0:00 Paintball Perspective
0:55 Paintball Inspired Drills
1:31 Mobility
1:52 Ambidextrous Transitions
2:31 Weight Near Core
3:14 Feels Like a Paintball Gun
3:50 Optimal Use of Cover
4:19 Muzzle Inertia
5:05 Barrel Lenght and Staying Close to Cover
6:11 Back Player
7:07 Diving
8:09 One Handed Operation
9:24 Flash Hider on Stick
10:26 Paintball Vertical Grip
11:06 AR Platform Perfected
11:47 Paintball Field AR or RDB
12:20 Field Strip
14:42 Access to Locking Lugs
16:03 Future Malf Handling
16:39 Bolt Carrier Group
17:28 BCG Welded
19:02 Remove Foregrip
19:19 Charging Handle
20:04 Adjustable Gas System
21:39 Foregrip
23:08 Trigger
25:23 Compared to SU16
25:49 Ejection
28:20 First Time Reassembly
31:29 Red Dot vs ACOG
32:07 Muzzle Flash Brake
35:41 Bindon Aiming Concept
36:06 Vertical Balance
36:31 Pic Rail Height
37:05 Cheek Riser
37:58 Trijicon ACOG TA51
40:16 RDB Trigger
41:07 Mag Release
42:52 Bolt Release
44:03 Mag Release vs MDR
44:47 Ambi Transitions
46:14 Sling Mounts
47:36 Durability
48:41 Hot Spots
50:42 Selector Switch
52:12 Burris FastFire II
53:43 Trijicon ACOG
54:02 Buy One?
54:31 Barrel
55:39 Length of Pull
56:36 Polymer
57:59 Pistol Grip
59:32 KelTec Innovation vs Implementation
59:47 vs SU16

KelTec RDB range time and a round table discussion from the abidextral, paintball gunfighter perspective.

AIMING IS USELESS! 3 Secrets To Great Shooting | Rob Leatham 6x IPSC World Champion!

KelTec RDB - Ambidextral Gunfighter Round Table Discussion

Field Strip the Desert Tech MDR

Longer barrel nearly doubles the hydrostatic shock/fragmentation range of the 5.56 cartridge.
Short OAL While maintaining longer barrel
for getting in and out of vehicles
Close behind cover
Buoyant muzzle
for diving
One handed operation
Weight closer to body c-clamp hold vs tighter to body
Low muzzle inertia

Malfunction handling
Chamber check

ACOG proves to be too high for RDB, so replaced with Burris Fast Fire II red dot.

To reduce OAL, removed flash hider in favor of bare threads (until a thread protector is located). Also removes weight out at the end of the barrel.

Hypothesis: Muzzle signature from bare 20" barrel is not much more than 16" barrel with flash hider.

Muzzle Flash first data

Results from my daytime test comparing ten shots through a 16” AR with a flash hider vs a 20” rifle with a bare muzzle.

Here is the slow motion video of the 10 shots through a 16” AR with flash hider compared with 10 shots through a 20” KelTec RDB with no flash hider. Using this slow motion video, I moved through each shot frame by frame to see if a muzzle flash could be spotted. I spotted 4 flashes on the AR with 16” barrel and no flashes on the 20” RDB.

I am proceeding on the hypothesis that running a bullpup carbine with a 20’ barrel with a bare muzzle is generally better than running a 16” barrel with a flash hider.

For starters, the extra for inches of barrel length, delivers an extra 150 FPS. The extra four inches of the longer barrel extend the hydrostatic shock or fragmentation range of the 5.56 cartridge to something approaching 200 yards vs about 100 yards for the 16”.

I suspect that the muzzle flash of a 20” barrel will not much exceed that of a 16” fitted with a flash hider. A 16” barrel with a flash hider will end up being 18-19 inches long. So why not just get the added velocity?

I suspect that the longer barrel makes for a less harsh gas system, whether direct impingement or piston. And therefore may have slightly less felt recoil...although that may be difficult to detect given the 5.56’s already mild nature.

20” should produce slightly less report than the 16 and is certainly less obnoxious on a crowded firing line.

I also suspect that the longer barrel may be more accurate (using off the shelf ammo) due to the less violent blast and turbulence at the muzzle.

I will repeat this test in low light conditions at the Ambidextral Gunfighter Proving Grounds.

The advantage of the bullpup design, like the Keltec RDB, is that you can have this 20” barrel in a rifle with an overall length that is 5 inches shorter than the 16” AR. Yet another data point as to why I regard the AR/M4 as a relic, a highly refined and perfect platform, but a relic given the features that modern bullpups, like those produced by KelTec and Desert Tech, deliver to the mobile, ambidextral gunfighter.

How I do a chamber check on the KelTec RDB left and right handed.

Preparing the KelTec RDB for the crucible of The Ambidextral Gunfighter Proving Grounds.

Welcome 0:00
Field Strip 6:10
Manual of Arms 42:40
ACOG Mounting 44:57
Bore Sighting 48:58

Trijicon ACOG

P17 Review

SU16c Review

Castrate ACOG

Sentry Solutions Tuf Glide

Sentry Solutions Tuf-Cloth

Sentry Solutions Tuf Glide Marine

Forged Tec's P17 holster coupled with a KelTec P17 to do some Musician's Drill exercises.

Forged Tec Holsters

KelTec P17

When Violence is the Answer

Social Metaphysics

What happened to Hornady Frontier 5.56. Bad batch? Ignored problem?

The Mossberg MC1sc, Springfield Armory Hellcat, Glock 43, KelTec PF9, Sig Sauer P365XL and KelTec P17 all compete in the Ambidextral Gunfighter Bloody Hands evaluation. Unanimous agreement on the winner.

Extended, post evaluation, round table discussion on each of the competitors. Flaws and virtues identified.

00:00 Welcome
00:38 Size Weight
03:06 vs Hellcat
03:33 Mag Weight
04:00 vs PF9
05:02 Extra Mags
05:51 Zombie Hordes
06:27 Rounds Size Weight
06:56 Why Review
07:19 Mag Compatibility
08:14 Metal Mag Button
09:05 Polymer Button
10:28 Button Interference
11:22 Paddle Mag Release
12:23 Mag Disengagement
13:16 Trigger Clearance
14:36 Field Strip
17:17 Trigger
19:45 RTFM
20:20 Loaded Chamber
20:57 Chamber Check
21:40 Made in America
22:17 Sights
24:00 Slide Serrations
25:22 CCW Comfort
27:06 Anti Snag Features
27:51 Lights Lasers RMRs
31:04 Mag Button Vulnerable
33:50 Why Left Hand
37:18 Exciting Conclusion

How the 22 Wins - 9mm versus 22 Long Rifle

Micro 9mm Bloody Hands Testing and Round Table Discussion

Mossberg MC1SC in FDE with Tritium Sights Unboxing
Manual of Arms
Field Strip, Clean, and Sentry Solutions Dry Lube

Dummy Rounds

Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide

Sentry Solutions Tuf-Cloth

Boraii Pocket Holster MC1SC

Hoppes #9

9mm Bore Snake

The perfect Liberty Training Rifle. Perfect for Project Appleseed. The Ruger 10/22 Collectors Series 2nd (or 3rd) Edition.

Project Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Clinics

Appleseed Prep Video Series

Ruger BX Trigger

Volquartsen Auto Bolt Release

Simmons 4x rimfire scope

Tech Sights

Clear and Black 10 round Magazines (vs extended capacity)

Modular Stock set

Magpul Quick Disconnect Sling Swivel

Magpul M-LOK QD Quick-Disconnect Sling Mount

BCM Gunfighter Q - D SLNG MNT (low profile, low snag compared to Magpul)

Fudd Sling Hardware

Canvas GI Sling

Collectors Series Third Edition “Man’s Best Friend”

Vs candidates:
Tippmann M4/22

Discredited S&W M&P 15-22 Sport
Offered to test and advocate for the M&P

KelTec SU22

KelTec P17 Pistol 1000 rounds update.
100 rounds of "Remington" 5 malfs
350 rounds of CCI Mini Mag 0 malfs
600 rounds of CCI AR Tactical 0 malfs

KelTec P17 is a 22LR pistol that deserves a spot in every household.
3 Roles
3.5 Times the Rounds
3.8 Inch Barrel
3 Pound Trigger
1/3 the Price

Related Links

KelTec P17 (3.8” barrel)

.22 LR Self-Defense Ammo Testing

Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide

Bullseyes Don't Shoot Back

You did not panic buy a gun, but are thinking you need one

Murdered Sister

Ambidextral Gunfighter review and commentary on the SwampFox Arrowhead 1-10 x 24 LPVO and Independence Cantilever Mount.

"To the Americans Who Are on Their Knees" by JR Nyquist

Tech Sights for the SU16c

Xtreme Precision 1/2-28 .620" OD, Black Fluted, 5/8 Long, Thread Protector

Burris FastFire III

5.56/223 iTarget Training Laser

Badlands Fieldcraft 10 C's of Survivability

Leatherman Crunch


Survival Tent

Water Bottle/Container


Canvass Sail Needle

Klarus E1 EDC Light

Cotton Shemagh Arab Military Keffiyeh Tactical Desert Scarf Wrap

Gorilla Tape

Bunkerkings Elbow Pads

Unboxing and initial setup of the SwampFox Arrowhead 1-0 LPVO and some comments on the Independence Cantilever Mount.

Shooter Ready Long Range Shooting Simulator (mil dot instruction)

KelTec SU16c paired with the Eberlestock MiniMe backpack & scabbard makes for an exceptional backcountry, hiking, and mountain biking rifle.

Eberlestock MiniMe Backpack

Eberlestock Scabbard (that will fit very large optics, kind of overkill for a proper SU16c)

Eberlestock Scabbard (that will fit small optics)

Hill People Runner's Kit Bag

Trackpoint “Eraser” to extend crossbolt safety

Burris FastFire III

Tech Sights

Hunter Specialties Camo Paint

Crappy Black EVA Foam Cheek pad

Eliminating Eye Dominance for Ambidextrous Shooting

Cracked receiver video

Scabbard Modification to shorten length to more tightly fit folded SU16c

More Mountain Biking content

Opportunity Cost Spreadsheet

The Ambidextral Gunfighter perspective on the Sig Sauer 365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat. Battle of the micro 9mm's.

Rounds per Size & Weight Spreadsheet

Springfield Armory Hellcat Series

Sentry Solutions Tuf Glide

Bullseyes Don't Shoot Back

Glock 9mm Dummy Rounds

A pocket carry advocate takes a look at two IWB holster options for the Springfield Armory Hellcat.

Boraii Halcyon IWB with claw
(Great pocket holsters)

DeSantis Slim Tuk

The Springfield Armory just may be the perfect CCW pistol. Here is how to avoid turning it into a Ghettocat....a mewing pussycat.

Hill People Runner's Kit Bag

Wyoming Trader's Cody CCW Vest

9mm Laser Training Cartridge

Carrying for Self Defense

Ambidextral Gunfighter

Boraii Holsters

DeSantis Slim Tuk

Crossbreed Ohai Modular Holster

Maxpedition Pouch Small

Maxpedition Pouch Large

Bullseyes Don't Shoot Back

Every clip has a purpose in this Ambidextral Gunfighter Run 'n Gun montage. Ambidextrous optimized use of cover.

Use of terrain for steadiest hold
Misuse of cover
Balance for diving
One handed to deal with obstacles
Left and right transitions
Paintball Roots
One handed to deal with balance
One handed to handle baseball slide
Tunnel vision
Bindon Aiming Concept
Working Reset
Gun flat for diving into cover
Respiratory Pause
Diving into cover
Rice Paddy prone, squatting
Long Range DOPE
Thumbs forward grip
Balance for one handed rifle
Squared up to threat
Respiratory pause, reset
Follow target to ground
Muzzle flash in low light
Left hand primary
Thumbs Forward on Micro
Both eyes open
Transition behind cover to train eyes
MDR left right transition method
Balance for one hand climbing
Balance for climbing a ladder.
Baseball slide
Ambi selector switch
Data on Personal Equipment
Optic vs bore axis
Right hand, sub-compact
Deployment from sling carry
Hasty sling
NPOA shift
Balance for one handed rifle drag
Zeroing Rifle
Left hand point to right hand sighted
AQT left and right
Free range Vicki
Left hand, sub-compact
Turkey neck cheek weld
Gun up thru cover
Ergo bolt release
Handgun recoil management/grip slip
Escape from Tarkov
AR mag change
Wyoming, lower cortisol levels
MDR bolt release ergos
MDR rapid fire
AR mag change (beep is MDR time)
Airsoft for backyard ambi point shooting
Paintball airfield ambidextrous lessons
Ambidextral Gunfighter Proving Grounds
Cheek slap
AQT sitting stage
Music by Imperial Age

Firearms in order of appearance:
Desert Tech MDR
Walther PPQ M1 Classic
Bravo Company RECCE
Springfield Armory Hellcat
Kel-Tec PF9
Marlin 45-70 Guide Gun
Kel-Tec SU16c

Hellcat's first trip to the range.

Glock Dummy Rounds

Fixing the trigger safety

Rounds per s&w spreadsheet


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