Minister FARRAKHAN Addresses the COVID "VACCINE" - July 4, 2020 THE CRITERION

This video was prepared to introduce the 2017 Nation of Islam's Saviours' Day program, "The War on Islam: 9/11 Revisited, Uncovered & Exposed" from the Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan.

Talmud Scholar Michael Hoffman Addresses the Nation of Islam Convention, 2019

In an interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, who leads the coronavirus vaccine research at the National Institutes of Health, stated, "What I can say is that Emergency Use Authorization is still experimental. It's still in experimental phase. These Emergency Use Authorizations are simply asking the FDA, with what we have right now, can this product be used in the most vulnerable of populations, while we continue to gather data that would allow us to license it for everyone."

"Man can be the master of where he’s from….The whole life of Jesus was to be an example of human life and mastery of all conditions, and the ultimate mastery is the mastery of death itself."

The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan speaks in Chester, PA in 1981

On July 7, 2020, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS (Noah Oppenheim, president) reported that the lowering death rate of COVID-19 was due to "better treatments." And that the use of RESPIRATORS ("intubation") “was hurting people’s lungs." So, HOW MANY of the alleged 134,347 COVID-19 deaths in the USA are due to RESPIRATORS and NOT COVID-19?

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks at Malcolm X Park in Washington, DC on August 19, 1984.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks at Northwestern University on May 30, 1988

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks in Chester, Pennsylvania on what it means to follow the example of the prophets.

The original video was posted on April 11, 2020 by Mr. Lincoln Karim, citizen journalist, and is titled "A Visit to NY Pres/Weill Cornell Medical Complex - April 11, 2020”


Mr. Karim sees a health worker crossing street and asks him,
“Are they overworking you inside there, man?”
“Nope, I work down at Brooklyn, man.”
“Is it bad?”
“It’s not as bad as you think.”
“It’s not as bad as I think?”
“Yeah. It’s strange. I don’t want to say one way or another, but uh.”
“But I see on TV that, you know, it’s chaos.”
“You know, everything you see on TV is someone paid to be there."
“I’m going to switch it [bikerider’s recording? gear]. Because I come here and everything is normal.”
“I’m from the Trauma Center down at King’s County. Deaths that we’re seeing—everybody who dies has 'corona virus' on their death certificate. Everybody who ends up having anything has 'corona virus' on their death certificate. And they’re bringing in a bunch of people from out of town—we have doctors coming in from Nebraska who don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Um, a lot of people die because of it. I don’t know if it’s corona virus or if it’s just the breakdown of the health system and we’ve finally scared ourselves shitless. It’s very bizarre and I don’t want to comment on it, but.”
“Keep yourself safe—you sound like you have a good head.”
“Thanks. You have a good day too. God be with you.”
“You too, man.”

Minister Farrakhan speaks at Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts on February 16, 1983.


Man and women have the capability of growing into divine, but man must be fed properly.

Now look, this baby can be no more than what it feeds on. And we can be no more than what we feed on. If we are fed the wrong kinds of food physically we grow old before our time. And many of us in this audience tonight are young men and women with old appearance because you're feeding your bodies the wrong kinds of food.

You're looking at a man at 50-years-old. A man that is married 30 years has nine children and 10 grandchildren and I think I’m going to be around here a very good time. And I think I’ll be looking better as time goes on.


I’m not saying this for vanity's sake, I’m saying this because the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us How To Eat To Live. You don’t have to leave here at 40 and 50 and 60 and 70 and call yourself old. You leave here because you abuse your bodies because you don’t live in harmony with nature's laws. You don’t feed yourself the right food, and you certainly are not feeding your mind the right things.

Now, if we were pysically eating pure food Moses said we could live 120 years, that’s minimum. But by the time David got on the scene we had messed up so bad, he gave man three score and 10, which is 70, and now we hardly make that. Because we are not living in harmony with nature's laws.

We are feeding ourselves chemical death because we are so lazy. We like TV dinners. People just throw some chemicals together, preserve something. I tell you some of us each more peas and carrots that have more embalming fluid in it than the dead body that we just sent to the cemetery. And you wonder why you don’t look good, you don’t feel good, you don’t act good.

Minister Farrakhan speaks at Rutgers University in New Jersey on November 12, 1981.


This Qur'an says Moses was a Muslim. But Moses didn’t teach universal love. He didn’t teach the people to love Pharaoh whose time has come. He taught the people to reject Pharaoh and to reject Pharaoh's wicked, degenerate way of life. Is that right?

Yes he did. He said I’m going to bring you out of Egypt, and I’m going to put you as a ruler in the place of the Egyptians after I destroy their power to rule.

But my covenant is not with wrongdoers. Among you Moses there are hypocrites. There are those who love Pharaoh and love Egypt and want to go back into Egypt. They don’t want to get out in the wilderness and try their hand at building a nation under the guidance of God.

I didn’t choose Israel to teach Israeli supremacy. I chose Israel for My pleasure. That whenever My hand is on a nation, that nation is exalted, that nation becomes leader, that nation becomes supreme. Supreme means uppermost, foremost, above. And I God am supreme and whatever I exalt I make it supreme over everything.

Listen now! All praise is due to Allah.

Jehovah whooped (the) hell out of Pharaoh because Pharaoh didn’t want to let Israel go. Now look, While Israel was in a terrible condition Pharaoh was at the opposite end of the pole—powerful, mighty, great, so much so that he thought himself to be a God.

Now here's a man way at the top, another way at the bottom, and the Bible says Allah made Pharaoh great for His own purpose and put Israel in that condition for His own glory. So He put one up above for his glory in wickedness, and one down below for His glory in deep abasement, humility, ignominy.

Then he said I’m going to bring Pharaoh down. Look now, I’m not going to do it just with my power Jehovah. I’m going to raise up one of the slaves and I’m going to give him a rod. That Pharaoh is too trifling for me. I’m going to make one of his own slaves whoop him, to prove that I’m God. And when I exalt him you can’t deny him. Even the angels bow to what I make. And if you don’t bow I cast you out.

Go read it in your Holy Quran: Allah said to Iblis, What hindered you that you didn’t submit? When I make a man even the angels have to bow. And Iblis with his proud rebel self said, "Well I didn’t submit because I’m better than he is. I’m made of fire, you made this man from dust."

Another place it (Qur'an) said you made him from Black mud. Now notice God ain’t no racist. Mud is already dark. Why did the Qur'an say that he made him out of Black mud and then fashioned him into shape?...

[In this day] we've got to understand. Our lives are at stake and through misunderstanding we’ll blow our life and blow our future. It ain’t about no vanity. It ain’t about showing off who we think we are. It's about showing the world who Allah is, who Muhammad is, where the truth is, and let the world enter into the valley of decision and define and decide where they are.

Minister Farrakhan speaks in Defense of Fulani Ali at Friendship Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New York November 25, 1981. The US government conspired and worked diligently to destroy every major Black leader and every major Black organization.


The Nation of Islam are determined that we shall not stand by and allow the white press and the government to label Black men and women who struggle for our freedom, our justice, and equality to be labeled as "terrorists," or anything else that the government wants to put on them.

We must show a united front, and a united back.


If there is nothing more that we have learned from our struggle in (the) 60s, we should have learned that the enemy regards us all as his enemy. And we should have learned by now that the enemy never wanted to see Black nationalist of any persuasion, or Black people—period, come into any form of unified action. And they worked night and day to make sure that no Black Messiah would rise among us who could unify and electrify our struggle. But the beast—as always—is late, too late, too, too late.

He wrote down that he thought Stokely Carmichael was the Messiah. He wrote down that he thought Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and Elijah Muhammad were the Messiah.

So, poor Brother Stokely, they set agents around about him. But thanks be to Almighty God Allah, Stokely is still strong!


They murdered Martin Luther King. And just as surely as they murdered Martin Luther King they also were co-conspirators in the murder of Malcolm X. Just as surely as we sit here today they conspired and worked diligently to destroy every major Black leader and every major Black organization.

They systematically destroyed the Black Panther Party. They systematically worked to destroy the RNA (Republic of New Africa). They worked to destroy the Nation of Islam. But look! Here we are.


Certainly, I am not equal to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Certainly I’m unable to even unlace the shoes on his feet. But I am his student.

I don’t say that I’m nothing to the Honorable Marcus Garvey or the Honorable Noble Drew Ali. I don’t claim to be the equal of Malcolm or of King or none of the great warriors who lived and died before I was born. But I do say this: I say that all of them are alive in this little brother that stands before you today.


With the help of Almighty God Allah, I will not be unfaithful to the baton of their legacy that I have in my hand and you have in your hand today. For we are at the culmination of it all. We are at the time that Demark Vessey wanted to see. We are at the time that Nat Turner wanted to see. We are at the time that they planned for, plotted for, but we are alive now in the final decade of white supremacy. This is the end brother of their rule, the end of their time and many in this audience will live to see the United States government buried in the ashes of history.


Minister Farrakhan speaks at the Washington, DC Convention Center on July 22 1985.

Minister Farrakhan speaks at the Washington, DC Convention Center on July 22, 1985.


I said this beloved Brothers and Sisters; I said to prove that Allah is with me, within thirty days He would visit upon America unusual display in the forces of nature to warn America, to warn the government, to warn the Jews, to warn all of those who feel that Farrakhan is a dangerous man; I’m only dangerous if you attack me. I’m your friend if you are a lover of truth.

I left and I made an announcement that brother Muammar Gadhafi, the hated one of Libya, had agreed to loan the Nation of Islam $5 million in an interest free loan to begin the POWER (People Organized & Working for Economic Rebirth) program. I made that announcement here in Washington for a very definite reason. I wanted Black people to know, you don’t have to hide the fact that you have a friend that America does not like. You are a free people if you will stand up and be free the white man cannot make you a slave ever again unless you just want to be a slave.


I want you to know and America to know, I am a free Black man and I do what I please and I answer to no one but alrighty God Allah and his Christ, and they are sufficient for me.

I took the money from Libya and I dare you to say I’m wrong in doing what I did. I don’t bow down to you. I don’t bow down to Libya. I don’t bow down to Saudi Arabia. I bow down only to almighty God and I say Ashadu-an-laillaha-
illa-Allah, Wa Ashhadu Anna Muhammad Rasulu Allah (There is no God but Alla and Muhammad is the Messenger of God).


I’m saying to you Black man you're free if you're not afraid to stand up and walk like a free man. You are enslaving yourself with your cowardice, your fear, and this cheap boot licking leadership that keeps Black people mired down at the foot of white America.


History of the Jewish Attack on The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Who REALLY Did 9/11? Farrakhan Questions the US Government & Israel

Minister Farrakhan speaks at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia on April 13, 1988.


As I leave you, White women, Black women and Asian women, listen: There will never be a better tomorrow unless women today are honored and respected and elevated.

Listen! Women you must not permit any man to use you as a thing. Because unless women all over the world are made free and exalted there will never be a better world. For the Quran teaches us, there is one women in this book exalted above all women. And it's not the mother of Muhammad, it’s not the mother of Moses, it’s not the mother of Abraham—it is the mother of Jesus.

Now the reason Mary is exalted is what I’m going to close on. And all of you who say I hailed Hitler, I want you to go out tonight and say Farrakhan hails Mary. Why do you hail Mary, Farrakhan? Mary is representative of all women.

Blessed is the fruit of your womb. Jesus. As long as women are covered here (takes his hand and circles his head) with ignorance and rejection, they will cover this womb with the same.

Women, you are co-creating with God a new life. Whatever is here (points to head) is what you put here (points to stomach, meaning womb). So women must be brought out from the back rooms and they must be educated with the finest of knowledge, because the wiser the women the greater the child. (applause)

Mary was a wise women. Mary was a chaste women. That's not old fashion women. It is better that you keep yourself from allowing men to abuse your body and wait until that one comes along that understands when you give that part of yourself, there must be a commitment on the part of that man. No man should take pleasure without responsibility. (applause) And no man is worthy of pleasure without responsibility.

Women stop appearing in fashion shows and television commercials showing your bosom or your backside. You keep men rotating in a low thought. Mary was chaste. Mary was not only chaste, she was produced by a woman who bound this child to God. How many of you have had a baby and said while you were pregnant I bind what is in my womb to the service of God, to correct the ills of humanity.

Don’t you know that when you think like that you start producing something that will do just that? We've got to turn the world around. The same womb that produced Hitler is the womb that produced Jesus. Which one do you want, a killer or a redeemer, a savior, a deliverer? It’s up to the women. You can produce either one—a killer or a redeemer. Hail Mary full of Grace. The Lord is with you women.

Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb. Jesus. What kind of child is Jesus? The Quran says he’s a child that will speak wisdom in the cradle and wisdom at old age. He’s a child that will open the eyes of the blind, make the deaf hear, the dumb speak and he will raise the dead to life by God's permission. He will take clay and fashion a bird and breath into it and it will become a bird by Gods permission. And he will tell you what foods to eat and what foods to store in your houses. This is Jesus the son of Mary, the Messiah, according to the Quran.

Minister Farrakhan responds to a question from Peter Bailey, president of the Association of Black Journalists, at their conference in New York City, May 3, 1984.


Peter Bailey: And I want to ask you how you respond to that? That the movement is larger than (presidential hopeful Reverend) Jesse Jackson or Minister Farrakhan or anyone else? And that if the movement, this political movement is being hurt by your support? Not that you should drop support, but that you should kind of fade into the background. I’d like you to respond to that.

Min. Farrakhan: I think that’s a very good question. Everybody hear it. (Audience responds Yes). I wrestled with that. I wrestled with that, Brother Peter.

The question is Who have I hurt Reverend Jackson with? Is that a bourgeois person that you're talking to? Is that some pseudo-intellectual who has some stake in the status quo? Is that some blind politician? Who is this?

See, I have to know who is making a statement. Because the masses of the people, that’s where it is, are saying “Right on Brother.” (Applause) That's what the masses are saying.

See, what most of you may not know, this has never been a political campaign. This is a spiritual campaign couched in political terms, because politics...has never engendered this kind of spirit in the people, because raw politicians are too deceitful to get this kind of spiritual backing from the masses of the people.

It is a spiritual campaign that has triggered something deeper in the people than a political thing. And so my question is, and I questioned myself—Should I back away from my brother? Did my statements hurt Reverend Jackson? If my statements were left alone by the press you wouldn’t have ever known I’d made the statement. Because I didn’t make my statement on his platform, I made it on my own, talking to my own people, on a radio station I paid for with our money. (Applause) You understand.

My constituency is not that large. Newsweek Magazine was at that building that day, heard my remarks, got the tape turned it over. This is alright with me. Then two days before the New York primary Newsweek came out with it, NBC came out with the statement. Then put the statement in a way to hurt Reverend Jackson.

Just remember that, I didn’t hurt the man. My statements all over America have helped Reverend Jackson and I don’t want to be vain here, but I know what I mean to this campaign. And many of you know what I mean to this campaign if you look.

So the question is if I back away from Reverend Jackson how would it be interpreted by the people that have been inspired by our unity? How would that be interpreted? And which means more? What means more?

Somebody asked me the other night, “Don’t you feel Mister Farrakhan that you are an albatross around Jesse’s neck?”

In other words Mister Farrakhan, aren’t you hurting his campaign? I said his campaign for what? They said the presidency of the United States.

(Min. Farrakhan responded) Oh, did you think that he was going to win? (Audience laughter.) You didn’t give him a chance to win. You don’t give him a chance now to be the nominee of the party so how is Farrakhan hurting him? Farrakhan has helped to make the movement that is bringing him to San Francisco with power in his own Black community.

I don’t buy that crap. I hurt nobody I’m a helper. (applause) The hurt is from the media...and from Negroes.

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The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks at the Prince Hall Shriners Convention in St. Louis Missouri, on August 12, 1983


We are born into a circle of light. And this is to teach us a lesson. Ignorance is darkness. Light is all around us. If God hated darkness and loved the light, that He vanished darkness and darkness is forever a vanishing in His universe.

Think over that. Darkness is not real, it is only the absence of light. And when the light comes where does the darkness go? It goes because it does not have a base for its existence.

So it is with ignorance. Ignorance has no base for existence. And as long as a people are walking in ignorance they are walking in darkness. And when they walk in the darkness they have no measurement for the time or for their life. For all measurement starts with man's relationship to light. And when you’re not in the light you have nothing by which to measure time.

So time passes for the ignorant. In a fleeting moment, How long have you tarried? The ignorant do not know because they cannot tell time because they are not walking in the light.

So those who love God and those whom God has blessed with the light have a responsibility to vanish darkness. Even as the stars and the moon and the sun vanish darkness, men of knowledge, women of knowledge, men of understanding, women of understanding. Men and women of wisdom have a sacred yoke around their necks, and that yoke is that you are bound to the light, bound to the principles of the light, and bound to the duty imposed upon those who bask in the light. And that is to lead those who walk in darkness into the marvelous light that you have discovered.

If you don’t lead others into the light then God will hold you responsible. For him to whom much is given much is required. Then what man having the light will hide it under a bushel basket? That man having a light will put it on a hill. Why? Let your light so shine before men that they may what? Hear your talk? No. See your good works.

For a man that has light and has no works is really in the dark and has deceived himself. You didn’t hear me. I’m going to say it again. Any man or women who says they are in the light and has no productive work is engulfed in darkness and has deluded himself or herself. For with light you have energy. With light you have power. And with power you have the ability to overcome obstacles.

What Black person having light then should walk in America feeling as though the white man is a stumbling block in our path? Or his evil racist society is a stumbling block in our path? When you have the light, you go over the stumbling block, under the stumbling block, through the stumbling block, but nothing stops men and women of wisdom and light...

Minister Farrakhan speaks at Howard University, Washington, DC, on Youth Day in February, 1984.

Partial Transcript:

I think that it's important in this Black History Month to reflect on the need to know history. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us that of all our studies history is the most attractive and it is best qualified to reward our research. History carries a light that attracts us to it. Because when people know what was and know what is and they are prepared for what is yet to come. History is our guide. When someone takes away from us our history they take away from us our guide. And taking away from us our guide we become lost people.


Listen. This is why intelligent parents give their children the autobiographies of great men and women to study. Why? History develops the springs and motives of human action, which display themselves most powerfully on the destiny of man. History develops the springs and the motives of human action. If you want to inspire young people they must know history. Because when they read the autobiography of a [Washington D.C. Mayor] Marion Barry, and they see how he was the son of sharecroppers. They see the obstacles he had to face, the burden he had to bear, the things he had to overcome; and you read how he did it, then that history inspires a young mind. It springs them into a new idea.

‘If Mayor Marion Barry could do that, from that condition, I could step on his shoulder and reach new heights.’

When you're robbed of your history you're robbed of the level of possibilities for yourself. And if you don’t know what to expect from yourself then you begin to lose hope in yourself, and you begin to inordinately glorify others. This has been the condition of us as people in America.

When America labels us three-fifths of a human being and made white folk to have five-fifths plus the two-fifths that we lost, they produced an imbalance. White folk too high up, Black folk too far down. When you take away from us our history then we know not what to expect from ourselves so we look to the one who is in the superior position and we take that one as our guide. And suppose that one is not fit? But you would not know their lack of fitness unless you know your history.

So Carter G. Woodson, a Black man from among us, understood as a tree without roots is dead, a people without their history is also dead. So, Carter G. Woodson fought for a Negro History Week and white folks were so generous. They allowed us to have a week to think about ourselves. Now it has even been extended to one whole month.

But they wanted to be sure when we think about ourselves we think about ourselves on the cotton fields up—don’t go back too far. If you go back far enough in your history you will see the day when you have ruled. If you go far enough back in your history you will come to the day when your fathers taught them mathematics, science, algebra, chemistry, law, medicine, philosophy, government, international trade, language.

Your fathers were the masters of every discipline known in this universe. No Caucasian people called your ancient fathers “niggers.” They were too busy learning from your fathers to call your fathers “niggers.”

When you know what was young brothers and sisters. When you know what was you see the realm of possibility. When you have been struck a blow in the head and you have amnesia, you could have been a king but you forgot your kingdom. You could have been a scientist but you forgot your inventions. So, amnesia renders you helpless. Who can tell you who you are? Who will show you what you are? Who will make you know the realm of human possibility that you may expect from yourself what you rightfully should?

This is why scripture is so relevant and important. And as young people we must never think that the Bible is some strange book that has no relevance, no bearing on life today. We must not think that the Holy Quran is some impractical book of scripture. But Jesus shows us the realm of human possibility that man can be born from a women in a hostile environment, like you were born from your mother and father in a hostile environment.

He was born in a place that had a bad reputation, for the scripture said Can any good come out of Nazareth? And we were born in the ghetto with a bad reputation. Jesus had a problem because the people thought he was born of fornication. They didn’t see a father around so they condemned him and said We are not born of fornication. Young Black boys and girls have to grow up wondering: Who is my father?

Jesus and us have a lot in common. Jesus had to flee from where he was to go into Egypt to be nurtured there that the scriptures might be fulfilled: Out of Egypt have I called my son. Out of bondage have I called my son. Out of misery and poverty and squalor and suffering would I make a son. Out of this condition of deprived, pain and suffering I’m going to make a masterful people.


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks at the Phyillis Wheatley YMCA in Washington, DC, on November 7, 1981.

Partial Transcript (from 2:45):

...[T]he Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me one day: "You know brother, to speak English correctly you must have verb and subject agreement." And we certainly can agree with that, right?

If the subject is in the present, the verb or the action word must be in the present tense. If the subject is dealing with the past, then the verb or action would tell us that it's the past tense. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said Black people do not communicate well. We are suffering loss today because of communication problems.

We have communication problems in the home. We’re not communicating well with our mates. We’re not communicating well as a community. We're not communicating well as a people. We're certainly not communicating our feelings or aspirations to the people who make public policy. Is that true? (Audience responds: "Yes sir.")

So the lack of communication is increasing the tension. And the increase of the tension is increasing the possibility and probability of racial conflict. Are we correct? (Audience responds: "Yes sir.")

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us that if we are in the present—1981—and our actions can be determined to belong to the past, then we are not speaking correctly, therefore we will not be successful.

We are in the present, 1981, but our actions belong to the slave past. Our actions depict a slave mentality, though we say we are free. Well, if we are free in the present but our actions are a slave action that belongs to the past then we are in verb and subject disagreement. And we are not speaking grammatically correct therefore our tense is off, our action is off. Therefore the action being behind the subject in time— it increases the lack of coordination between the subject and time. And it increases tension.

So now because we are not in the right tense, we have increased tension. And since we have increased the tension because our actions belong to the past, then this tension sets up stress. And this high stress increases hyper-tension which leads to high blood pressure and stroke—high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

Now dear brothers and sisters, you are being continually stroked. And every stroke that you get is such a shock to the system that it leaves something paralyzed—unable to use the hands.

'I don’t understand what went on a few weeks ago.' We seem to get a stroke. When Reagan moved in [to the presidency]—stroke. Yes, a shock after you did all you could to get Carter in. And the man that you didn’t vote for became your president; that was a shock; that was a stroke. And it paralyzed some of us. We became paralyzed with fear. We became paralyzed with mass hysteria. This is true.

Black folk today, when Reagan followed a course he has to follow [and] cut back. Y'all didn’t vote for him. He’s the president of all the people, but since you're not considered people, [he] cut back on anything that benefits you in order to benefit the country.

This again—another stroke, increasing what, tension, increasing what, stress. Stress on who? The Black community. Why? Because you don’t speak well. Why? Because grammatically you're not proper. Grammatically your language is off because you’re trying to communicate in the present with an action that is out of date.

It is out of date that Black people should depend on white people for all of our necessities of life. It's just out of date.

it is out of date for you to look to them to provide you with jobs after they’ve provided you with education that should have permitted you to provide these things for yourself. It is out of date. It is a slave mind.

Listen to me good: It is a slave mind that is going to look to Reagan, look to the government to give you education, to give you jobs, to build homes for you. To do things for you that you and I have neglected to do for ourselves. Because we claim to be a man, but our actions are that of a child. So when you have a grown man that acts like a child he’s ether a moron or a imbecile or a functional illiterate. He’s in that category.

I have a job today to speak to 30 million morons. [You say,] "Oh my God, I didn’t come here to this dinner to be insulted." But you are a grown man and a grown women, but you function on the level of a child. You have never grown up psychologically, you have never grown up emotionally and you're still hanging back in the childhood days of irresponsibility looking for mom and dad—I mean white mom and white dad, Uncle Sam—to do for you what you are big enough and Black enough to do for yourself.

Out of time.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks at Cramton Auditorium at Howard University, Washington, DC, on June 19, 1982.

Lost•Found Films


The War of Armageddon: The end of white supremacy & neocolonial rule

We live in a world that is moving steadily toward the final conflict, the final war that will determine who will live on our planet and under what conditions.

The battle that is now raging in the Middle East, and brush fires which are springing up throughout our planet, are the signals of the beginning of that dreaded war which is spoken of in the scriptures of the Bible called the War of Armageddon.

All the nations of the earth have a part to play in this final war. The government of America understands that as a man soweth so shall he also reap. Consequently, in this great day of war arms to America is more precious to America than butter and eggs to the poor.

As nations around this planet ruin their economies to buy the armaments of war in preparation for this great conflict which is now going on, which former President Nixon talked about in his book, in which he said America was already losing in that war. He understands, and will understand it better—not by and by—but in just a few more days...

The word armageddon, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, means armies; the first three letters a-r-m. And it is the arm of a man or women that signals the strength of that women. It is the arm of the nation that represents the strength of that nation. And out of the word arm you get the word armies and arms. Every nation today has an army in preparation for this final war.

Every nation of earth is buying weapons like never before to wage the battle. Armies gathered together for the doom. The doom of civilization of exploitation. The doom of a civilization built on greed and materialism, and not on real human moral, ethical, and spiritual values.

It is the doom of colonialism. It is the doom of imperialism. It is the doom of racism. It is the doom of western white supremacy. It is the doom of the western world...!

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks at Nu-Tec Theater in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 8, 1984.

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You didn’t marry our mothers. You didn’t marry our sisters. You took them at will and they were not permitted the right over their own bodies. You gave them babies this color (points to his face). And then denied your own children. You did this.


We have always loved you. We have loved you to our hurt. Three hundred years we lived like this. We saw you praying. We saw you going to church. We saw you reading the Bible, but you made it against the law for us to know, to read, or to write. To know is not a human right, to know is a divine right since we were birthed out of our mothers womb into the universe which is a house of Truth, and the school room of God.

You denied our fathers the right to read the book. But we were born into the book, so we read the signs in the heavens and we read the signs in the earth...


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