And Justice For All...

Clay Clark joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the Dems' bill to send American citizens to quarantine camps. Read the bill here:

Radio Interview with Dr. James P. Wickstrom and Jewish Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein (2006) on Turner Network radio.

Full interview:

Incidentally, '1p36 Deletion Syndrome' is the first side effect listed on Pfizer's adverse event list the FDA attempted to conceal until 2097, but were forced by a judge to release them.

Link to list of Pfizer side effects (scroll to page 30):

An important point to remember is that '1p36 Deletion Syndrome' only ever occurs in nature as a 'birth defect', as Todd states, so how can it possibly be a side-effect of the Pfizer injection?

If you believe this matter to be a legitimate threat to the national security of Australia, you can lodge an online report to crime-stoppers: - You can lodge anonymously, & crime-stoppers state that you are not tracked while filing a report.

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