At least one MP is standing up against the sex education for young children in UK schools.
UKcolumn covered the fact that people have been protesting about the sexualisation of young children by the state school system.
Sir Christopher Chope MP and now Miriam Cates MP are the only two MPs that have resisted the horror of the Masonic NWO in the last two years. The other 648 MPs all just take the £84,000 a year and ask no questions.

David's comments about the war in Ukraine.

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Alex Thomson with UK Column News.
Lots of New Laws for the UK. Copying Hitler's NAZI state laws.
Ukraine, the NAZIs lost. The dancing Nazi begs for more weapons.
Dutch Police shooting at unarmed protestors, just like NAZI's.
NWO lies exposed.

I have no idea who did this but I am pleased that it is broken now.
Fuck the NWO!!!

Climate Hoax Exposed. The climate hoax is the excuse the Dutch government are using at the moment.

The Government gets a big fat stinking delivery. LOL.

Mark Rutte, the PM of the Netherlands is another globalist puppet enforcing the Green Agenda for Klaus Schwab and the economic forum. He wants the farmers to stop growing food to eat in order to allow more of the land to return to nature. A Dutch minister has all the normal excuses to push the Climate Change Bullshit. Obviously, most Dutch people support the farmers protest. They all need food.

Prime SUCKS!

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Katy-Jo Murfin with today's UK Column News.
Latest NWO lies exposed. Schools are sexualising children from the age of 10.
Clot Shot for 6 month old babies, the evil bastards.

A documentary to prove once and for all, that CHEMTRAILS are real.
All the patents for chemtrail technology are listed.
If you know anyone who does not believe that chemtrails are real, show them this documentary.

The old man in the chair has an update for us.
Dr Coleman tells us about the evils of the medical profession.

This robot factory could process any sort of "Cattle" meat.
Hitler would have loved this shit.

How do the victims of this 8 year war feel about Russian soldiers taking control of the area?

NHS staff injecting people with clot shot do not want to say anything.

An update from the Russians.

Obviously, this is banned. Testing the injected people with a magnet, easy to do.

Too many people are removing their children from the state schools and educating them elsewhere.
If this Bill passes, the state will be able to do anything they like to your kids. The state will be able take control of parents home schooling their children
This bill will create a police state for children, that will indoctrinate your kids into "right think".
Stop this bill before it is too late.

The Schools Bill, which is about to be sent from the Lords to the Commons, proposes to turn Britain, and particularly England and Wales, from one of the world’s freest places to home educate to one of the most restrictive. It will empower the Department for Education and local authorities to inspect living-room home education “settings”, close private schools, force school attendance for a given child with no redress, prevent any new religious schools from opening, relocating or expanding, ban tutors whom they do not like from teaching even online, and force parents to supply any information or surrender any materials that they see fit.

In this segment, Alex Thomson runs through the 25 tyrannical aspects of the Bill, using a list hosted by Education Otherwise and by Tap News. More detail is given by Schools Week, Wendy Charles-Warner and Tristram Llewelyn Jones, the latter two writing in The Conservative Woman (TCW). Finally, Debi Evans discusses how special educational needs are being invoked by the Bill to spread standardisation at the cost of children’s misery.

People on both sides are just sick of the never ending war.

The Russian's now have Severodonetsk. Patrick is there to show us what is happening.

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.


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