. i missed the part where i fought the partholons

uploaded to youtube in 2009-

Just a random video about LSA


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