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"For the sake of diversity, we must all think alike."
"The pendulum has swung to robber-capitalism. The only mark of success is money. How you get it doesn’t matter anymore. I can remember when a billionaire was unknown, now everyone on the Forbes 400-list is a billionaire. We talk about individuals who have 100 billion dollars. That was the stats of the entirety of the Federal government when John F. Kennedy was president. So, now one person has a hundred billion dollars. You have a system that produces those results and yet the middle family income in the US is not grown in 20-30 years."

"In society, there have to be countervailing powers. One power has to balance the other. If not, some group runs away with it all. In the US, all of these countervailing powers have been destroyed. For example, one of the main results of offshoring the middle-class jobs, the manufacturing jobs, was to destroy the unions. So, there is no longer any constraint by the union as a workforce or employers. We are now back to robbery-capitalism because the unions are gone. A few exist and they are in the public sector and they are now beginning to starve them out as well. No raises, cuts, they use all sorts of tactics. And there is no longer a media to constrain them. Where is that limit now? It is gone."

"The deterioration happened in a fairly short time. It was not a long drawn out procedure. If you think back to post World War II, we had a country that was a real country back then. We were unified, a people that believed in progress, there was goodwill. Where are these values now?"

Dan Bongino breaks down the ANATOMY of how Barack Obama and his nefarious administration spied on Donald Trump’s campaign.
As part of the Horowitz Freedom Center Restoration Weekend, Dan outlines Donald Trump’s next move, outs the enemies both internal and external, and names NAMES on the cabal attempting a Presidential coup.

No economist of modern times has challenged and overturned more wrong-headed economic thinking than Walter Williams. For forty years he’s argued against the illogic of the minimum wage, racial quotas, occupational licensing as well as the welfare state. What drives his liberal critics crazy is his provocative argument that these government interventions hurt the very people they are designed to help.

'Affirmative Action' is just another way of saying 'Positive Discrimination', which is just another way of saying Discrimination.

"Self-hating Westerners make me feel quite uncomfortable. You wouldn't even be able to spew your rubbish without being thrown in jail if it weren't for the Western values that you are so against."
Filmed at the Royal Geographical Society on Oct 9, 2007
For the motion: Douglas Murray, David Aaronovitch, Ibn Warraq

Excerpted from Douglas Murray's talk at the "Dangerous Words 250" Free Speech conference Oct 1, 2016, Stockholm

David Horowitz
Published in 1972, Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals still enjoys brisk sales.
With a former community organizer now commander-in-chief, and the idea of transformative leadership through radical change not just a theory, it is important for partisans of the Constitution to understand the roots of today's radicalism.
Presented as part of the First Principles on First Fridays series for the month of July, 2010. Recorded July 9, 2010. (c) Hillsdale College, 2010.

David Horowitz Discusses the Left's plan to destroy Christian America.
In Dark Agenda, New York Times bestselling author David Horowitz exposes not only the progressive war against Christianity but also a war against America and its founding principles, which are Christian in their origin. Dark Agenda is about an embattled religion, but most of all, it is about our imperiled nation. Tackling a broad range of issues from prayer in the schools to the globalist mindset, Horowitz traces the anti-Christian movement to its roots in communism.

Recorded on March 18, 2019

Dr. Bill Warner discusses political Islam and the role that migration plays as a form of Islamic Jihad. Bill Warner, Ph.D. is a highly respected expert on political Islam. In 2006, he founded the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) to further the study of the politics of the ideology of Islam and its ramifications for Western Civilization. Warner defines political Islam as that part of Islamic doctrine which concerns the non-Muslim.
He is the author of fifteen books, including the Amazon bestseller, Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, which is published in 20 languages. He holds a Ph.D. in physics and applied mathematics. His website is

The postmodern Left throughout the West is a destructive force that needs to be stopped.
If we want to see what is coming to America just pay attention to South Africa, Sweden and even the UK. We are spiraling toward civil-unrest throughout the western world and if it isn't stomped out quickly it will spiral into war.

This wasn't really a debate. The guys on the left just repeat "But victimhood", 100 times in different ways.
'Deeply oppressive society' 😂😂 go spend a weekend in Arabia or Iran!


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