Sly-cological, just like a Trollist. Talk about 'cracking the mold' eh..! ;D
Happened yesterday this... Had a 'run-in' with 'them'.. As in a couple'o Scientroll's.. They got caught tho.. again (because they are so ridiculously shit at 'thinking they're being somewhat 'stealth'). And still nobody seems to get it yet.. Again.. (the funniness of the psy-opera) bah!
Ah well. Keep on keepin' on I guess. ;D
Nice day round these parts tho, weather-wise at least.
Take care chaps.
Plus I've just noticed a few more emails that were sent to me a couple of weeks ago regarding this 'Dexter Ator' scummy-wanker-bag and him being an extremely dangerous 'man'.. Man.?
hmm. Dunno' if this is yet another trick or some kinda conny spoof cos I was under the assumption that Dexter was actually a flat-out barking-mad 'Tranny'! With remote viewing and influencing skills for kinky suit..;D
Will do a featured video on these 'nobbly-nuggets' of intel very soon indeed. Til' then. As always..


On my ‘grasp’ on beerism. Just thought for people not to get too much of the wrong idea. Good info here from Mark as always 👍 take good dietary care of your body people . And do it your-self and for yourself. Not for others.

Driving that is. THEM up the mofo’ing wall!


He’s well off!👍

Got told they were sexy too! 👍

Really good work as always. Stealthy yet undeniable. Keep it up EWO. !

Me and the Master Bates that is. !

Unambiguous analysis. Non -relating to any 'Mis-Scavengers'. ;D
In respect to the abstractions of non linear-time and the fluid poly-quantum reality boundaries of which anyone (be by choice or ‘fate’) can 'Gnostic-ally' ‘find’ them-selves in.
The numerous procured non-chronological entries of observations separately delineated, cited and paralleled respectively.
Thus supporting furthermore, the verification.
That being 'complete recognition' of any transpired continuity of articulated repeating patterns (live moments) experiential to the cognitive cerebral recognition in frequency and formation physically 'being' a 'wholesome', 'time-line 'witness' to which, through discerning interventions, woven on many different levels, has evidently (hard evidence) been (even with having scant religious 'knowledge', I'm no Church goer!) originating from a source seemingly Divine in nature.

Indicative of the re-occurring commonalities within certain various critical instances or actions ordained within the given time-line ‘thread’ only further clarifies the eventual mass realisation.
The ‘Great Awakening’ of consciousness and how only then the promulgated ‘Divine Narrative’ intimately emerges into the comprehension and overall understanding in the collective consciousness of the human condition.
'Evidently-so', these chronological witness accounts of the 'time-endured' now tangibly visible and electronically available. (through electronic communication) world wide.
Realistically, this exhibits the necessary rooted elements disseminated and essential to acutely recognise within the bilge and slosh of ‘dilute-data’ to at long last, wholly inform, knowledge-ify en mass anticipating subsequent cardinal revelations made manifest and now highly apparent.
S.E Anturio - April 2019



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An on-going vlog documentary channel. Mainly featuring content of my own personal experience within areas not many people talk or even have any knowledge about. Mind 'controllogy' and dangerous nefarious cults. Agenda-driven psychopaths, so called religious followings within a particular sci-fi based engineered mind control cult.. that I had nothing to do with .. so thought. Hmmm. Interesting.

My You tube channels are 'Sy Anturio' and the earlier created one under the name 'Sy Evans'. There's different video blogs on each as I've documented my experiences. Please don't be put off by the foul language. Funnily enough that particular 'cursing' on my behalf was integral to this 'extreme demonstration' and subsequent 'shifting' that so needed to be done.

Further in depth information and much more is gathered here on my wordpress site: