Latest updates from clown world. UK war mongers making more business for their mates who own the weapons companies.

The first attempt took ages to upload and had no sound. This one worked.
The truth about the Covid hoax is starting to come out.
Discussions in EU parliament about the Covid hoax and the bio weapon/fake vaccine.

Fucking NAZIs, still bombing civilians.

NATO makes up new lies about Russia. UK starts to trial Universal Basic Income. Satanklaus is pulling the strings of his puppets in government. Not my king charles gets closer to his fucking "Great Reset".

This took ages to upload.

The rest of the world is going with Russia and away from NATO.

NAZIs continue to abuse the Monks. Biden laptop leaked.

Nice one Tommy ! The NWO are always abusing Tommy for exposing their evil.

The horror gets worse everyday and the public do nothing to resist the police state.

The west used drones on Moscow, what will be the response?
The city of London is a city state and not part of England. Russia could take out that square mile in a very short time. The city of London is the financial heart of the Satanic NWO beast system. It is the hub for the whole western banking system and it is packed with Freemasons.
The NWO continue to poke at the Russian Bear but Russia could rip the heart out of the NWO in an afternoon. Just saying!

For fuck's sake, this is what is flooding in to the west.

Exposing this weeks horror from the NWO. The BBC are still putting out pure bullshit about everything.

Linsey Graham is fucked now. Z continues to fuck up the NAZIs

The babes are chilling in Russia. Singing a song, feeding the animals, everything is groovy.

Trump is NWO.

Now this dust is all over Ukraine. Ben Wallace gave cancer and mutations to the people of Ukraine when he sent depleted Uranium shells.

Boom, another NAZI ammo dump gets a missile.


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