Great fight against a 7-1 fighter. I wish I could have gotten a third round. That's life, on to the next. I'm in here to test myself against the best, and I always try to put on a show.

Anthony Marcyes
Muay Thai
November 16, 2019
Rocklin, CA

I don't know why I was going so hard, I must have got hit a few times pretty bad earlier. I shouldn't let myself get so carried away in sparring. I almost don't even want to post this, but I am as an example of how to not make friends in your gym.

Amazing experience to train with Saenchai and the main YOKKAO team. Spencer, Kru Jack, Yodchai, and Kittidett.

Ryan and the guys at Free Flow are always amazing to work with too.

Anyone who gets the opportunity should seek them out for martial arts knowledge immediately.

"Tell everyone that you know all my life I've been a real one."

This is a tribute to Mac Miller's life by @directedbybtv and the background song is called 'Real' which is still unreleased. Mac Miller will always be one of my favorite artists. Rest Easy Mac Miller 1992 - 2018.

I do not own the rights to the music or video footage. I am not claiming the rights to any of this content and will not be making any money off of this video.

Dog fighting a southpaw with great kicks and left straight.

I feel we were well matched and it could have gone either way. I'm still learning and growing every fight and this is what drives my purpose.

This opponent was very good, I was just able to get an OSP squeeze on him early that I swear he nearly tapped too.
Spent the rest of the time fighting off my sweaty, no-sub, top grind.

Ninja Pirated from ULT MMA's YouTube channel.

Interim Lightweight Championship bout between current Featherweight Champion Max Holloway (2019) and Dustin Poirier. The two previously fought in a featherweight bout where Poirier won by first round submission.

Geoxor - Higher
Desembra - Hit 'Em
KRAK'N - Lean

Guess which one of them tornado kicks me back :L

I had two years of high school wrestling and 3 months of Gracie BJJ at this bout.
The match next to us ended and we thought the bell was for ours, the ref was very confused too apparently.

First time I have edited a fight like this, it was difficult and I completely deleted it by accident once.
I'm not even a white belt on Movie Maker yet.
However it helped me analyze things from both perspectives more clearly.
Two poorly taken videos made one almost decent edit.

Went into this one extremely confident.
Jacob is by far the best Nak Muay I have faced.
I learned here, it changed me as a fighter.
It's not about how many times you get swept, it's about how you get back to your rhythm.

First time against such a skilled south paw, in my home town.
These are the days fighters live for.

I saw this guy meditating full-lotus out in the hall before our fight.
He scared the shit out of me.
I'm glad I got the early pressure here or he could have smashed me.

This was my first amateur kickboxing bout. Please forgive my non-existent footwork.

Solid head kicks and counters.
Working on staying calm under pressure.


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