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I don't know how he does it, how he just keeps winning, he's winning so hard he's preemptively winning a year in advance.

This was my immediate reaction after doing the test and watching AA's video on the 14 points being used.

A little clumsier than I would have liked, but I hope you enjoy this bit of insight.

A brief insight into the brilliance of Janus Korwin Mikke:

In case you want to laugh at us leafs:

The Chinese Lemon Emperor has opened a door he cannot close. Many puddings will die in the coming conflict, but at least they will die dancing.

Re-upload from the 19th since it refused to process after 24 hours. Took about 1 minute this time. Feelsbadman.

The Youtuber Union and Youtube agree to a meeting, Epstein's case gets weirder, Hong Kong protests continue in my backyard and Minds is potentially trying to slow it down, oh and also Trump accidentally calls one of his supporters fat and says he probably lives with his mother. An interesting week to say the least.
Time Stamps and Sources:

Youtubers Union: 0:05

Athiesm- is- unstoppable explains Youtuber Union:

Trump Mocks Supporter: 2:15

Hong Kong Protests: 3:10

Epstein: 8:00

My Boosted Minds Post "Begone Hong Kong": 6:20

Biden has been in the race for 5 months. There are 5 more months till Iowa. After that there are 5 more months of campaigning with fiercer and fiercer competition.

I don't think Slow Joe has it in him, even without the dementia induced gaffes.

I don't usually disagree with Styx, but when I do, it's about Joe Biden... and Hillary Clinton

Styx's video:

A hilarious article laced with irony.

A little demoralizing, but hopefully I'll make it back to 51 subs someday.

Kashmir has been a flash point on the edge of exploding for a long time, and it seems that time is fast approaching. Lets discuss since this topic is less depressing than what I usually look at... and I love geopolitics, even when I accidentally refer to it as foreign policy.

At 6:30 AM Sat. Aug 10 Jeffery Epstein was found dead in his cell. Why and how did this happen, and perhaps most troubling of all, did it happen in the first place, we'll go over some of the evidence available. I don't traffic in conspiracy theories, I am a conspiracy analyst, and the media sure as hell aren't going to analyze Jeffery Epstein's earlobes.

Do you honestly think Joe Biden is going to stumble along for seven more months? Do you honestly think Hillary Clinton cares that you don't think she can win? Lets discuss.

Sigh... Why you gotta make me do this, this is not becoming of a God Emperor.

Hi, been a while. Rejoice that I did not die or get thrown into a Canadian gulag... yet.

Analyzing the google trends for the second debate

I got real lazy with the editing on this one, sorry, I just had a really busy day.

What the fuck was that debate. I knew they were nuts, but this is ridiculous.

They don't call it clown world for nothing I guess, honk honk.

Analyzing the google trends in the day following night one of the Miami democrat debates.

Wanna play a game?

*Saw theme plays*

It took them 4 years, but the leftists have finally come for One Punch Mans token Wakandan, Blackluster.

Talking about the recent developments in the Brazilian corruption investigation known as operation car wash, namely the leaked communications between the lead judge and the lead prosecutor, which has been brought to the forefront by Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept.

Apologies again for the hangover, I'll talk about why it happened in another video later today.

Discussing the first round of democrat primary debates, specifically naming the candidates and what day they will be debating with a bit of analysis.

And no, I didn't need to look up any of the candidates positions or offices, I'm just a junkie. It may not be an impressive talent, but it's mine.

My thoughts on Trumps 2020 kickoff rally.

Very long and a bit boring and in the weeds, tap out whenever, no hard feelings.

General Flynn hires a new legal team, Iran allegedly blows up an oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, A black man assaults a white baby, Turning Point USA continues to be terrible and Trump supports making flag burning illegal. Oh, and Joe Biden promises if you make him president he will cure cancer.

Flynn hires a new lawyer:

Fox new @ night colonel David Hunt firmly, if clumsily, states no war with Iran, continue to use economic sanctions instead.

Col. David Hunt on Afghanistan:
Col. David Hunt on Syria:
Col. David Hunt on influence in the Middle East:

Black man on laced marijuana throws white baby to the ground:

Turning point USA “Republicans shouldn’t care about illegal immigration” (Video by Red Elephants):

Trump supports Amendment to ban burning of the American flag:

Antonin Scalia on flag burning:

Trudeau to ban single use plastics, panders to the left by saying it will hurt corporations.

Gillibrand “Being against abortion is the same as being a racist”:

Throw battery acid at fascists:

Joe Biden: “I will cure cancer if elected president”:


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