The ONA are also operating with missing gears.

The differences between the ARI (10/11 sphere configurations) and the Pythagorean Septenary or Seven Fold Way (7FW) and the Nordic Yggdrasil are significant and cannot be compared.


The God-Form assumption of Akephalos/Abraxas is a double edged sword. When on the inverse and used by the manipulators the sacred mysteries of the totality of self is desecrated for crude purposes like torturing and shitting on spirits, puts one out of truth, their divinity is externalized/quantified and they are placed on the death spiral.

When internalized and done in conjunction with the love of truth and life can be used as a powerful exorcism and banishment ritual to exhaust negative karma and bullshit energy. This gathers the soul and the many fragmented selves together into a unionized pylon of "I AM Presence" consciousness. I am not completely confident in Hanz Deiter's translation of the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) as many jewish archelogists as well as christian gentiles in this field have been known to look for and twist things into that which confirms their biases.

Isiah 45-7 is another example of a dual spiral verse. We All are balanced and multi-faceted beings of both Light AND Dark. Depending on how one uses this verse, weather in supplication to the Archon chief to create wealth for the brotherhoods while damning everyone else (Death Spiral) or when used in the opposite, to create poverty for the enemy and free Gentiles, (Creation Spiral) or simply used to re-affirm the "I Am/I Am Becoming" consciousness, I hope this video answers some questions and creates new questions.

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And Photos from book is from Ecclesia Mysteria by Constatine Charamanga / Martinet Press.

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I've had multiple interviews with this man already. This was all I was able to find on my hard drive. This was recorded back in 2017. Pay close attention to the little bitch tone of my old voice.

I have seen a glimpse of what is beyond all the bullshit. The Left and Right wing brotherhoods are both completely fucked and are feeding into the same control program. All these white and dark lodgers are getting ground up, processed and pureed, then served on a silver plate to ABSUrd horrors that dwell within the inverted and fallen Abyss which is the counterfeit womb, imposter of the ABSOLUTE, which is beyond all good, evil, and malignancy. it is RAW fucking consciousness and it JUST IS. Truth has NO agenda and there no religion higher than truth! I know I am telling the truth and I don't have to prove shit to anyone! I have my fucking experiences and I have a witness to these horrors I lived through. I take no shame in admitting to my flaws and making these posts.

I know what I fucking believe in.

Educate yourself about the COUNTERFEIT Womb, the fucking void, it has nothing on Ginnungagap. The "void" is just pure evil, parasitical alien consciousness

Why it is fucking critical to be the master of your own fucking sphere:
laziness, ignorance and complacency has allowed the world of the dead and the parasitical to run amok like a virus, spreading and corrupting everything it touches. Many people are being fed upon by bullshit entities and I suspect they are the cause for the increased rate of autism, birth defects and children born with disabilities. These fuckers have ZERO, ZILCH, NO fucking jurisdiction over the lives of the living and "their" only power is WHAT WE GIVE TO THEM!!

Video Thumbnail of a horse worm. The reason why I chose this image is to drive home the point that, when you realize and actualize YOUR fucking potential, all the other bullshit, negative entities will be like mosquitoes in the palm of your hand!

Side Note: The part where I referred to myself as a "Black Adept" I was not speaking in present tense. I was speaking in PAST TENSE, (what I aspired to and completely blew it. [Only to strive for something older, lower, higher and superior])

There is no end point, no stop, true initiation is forever and self mastery is only the FIRST steps on the path of eternal greatness.
Once you tear the scales from your eyes and you see evil for what it truly is, a pathetic little weakling of a tapeworm ready to be squashed beneath your heel, only then will you see the pointlessness of the dork and bright wing currents and shall the path to your inner temple be illuminated.
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Pacts with Satan in mideval lore, Werewolves and Vampires, Predator versus Parasite, and a personal horror story of Vampiric powers while being drunk
plus a review of Hellraiser 7: Deader at the end.

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Kabbalah only plugs you into the lower spheres and buries you deeper into the matrix. Its mathematics are fucked and you cannot argue against this!
Sethikus and Lord Osiron Presentation:

Lord Osiron Destroys The Kabbalah:

Cover art by myself

Give em hell! Take back Europe! The pissed off American Goyz have your support!

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Paul Huson stated in mastering witchcraft about the importance of not having any inhibition or reservations about any rite. Midway into the micro black mass, I went under lite possession about 20 or 25% control lost but i was still driving 3/4ths of my vessel and this rite. This would not have happened this quickly or strongly if i were completely sober.

Latin Mass this was based on

Inferion Visualizations

Thumnail is Satan's Blood Movie.

In this video, I argue against Thomas Sheridan's lies about Pazuzu

and argue he is either the original baphomet, or a baphomet of the Void.

To Richard Lester and Adama.
~Love, Jon
First Part

"To My WarBrothers of the Sinister Path: We have multiple factors on our side.
1, Their "God" is most likely not a real sentient being. But an Egregore.
If it is a sentient being, It is a VERY SMALL and PETTY "god" Just look at every "significant" event in the bible happens around Israel, that is not the mark of a big god.
2, Our God Lucifer does exist and there is much evidence he is an advanced inter-dimensional multi-cosmic being
3 Noting the above two observations, If Result = Intent x Effort of Ritual, then the enemy's intent is worth fuck all if they don't even have a strong deity behind their backs, WE Do and so ALL of our Efforts and Intents are multiplied exponentially and we are NEVER "on our own" in our efforts. "


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