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Solzhenitsyn quotes:

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Rabbi Yaron Reuven

From Episode 1 - 'Europa: The Last Battle'

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What did Solzhenitsyn think about Putin & vise-versa?:

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Why is this happening basically?

(Starting in 2014)

1. Ukraine bans the Russian language & discriminates against Ethnic Russians following U.S backed coup' installing Nazi Azov battalion as commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

2. As a result, East Ukraine (primarily Russian speaking) hold referendum to join Russia, the overwhelming majority agree to join Russia.

3. Ukraine with help from the U.S and NATO start bombing civilian areas in East Ukraine in order to provoke Russia into a military conflict (ongoing), there are approximately 5000 dead civilians and counting.

4. Russia comes to the aid of East Ukraine by providing military assistance to repel the U.S funded Nazi terrorists, which the media calls a Russian "Invasion".

5. This is a proxy war waged by the U.S & NATO against Russia, primarily as a result of Russia having kicked out the Soviet Bolsheviks in past decades who were closely linked to U.S elites.

Hypothesis: The tentacles feed on iron in the blood & grow into thick white 'Wifi' cables inside the veins that connect to nano-chips, which can then be accessed remotely through Wifi & Bluetooth, controlled by Bill Gates and co. This is how the social credit score system can track & trace biometric data from inside the body. I'm not sure subjects are supposed to survive this clogging of the veins, think 'Universal Soldier' (movie with Van Damme & Dolph Lundgren), where dead soldiers are brought back to life and controlled as robots. Also think of the quote by Yuval 'Noah' Harari: "Humans are now hackable animals" & "internet of bodies".
Another movie which discloses such technology is an old Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe movie called 'Virtuosity' which you can watch on youtube:

Checkout this creepy science video of what this nano-tech likely is: 'Artificial Neural Networks':

This page shows a diagram that proves 'social credit scores' are undoubtedly linked to this 'Artificial Neural Network' technology, aptly named 'Python':


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