Remember when you use cellphones, you condone the poisoning of all life and promote the poisoning of others, as the network goes everywhere and into all living things regardless of whether or not you put your phone in airplaine mode, or wear an amulet to "protect" you. You are not separated from others on a living plane and have a responsibility to honor the lives of others.

Please note that Kruse is a good source of information on some aspects of health, but does not understand the root of the issue, which is a belief system of the self that is more destructive than any political ideology such as "communism." It is called Narcissism and it is in all of us, as it is normalized in our conditioning. You are separate and distinct from other's egos, but with destructive narcissism, the belief is that you are a mere extension, hence, you exist as an appendage to be used or disposed of if you are useless. This is why capitalism is driving our world into the gutter; it is essentially the most expressive of destructive narcissism in the artificial system of an "economy" which does not exist in nature--look around, the greatest resources are given freely, altruistically, which perpetuates peace and sustains life. Kruse has stated repeatedly that he "believes" in capitalism, which means he believes in narcissism, as it is exploit clear and absolute. This exploit is driving the wireless takeover of our world that is killing all life except those "useful" to the machine world that is taking over. It is spiritual enslavement while you believe you are "free" because you can "speak" or "believe".

This has been repeatedly censored from tech-telecom giants that are causing this outbreak and the resulting economic crisis to stage a false flag for the inevitable dollar collapse.


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