Energy Unleashed

Testing a Copper Lined Shaped Charge.
It actually worked very well.

Made from Picric acid and Ammonia Ammonium picrate is a very insensitive compound that once forund use in high impact artillery shells.

The failure recently i had while trying to make P4 got me to further research the method and i was basically overthinking it. it did not need super strong welded retort afterall nor did the brute force attempt at heating seem needed. slow and steady won the race. Some changes were: the retort obviously, thin walled can with a vertical outlet. using dark Aluminium powder, very finely grinding and well combining of the reagents, flushing the retort with Argon, monitoring the temperature and attempting to control it, using warm water in the receiver. It worked well. the only thing annoying was the amount of P4 vapour burning up- i could see the flames had the greenish colour of lost product! the camera barely picks it up but just in some frames. Never the less it did work and is repeatable and able to be scaled up so I'm pleased. after a couple more runs when i have a bit more i will do a video on cleaning it up to a nice white product.

Preparation of PETN from Pentaerythritol and fuming white nitric acid in high yield and high purity.

Preparation and testing of a highly sensitive Azide compound. Cu(N3)2.
Usually people go well out of their way to avoid forming this substance due to it's very high sensitivity, But whatever......
I just had to see it for myself.

An Electrolysis cell was charged with a saturated KCl solution and electrolysed for several days to yield KClO3. This is Another video Removed by Youtube last year.

This video was recently removed from youtube. Features Tritonal- An Aluminized TNT.

Nitration of toluene to yield a very famous and somewhat outdated explosive compound 2,4,6 Trinitrotoluene.

Quick video on how i make ammonia solution. Basically i just used an arbitrary amount of Ammonium Sulfate in the main generator flask and a strong solution of Sodium Hydroxide was dripped onto it forming ammonia gas which was led into a weaker solution of ammonia that i wanted to boost the concentration of.

making and testing some incredibly energetic Mercury 5-Nitrotetrazole.
Out of all the tetrazole based energetics i would have to say that this is the most impressive so far. this stuff is crazy powerful- more so than DBX-1. the confined heat test really was much more powerful than the footage can convey. it really took me by surprise. out of the three Ag,Cu & Hg this is the best. the downsides are its toxicity and being mercury based can not be used in aluminium detonator tubes without an inert coating.

Preparation of a small amount of Perchloric acid from NaClO4


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