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Just been a little off lately.

I would have asked her if Epstein had a bunk bed in his room or not

BOP Hearing: 0:00 - 6:00

Epstein Guards: 6:15 - 8:40

Epstein investigations and the mass red pilling of the Epstein didn't kill himself meme: 8:40 - 15:40

Bureau of Prisons Hearing:

Epstein Guards Charged:

"If you don't believe Donald Trump is Pedophile..." :

Short on time so couldn't put together a slideshow, deal with it :P

It doesn't take a zealot to figure out this isn't a good idea long term.


Revenge of the Cis watch Ben Shapiro's speech:

Shapiro Speech:

Matt Walsh confronted by Vincent James:

Matt Walsh on deporting Trump supporters:

Non-Europeans do not suddenly understand the European connection to world war 1 and 2 and specifically our dead, our young men who gave their lives for their country on either side of the war, just because they set foot within our borders. What's more they likely never will.

Be sure to listen to the lyrical masterpiece 'Fuck Donald Trump' by YG and Nipsey Rustle, may he rest in peace. Truly, the greatest wordsmiths western civilization has ever known.

Stormy on stage at YG concert:

"Fuck Donald Trump":

There's still a lot of white pills scattered around, but right now its hard to ignore the crushing darkness on the horizon.

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100 subs reached and my next goal, Disqus and Bitchute issues, clean living and more.

If you stick around until the end, thanks :D

The modern woman leaves a lot to be desired. This was the inevitable result of careers being valued above children I suppose.

Project Veritas ABC leaks:

Dershowitz interview on Lou Dobbs on Sept 4, 2019 (22:40) :

People like Zioclops really disgust me. Encouraging bad behavior, either through subsidies or silence, doesn't help anyone.

Crenshaw First Amendment:

Crenshaw Affirmative Action:

Crenshaw TPUSA event (Revenge of the Cis coverage):

The point isn't that Obama is saying this, the point is why is he saying this.

Beauty and the Beta Obama segment:

As the Castro campaign struggles and its coffers run dry, they receive an unexpected boon, the fabled AOC retweet.

I couldn't recommend this more strongly. Just watched it today and I enjoyed watching it 2 more times before making this video and a 4th time watching someone else's reaction to it.

Hazbin Hotel Pilot:

This got put on the back burner this week, but I do have a couple things to share.

WeAreChange videos:

The Island:

Top 5 Things On Island:

Flashback no jutsu activate! Let us pay our respects to those who have fallen so far during this campaign... or press S to spit on them, take your pick.

Nickers start to mumble, they wanna rumble...

No time for full videos this week, so you get this mashup.


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