Been doing a lot of projects in many different areas while in Lockdown. I think the most fun one so far has been Teaching myself some more advanced AI stuff Which I integrated in to the Advanced locomotion system V4.
I also added native gun play systems to it , and added the modular health system component I had been working on in the past.(still WIP)
I took a lot of inspiration from the Metal gear solid series for How to program the guards AI and reactions to different stimuli.
Guards will investigate the player by approaching them and once close enough, will recognize you as a hostile and shoot you, then search for you if they loose sight, If they can't find you they will return to normal duty.
you can see there thinking status Via the status icons I added.

Just Trying to Create realistic zombie behavior.
zombies Now get back up with animations depending on which direction there bodies are facing in Ragdoll, Instead of jut popping Up (STILL NEEDS WORK).
Leg shots that force zombies to crawl.
Head-Shot that kill zombies.
Physical reactions to bullet Impacts.
Zombies will also feed on a fresh bodies.

More features planned :)

Using the Oculus Touch I Have been working on a Full Body VR System.
Features Include.
Tracks the players height from the floor and will auto Crouch / Prone as the player does in Real life.
Has snap turning with a nice blink effect to ease transition.
Head turning that rotates the player mesh to where the player looks.
Independent Finger movement.
Blacks out the players vision if there head goes through walls or objects.
Item and weapon holsters.

This is My first Narrated video ever! and its a Preview of a VR grenade system I'm planning to release on the Unreal Engine Marketplace SOON!.

I will UPDATE AND ADD LINKS as soon as it is approved.

Link to MK2 Grenade Model renders below.

Small clip Of a Procedural City Project I work on Occasionally.
Created Entirely in Blueprints & using simple static meshes.
Still needs A ton Of work And Optimization before its useful.

A small clip of a Procedural city Project Im working on.
Created entirely with Unreal engines Blueprint Visual scripting system.
Still needs to a lot of work as As the Generation is totally random at the moment and I want to be able to have more control over the type of buildings and zones It Generates and I need to work on performance

Quick Demo of NPC character in VR Tracking and watching the VR players face and motion controller. Submitted to Marketplace : Link soon!

Been working on a VR grenade system for VR projects.
The grenades function exactly how you would expect them to in Real life and won't arm unless the safety clip is released either by throwing them or releasing your thumb after the pin is removed.
For the smoke I used a particle system because Traditional Planer smoke FX looks terrible in VR as it rotates with the HMD.
I also modeled the MK2 grenade Myself and you can find My artwork here

Still Work In progress, VR Grenade System .
Both Grenade Model and Game Code done by me.

Will Be submitting this to the marketplace When finished.

Modeled & Coded by me.
A grenade system for VR as seen in some popular VR shooters But not on the marketplace, So I decided to change that.
Pull pin with other hand, Grenade will only arm is thumb is released from Safety Lever of dropped with pin removed. Also can cook the grenades Like Call of duty.
Still needs some polish and fine tuning on Physics.
Coming soon,

Temp Video Of Tempo Issue

Been working on a Full Body VR setup for a while now, made it so it actually crouches and goes prone when I physically do it myself
also holstering weapons and finger controls for hand gestures.
it has Both snap rotation, and a system I call Free move.

still got some bugs to work out though

Just finished creating a very easy to use head & eye tracking system for Unreal Engine. I designed it to be easy to use and well documented for anyone wanting add it to there own characters.

I will be uploading it to the market place ASAP

Just finished creating a very easy to use head & eye tracking system for Unreal Engine. All done in BP's and well documented for anyone wanting add it to characters in there own projects.
I will be uploading it to the market place ASAP


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