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Paul Huson stated in mastering witchcraft about the importance of not having any inhibition or reservations about any rite. Midway into the micro black mass, I went under lite possession about 20 or 25% control lost but i was still driving 3/4ths of my vessel and this rite. This would not have happened this quickly or strongly if i were completely sober.

Latin Mass this was based on

Inferion Visualizations

Thumnail is Satan's Blood Movie.

In this video, I argue against Thomas Sheridan's lies about Pazuzu

and argue he is either the original baphomet, or a baphomet of the Void.

To Richard Lester and Adama.
~Love, Jon
First Part

"To My WarBrothers of the Sinister Path: We have multiple factors on our side.
1, Their "God" is most likely not a real sentient being. But an Egregore.
If it is a sentient being, It is a VERY SMALL and PETTY "god" Just look at every "significant" event in the bible happens around Israel, that is not the mark of a big god.
2, Our God Lucifer does exist and there is much evidence he is an advanced inter-dimensional multi-cosmic being
3 Noting the above two observations, If Result = Intent x Effort of Ritual, then the enemy's intent is worth fuck all if they don't even have a strong deity behind their backs, WE Do and so ALL of our Efforts and Intents are multiplied exponentially and we are NEVER "on our own" in our efforts. "


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