What is the state of our children's health? What do other countries with healthier children do differently? Who ensures vaccines are safe? This presentation is based on asking logical questions about the vaccine program. This is an exercise in critical thinking in an effort to make sense of the current atmosphere around vaccinations.

Science for Sweeney is an initiative from December 23, 2019, through January 2, 2020, where people volunteer to send scientific studies proving the dangers of vaccines to Senator Sweeney of New Jersey. This is in response to NJ S2173 which would remove religious exemptions from vaccines.
Our Mission
To declare that we are armed with science and we will never comply.

Why We Are We Doing This
This is not about educating our elected officials.
This is about showing them WE are educated.

Step 1
Print out scientific studies, news articles, abstracts, etc. proving the dangers of vaccines (You will find links to studies you can print out at the end of this document. You aren’t limited to what we provide.).

Step 2
Put your information into an envelope (preferably a legal-sized envelope). Print out as many studies as you wish and address as many envelopes as you wish. Write somewhere on the envelope “Science For Sweeney” and address the envelope to:

Senate Majority Office
ATTN: Senator Sweeney
PO Box 099 South Addition State House
Trenton, NJ 08625

Step 3 (Optional)
To help us reach as many people as we can, please share this video on social media. Consider also sharing why you are participating and what studies you are sending.


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