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Feels sad bros... He literally gave them breaks to go home and have sex...

I suppose there's one last ember nestled in the Republic's torch...

Renaissance Horizon 2022 French Legislative Election analysis:

Who had crusade on their 2022 bingo card?

The knives are out and it's a wonderful thing to see.

He might crest 40% one more time, but this is surely the moment the decline truly steepens.

John Boehner Interview:

The article you couldn't read along with:

I fucked up and didn't turn on display capture again, I'm setting up a second monitor right after posting this so it doesn't happen again, but I thought I made my point well so I'm just gonna post this one anyway.

This made me laugh so I wanted to repost it.

The democrats have a long history of hiding illnesses, though I'm sure there are plenty of Republican examples (Reagans dementia come to think of it) but this is the first time to my knowledge it's been exposed during the campaign rather than after they were elected.

Del Duca brooooo's not like this...

On the one hand fuck Doug Ford for Covid, but on the other he was a decent enough premier in the before times. I'll give him my nod if only for the leftists seething.

As long as they know Soros is bad, the Russians are doing better than the Anglos.

I hope you're ready to see some shenanigans again.

Here we go? My early thoughts on the Monkeypox outbreaks occurring in the west.

This video snuck up on me so it was a bit rushed, still, expect a lot more old fashioned political coverage from me for the foreseeable future.

The North Koreans had a good run, but it looks like Corona-baka has finally got her hooks into them. You can hide, but you can't run.

Note: There's some kind of weird distortion over some parts of the video, not sure what it's from but its only a few sections out of an hour long video so I'm not gonna do anything about it this time.

For anyone who wants to hear it, don't mind the pictures, they're just a few that stood out when I was looking through my Putin folder.

Dare we dream to look beyond the gates of the digital ghetto frens?

One of the finest trainwrecks Jim has ever presented.

Metokurs Loonicorn Archives:

My brain tells me it's hopeless, but the fire of hope burns in my heart! Viva Auntie!

In other news, the combined butthurt from Brussels and Poland as a result of this election has dyed the Baltic Sea red.
Tucker Carlson interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban:

Globohomo Humiliated In Hungary (2022):
The Hungarian Election Looms (2022):
Hungarian Local Elections (2019) Analysis:
A Lesson On Hungarian Politics (2020):


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I don't like censorship and I want to do my part to push back against the cultural Marxism which dominates western institutions (Academia, media and government). To do this I will be making content on the issues that interest me, primarily European and North American domestic politics, Geo-politics (primarily the Middle East and Asia) and general political news. When I'm looking for something more lighthearted I'll cover some gaming and entertainment news I find interesting.

I always try my hardest to be honest, I may be factually wrong sometimes, but when it comes to politics I never lie, I always say exactly what I believe to be true. If I am ever wrong about something please point it out to me and provide evidence to counter what I am saying. I'm not an ideologue, I would rather understand reality than live in a delusion.

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