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The Bill Gates Connections
Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein
Bill Gates and Marina Abramovich or Microsoft and Marina Abramovich
Bill Gates and Population Control Agenda

Why do so many naively place their faith and trust in Bill Gates? Gates has no collegiate degree, no background in medicine, yet medical leaders across the world seem to take his word as gospel. Is it his ideas or his money that controls them? In the video I show Gates numerous connections to Jeff Epstein, connections he at first tried to deny but was caught red-handed. Gates has other interesting and disturbing connections that will be revealed. Including, through Microsoft, with so-called artist Marina Abramovich.

Finally, Gates shares an obsession with population control that his father also shared. Similarly other ultra-rich global elites such as Ted Turner and Prince Phillip have made comments displaying their own interested in population control and often with the same lines of reasoning that reach back to Reverend Sir Thomas Malthus.

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Attorney General William 'Bill' Barr gave a speech at Notre Dame that is, predictably, considered to be wildly controversial by leftists. Radical far leftwingers have referred to the speech as 'unhinged', 'bizarre', 'disturbing', 'inaccurate', 'dangerous', and far too many other nonsensical aspersions to be covered here.

Here, I dismiss the banal concerns of the secular and increasingly violent left and get into real analysis of what Barr said and what he meant. Various figures and outlets on the right have proclaimed Barr's speech to be almost entirely about religious freedom, which is indeed one focus of the speech, but there are many others as well. What remains to be seen is whether or not Barr will actually put action behind the words.

Although the left flops around in hysterics at a speech that merely offers vocal opposition to their rapacious destruction of religious liberty, all too many times the political right is placated by speeches. Speeches are not enough at this point. More must be done and must come from those in positions such as Barr in order to restore moral hope for America.

The fruits of secular leftism are clear: large gleaming and beautiful corporate buildings whose power reaches directly into the capitol and capitals of leftist cities across the nation, increased crime, decreased prosecution for so-called crimes of poverty, rampant drug abuse, poo in the streets, an increasing homeless population problem, drug needles all over the streets and sidewalks where children must walk, high city and state debts, and higher taxes.

More and more Americans are starting to ask themselves if that is what they want for their future. And more are coming to reject that outcome.

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Dennis Hastert rose through the corrupt ranks of the political class in the Washington, D.C. swamp. Hastert became the Speaker of the House and was only a few dire incidents away from holding the office of President. However he was later caught secretly paying "hush money" to one of his victims.

Hastert, not incidentally, was also a former Boy Scout leader and involved in the sort of activity that so many are aware of today related to that organization. He was, almost predictably, given awards by that organization.

Unfortunately, the statute of limitations had ran out on all 4 of Hastert's victims (both those he admitted to, one he claimed that he couldn't remember, and another alleged).

Hastert ultimately received what one victim called "a slap on the wrist".

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Strange circumstances pervade the Finder's case. A number of different paths seem to intersect with other famous cases from the 1980s: the Finder's, the McMartin Pre-school case, and the Franklin Cover-up. I mention all of these issues in this video.

Props go to what I consider to be the top 3 channels covering this topic: Derrick Broze at The Conscious Resistance, Jason Bermas, and We've Read the Documents. My video is supplemental to those they have put together to this point. I try to highlight a few things I think they missed or brushed over and I draw out connections that just come to mind as I poured over the pages.

My view, based upon the available evidence, is that the Finder's were part of an intelligence operation. Perhaps founded, steered, or entirely directed by the CIA or another intel group. My research also leads me to believe that Craig Spence was associated with the CIA and that the Franklin scandal involved the CIA, the FBI, and possibly military intelligence as well (specifically through Larry King's Air Force affiliations). Finally, I believe the Finder's used a number of cut-out businesses as fronts for their CIA-associated activities. The location of the Finder's house and warehouse were also suspiciously close to Larry King and Craig Spence's Embassy Row Washington, DC houses.

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This is the original, extended review. A special treat for Halloween.

John Carpenter's Halloween was released in 1978 to little fanfare. However, due to word of mouth, the film went on to tremendous success. In this video I offer my views as to why this happened and what makes the film so good.

The keys to the film's appeal are related to the low budget, the two lead actors and their characters, and the anti-character of Michael Myers.

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John Carpenter's Halloween was released in 1978 to little fanfare. However, due to word of mouth, the film went on to tremendous success. In this video I offer my views as to why this happened and what makes the film so good.

The keys to the film's appeal are related to the low budget, the two lead actors and their characters, and the anti-character of Michael Myers.

In this video, I cover the actors, actresses, writing, directing, box office success, and legacy of the original Halloween film.

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Thumbnail image: https://www.cbr.com/halloween-evolution-of-michael-myers-mask/
or here https://www.wallpapersin4k.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Michael-Myers-Mask-Wallpaper-4.jpg

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Ed Buck is being officially labelled a "serial predator" by authorities. However, some are beginning to ask whether or not the low profile Democrat mega-donor is something even more frightening. Rumors abound that the alleged criminal is a "serial killer" of homeless black males after 2 have been found dead in Buck's apartment and another suffered a severe overdose and also nearly died of Buck's injections, abuse, and alleged predatory behavior.

Authorities have recently determined that Buck had at least 11 potential victims of his predatory acts. Buck, who is/was fascinated with long john's as part of deviant acts, would ply homeless, penniless black men with hard drugs and then do disturbing things with them as they passed out and nearly (or in some cases) died. Buck also exhibited behaviors we have seen in a number of other cases: secretly drugging his victims against their will (an accusation made by the McMartin school children), displaying a fascination with feces (like Frank Fuster in the Country Walk case), and publicly pretending to love people of all colors but being extremely racist behind the scenes. All of it is covered in this video.

Finally, only the most obtuse of persons could ignore the fact that in recent times we have seen several left-leaning persons face accusations of sexual improprieties: Ed Buck, Jeffrey Epstein, Kevin Spacey, the NXIVM sex cult, R Kelly, and so on. When added to woman killer Ted Kennedy, and serial accused rapist Bill Clinton, the picture is bleak. The right, however, has their own extensive list of sexual abuse cases which I will cover in time in the future. Perhaps the worst of these was the Franklin Cover Up.

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Actor Kevin Spacey has faced numerous accusations of inappropriate behavior. However, on top of this one accuser has fallen silent and the case has been stopped and 2 other accusers have turned up dead.

What is going on?

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Should humanity maintain our taboo against devouring human flesh? During the last few months leftists have published 2 articles suggesting that humans should lighten up and reconsider adding "sweet meat" to the menu. In this episode I cover 4 articles released over the past 15 years wherein left-wing academics and journalists have promoted the idea that perhaps gobbling down our fellow man isn't such a bad idea after all.

Their are a few methods they use to do this. They commonly argue the following points: other species eat their own (certain spiders and mantis), historical relativism (in times past ancient humans ate their own), anthropological relativism (other societies around the globe chow down on ancestors to "honor" them and show "love" by gnawing on granny's bones), and ethical emergencies (the famous Andes crash, the Donner party, future climate change disaster scenarios). None of these articles accept any inherent dignity for humans, none acknowledge the Christian concept of humans as created by God in imago dei (the image of God), and all try to make light of it as if it will not forever mark a person later with trauma.

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Reports are coming out that either one or two cameras were malfunctioning, they have been sent to the FBI crime lab, other reports about threats issued by madam Maxwell to Epstein victims, and the legal team for the victims is suspect.

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Is this the Future of Love? BBC pushes an agenda using taxpayer dollars. California education is now beginning to mirror articles that were considered radical only a few years ago. Traditional sex roles and traditional lifestyles are attacked and stigmatized as aberrant.

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Cali education is undergoing a continuing metamorphosis toward the hyper-sexualization of children. This is just one tiny component of a much larger agenda aimed at the destruction of Western civilization.

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The streets of San Francisco are filthy. What is the cause of this problem?

Let's take a look.

Sources cited:

The Epstein Tapes

An article from an interview relating information gathered 15 years ago that provides key insights into his demented mind. The evidence mounts that my theory that Epstein was an intelligence asset performing a function in blackmail operations is correct.

The headline is tongue in cheek humor drawing on a famous line in "The Running Man". Conspiracy theories are running rampant. And for good reason. The anomalies are piling up. What source of information can we trust? This is a full blown crisis created by lying mass media and government.

Black Dhalia in portrait of Bill Clinton in the Blue Dress? The exterior to the building matches the design found on Epstein's island? What is going on here?

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Review and commentary on a recent NYT article:


A typical example from Slate trying to blur the lines about age of consent. This tactic is common, especially from the left but also at times from libertarians and some conservatives:

Their goal is obvious...to eventually make the kinds of behavior desired by Epstein and others to be legal.

Saudi Prince Domestic Violence: https://www.gulfinstitute.org/reports-of-saudi-crown-princes-domestic-violence-emerge/

Saudi Sex Slavery: https://www.rebelcircus.com/blog/this-picture-shows-a-real-sex-slave-auction-in-2017-ct/

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A Carefully Orchestrated Cover-Up

Just an experiment/exploratory thing that I threw together. Tell me what you think below.

(Yes, I decided to alter the famed headline "A Carefully Crafted Hoax" and opted against "A Carefully Crafted Cover Up" for reasons the viewer will find out once the documentary is complete should I decide to go forward with it.)

Just a teaser trailer of sorts for a project I've started working on.


The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp: https://www.amazon.com/Franklin-Cover-up-Satanism-Murder-Nebraska/dp/0963215809/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1THSXGF2LOL6&keywords=the+franklin+cover+up&qid=1561835269&s=gateway&sprefix=the+franklin+%2Caps%2C171&sr=8-1

The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant: https://www.amazon.com/Franklin-Scandal-Story-Powerbrokers-Betrayal/dp/1936296071/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=the+franklin+scandal&qid=1561835320&s=gateway&sr=8-1

Yorkshire TV/Tim Tate's Conspiracy of Silence Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R93CPPbpTw

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McMartin Trial

A discussion of a biased chronology regarding pertinent aspects of the famous McMartin Pre-school Trial of the 1980s. Said to be the foundational case for the "witch-hunts" or "Satanic Panic" of the 1980s to early 1990s.

In this episode I offer some off the cuff reactions just to a timeline found on the Famous Trials website. I find it instructive and ripe for commentary since it implicitly assumes every single key aspect of the witch-hunt narrative as critiqued by Professor Ross Cheit in his fantastic book, "The Witch-hunt Narrative".

This is another entry in my much broader series that I call the Satanic Panic Reconsidered.

The standard account, as it has emerged over the years, is that in the 1980s there was a "moral panic" wherein Christian fundamentalists were running rampant and collectively lost their minds. This supposedly turned into a "hysteria" where a host of false accusations were made against people who ran daycare centers, nursery schools, and pre-schools. In turn, these were "witch-hunts" where entirely innocent people were accused of heinous acts of rape, molestation, bizarre rituals, and so forth.

The reason I have been working on this series is that the above thumbnail sketch of the standard account is factually wrong in many ways. Although it is true that some Christians made wild accusations about the dangers of rock music or playing Dungeons and Dragons, I lived during this period and knew from first hand experience that most Christians had no role in television and tabloid silliness at all. Moreover, I also knew that some of the abuse allegations were either true or had far more evidence to substantiate them than the standard account accepts. Thus, when I began my research I very quickly discovered a book by Dr. Ross Cheit that exposed the standard account as factually and provably incorrect on several material claims.

Cheit's book was rooted in some 15 years of intense research into several of the cases often casually..

In this episode, I perform a review of suggested readings found on the website for the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. The reason for this is to inform the audience about the objectivity or lack thereof. During this review, I sometimes must reference additional material that can be found about the authors of the texts that could be indicative of their character, background, motives, and so on.
I am not attempting to impugn everyone mentioned nor imply that they are not genuine in the views that they offer. Nor am I discouraging the purchase or reading of these texts, in fact I want you to read these books to better understand what has been taking place since the 1983 emergence of the McMartin case. Further what I am doing is expanding the scope and understanding of the how this mythos of the Satanic Panic has been constructed, by who, why, and suggest the many ways in which it interlinks with several other problematic movements. I am in debt to the work of Dr Ross Cheit in his book The Witch-hunt Narrative-one of the few academic offerings to stand against the tide of uncritical acceptance of the witch-hunt narrative and Satanic Panic mythos.
#Satanism #RecoveredMemories #Mythos
"But what if the skeptics went too far? What if some of the children were really abused? And what if the legacy of these cases is a disturbing tendency to disbelieve children who say they are being molested? Those are the questions that frame this new book by Ross E. Cheit, a political scientist at Brown University who spent nearly 15 years on research, poring over old trial transcripts and interview tapes." --NY Times
"The most important book on its subject in the last thirty years. Most legal efforts to address multiple sexual abuse of children have been strangled at birth since the collapse of the McMartin daycare trial and the assaults on child ..

As I continue my investigation for the Satanic Panic Reconsidered, I offer three more real cases that touch upon several of the key elements often denied by those who have constructed the Witch-hunt narrative or Satanic Panic Mythos.

The first case is that of the Finders. A very mysterious series of incidents that lead from Tallahassee, Florida to Washington, D.C. and possibly involves the CIA.

The second case is that of an admittedly Satanic cult called "Kroth". A member of Kroth went on to commit a number of heinous crimes that still chills Pearl, Mississippi today.

Finally, the third case is thought by many to be the real inspiration for season 1 of True Detective. A church located in Hosanna, Louisianna was the site of a number of truly mind-boggling abuses that are as bad as anything depicted in the Oscar-winning series. Indeed, the lead prosecuting attorney said that he was well-aware of the mistakes made in the McMartin trial and was able to avoid those pitfalls.

Sources Cited:

Excellent Documentary on the Finders - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwDxfoHaEqQ
(major thanks to Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance for permission to use a small portion of the documentary in this report)

The Finders and the CIA - http://educate-yourself.org/cn/ciadrugsabusemurder.shtml

WaPo on the Finders - https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1987/02/07/officials-describe-cult-rituals-in-child-abuse-case/11f05df1-48e0-41f7-b46d-249c0bd2bc39/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.cabdaa748310

NY Times on the Finders - https://www.nytimes.com/1987/02/08/us/inquiry-spreads-on-6-children-and-cult.html

Kroth Cult - https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/signofthetimes/pearl-ms-school-shooting-investigator-said-columbi-t1542.html

CNN report on Luke Woodham - http://www.cnn.com/US/9806/12/school.shooting.verdict/

People magazine report on Kroth/Woodham - https://people.com/archive/cover-story-the-avenger-vol-48-no-18/

NY Times on Hosanna Church - https://www.nytimes.com/2005..

On my continuing investigation for the Satanic Panic Reconsidered, I have noted that a number of people involved in constructing the mythos make preposterous claims. Claims such as: children are sexual from birth or that many children are not harmed by sexual abuse but are more upset by upset parents than anything else. I wanted to know where they were getting such absurd notions and I found out. Many of the key claims regarding children and sexual responses can easily be tracked back to a scientific fraud perpetrated by Alfred Kinsey.

Demented abuser Alfred Kinsey, is lauded by the elites or our so-called betters as a "scientist" and a "hero". But what is the truth about Kinsey? The truth is disturbing to say the least. As a scientist, he engaged in what has since been exposed as blatant fraud. As a human, he has been exposed as a monster. Much of what Kinsey started has been a major cause of modern degeneracy, increased STI's (or STD's), increased divorce, increased family disruption, the distortion of human sexuality and sex education, and finally has been a central figure both explicitly and implicitly relied upon by the crafters of the witch-hunt narrative or creators of the Satanic Panic Mythos.

The sexual revolution belong, more or less to Kinsey and his fudged study results which he skewed to get results that he wanted for propagandistic purposes. The sexual revolution and the so-called "liberation" that it brought was a sexual devolution and only brought a new set of chains for those who delved to the deepest depths of depravity.


Sexual Sabotage by Judith Reisman - https://www.amazon.com/Sexual-Sabotage-Scientist-Unleashed-Corruption/dp/1935071858/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Judith+Reisman&qid=1557659028&s=gateway&sr=8-1
Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences - https://www.amazon.com/Kinsey-Crimes-Consequences-Queen-Scheme/dp/0966662415/ref=sxbs_sxwds-stvp?pd_rd_i=0966662415&pd_rd_r=094ef818-0b4d-4c12-a6cf-fa74ef74ef..

Supplemental material for The Satanic Panic Reconsidered series: The False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) and hired gun Ralph Underwager. This episode covers a number of topics ranging from the FMSF and some of the original founders, advisory board members, and dubious scientific claims.

The FMSF is a controversial advocacy organization set up in the wake of the so-called "Satanic Panic" period of the 1980s. Ostensibly the foundation is intended to operate as one distributing information for individuals who may be falsely accused of sexual or similar abuse presumably based upon "recovered memories" or memories that may have somehow been "implanted" by a rogue therapist. However, the FMSF has been criticized for decades for the actions of those associated with the organization including the founders and various board members.

It is my view that this foundation ought to be treated with a high degree of skepticism due to the nature of the criminal actions that are involved in child abuse or molestation situations.

This video represents only one of my attempts to clarify the historical record over and against the dominant narrative that the 1980s "moral panic" was utterly baseless and people were simply caught up in some kind of baseless "hysteria" and went on a Salem witch trials-style "witch-hunt". My views are based upon my own direct experiences from the 1980s, my own historical research into these matters, and Brown University Professor Ross Cheit's unmatched tome "The Witch-hunt Narrative" which shows in broad outlines how what I call the Satanic Panic Mythos was originally constructed and by who and partially for what reasons. My attempts in these videos and future episodes are to fill in the gaps with my own findings and my views as to who created the narrative/mythos and their motives.

Nowhere in the series do I, nor will I, claim that all the accusations were incontestably true. I fully acknowledge that false accusations are destructive to all involv..


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