This is an excerpt from a February 20, 2021 video titled "ASK THE EXPERTS II" by Oracle Films. See it at:

As bad as the stats are that you'll see on Vernon's website (which, by now, he may have updated), it's much worse today and will be much, much worse in the days to come. Probably the best website for keeping informed on the deaths and injuries from the covid 19 injection poison is Children's Health Defense. Those people are trapped within Rockefeller healtch care science / ideology but they are fierce defenders of health freedom and informed consent. Andrew Kaufman, of course, is 'not' trapped in Rockefeller health care science / ideology. My encounter with his views was when I first came to the realization that viruses don't exist.

On the subject of safety, Besides what the above gentlemen (who are only two of the many speakers in the video that this excerpt is taken from), see also Iain Davis article titled "What Vaccine Trials?" /

After getting the right word and spelling from Tom Cowan, I was able to excerpt the part of the video (Tom Cowan talking with Jon Rappoport) where that is brought up. I guess calling Sars CoV 2 'theoretical' wouldn't really work so well for the hoaxsters. The virologist (and European Tony Fauci) Christian Drosten refers to it as 'in silico', which means theoretical.

This excerpt is from the December 17, 2020 video in which Dr Tom Cowan speaks with Jon Rappoport. The original YouTube version is gone. The Bitchute version on TruthComestoLight can be viewed at this url:

This excerpt is from the February 15th UK Column News show. I didn't realize that I was going to do it until I was chatting with my cousin. When I mentioned this segment of the show, I realized that I wanted this excerpt, as I said to my cousin.

The show can be found in its entirely on the UK Column News's Bitchute channel here:

Here's an excerpt from the UK Column News show for February 12, 2021 that looks at the awful Melinda Gates. As Patrick Henningsen points out, the grand total of her credentials can be found in her previous role as a marketing department employee for Microsoft, a monopoly. A MONOPOLY!

UK Column for February 12, 2021 -

This is what happens to mentally and spiritually ruined people. They acquire an inner turmoil when they make wrong choices that are big, which translates into trouble-making. Lacking humility and the ability to admit mistakes, and lacking principles, period, People like Melinda Gates proceed to race down the dark path they chose to enter. Jesus Christ spoke about a narrow gate and a cramped road that leads to life. He wasn't saying that that choice is wrong. The gate is narrow when you choose to live by principles, rather than physically, doing whatever you think you can get away with in order to get what you want. The road to life is cramped, but not because a lot of people have chosen it. It's cramped because there are restrictions. It's also a road of sanity and, again, principles and rules and laws. It's not a wide and spacious road of anything goes. We all want life, even those of us who are evil. But we will not all get life. Bill Gates et al might kill me with their poison, but that's just my body. Only if I accept them as my savior and accept their idea of chemical and technological salvation, while jettisoning God's standards of love, truth, compassion and justice, can I truly lose my life. When Melinda Gates, et al, die, they will die completely, body and soul. That's what they have chosen by their decision to murder, terrorize and steal. They have chosen to disappear God and replace him. They like the idea of power, but they have no use for the true God's standards. Don't follow those monsters.

This excerpt is from the February 12th UK Column News show. It's a great show, but, really, I think that they are still on YouTube because they are willing to repeat some pretty big lies. They would have people think that there are viruses and that there's a Sars CoV 2 virus and a disease caused by it. The hoaxsters like that. Those would be the same hoaxsters behind the roll-out of the global biosecurity police State that will enslave most us. I can always use info presented by the UKC presenters. They are a good source of info. But I'm not sure that God will forgive them for the big lies that they tell. I don't.

UK Column News - 12th February 2021 /

In this excerpt (from TLAV), Whitney Webb talks to Ryan Cristián about the SolarWinds hack that is a a prelude to an expected false flag major hack that will bring down the online world and accelerate the introduction of central bank digital currency. In the course of their discussion, Whitney quotes some players who express the view that the little people, the majority, are just rats. Their view is that we are rats and that we must never gain control. But that's projection. We only want freedom. It's those playing God who want control, not over just their own lives (which is fine) but over everything and everyone.

See "The SolarWinds Hack, The Takeover Of The US & The Final Stage Of The War On You" on YouTube /

There's also this article on Ryan's main (super chaotic) website: "Another Mega Group Spy Scandal? Samanage, Sabotage, and the SolarWinds Hack" /

If I had not just stumbled on the above article, I would not have found it. It doesn't show up in a search. And there's no link to the YouTube video on Ryan's main website.

On TLAV's Bitchute channel, there's "The SolarWinds Hack, The Takeover Of The US & The Final Stage Of The War On You" /

This excerpt is from the November 2, 2020 episode of TRUTH with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.. His guest is Catherine Austin Fitts. Listen to her describe the vision that our Benefactors in power have for planet earth going forward.

See "Season 2, Episode 11 of "TRUTH" with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., featuring Catherine Austin Fitts" /

This is from the UK Column News show of February 3, 2021. There's two other excerpts (by Catherine Austin Fitts and Whitney Webb) that I want to link to this. If I was retired (which I can't do because if I retired I'd starve to death), I'd take the time to learn how to adjust various video formats in order to stitch them together. I've looked at it and I could do it, but it would take a lot of work, and I don't have the time or energy to get into that.

The original video:

This is from a very interesting and informative (2020) discussion that Andrew Kaufman had with Dawn Lester and David Parker (whose website I'll link to below). A lot of ground is covered in the discussion. I think that it can be boiled down to something that David Martin said in a speech he gave in front of a Senate office building of some sort, where he made the simple statement that nature isn't attacking people, but rather, people who have sold their souls are attacking other people. Mikki Willis, producer of the documentary titled "Plandemic Indoctornation" spoke along similiar lines when he noted that they, the scammers within the dominant health care system on this planet, have flipped things around so that what is alternative, namely for profit, chemical-dependent Rockefeller health care, is now called normal and what was once normal and natural, namely homeopathy and naturopathy is now viewed by the scammers and those who they bamboozle is now called 'alternative'.

"What Really Makes You Ill? Viruses? - Andrew Kaufman, Dawn Lester & David Parker" from the Bitchute channel of SagaciousNews:

David Parker and Dawn Lester's website:

David Martin on nature vs those who have sold their souls:

"The Turning Point" (Mikki Willis in conversation with Ben Swann) /

Trust your senses, in the context of the demolition of WTC building #7:

"Plandemic Indoctornation" /

This is an excerpt from a January 5, 2021 video hosted by Sacha Stone featuring panelists David Martin, Judy Mikovits, Rocco Galati and Robert Kennedy Jr.. It's very informative, but, as usual, the panelists all buy into Rockefeller health care ideology. Even David's informed description of the covid 19 mRNA 'vaccine' reflects that ideology. Viruses don't exist. Period. But that doesn't matter here. The vaccine makers 'and' those who are exposing them all buy into the Rockefeller ideological framework, so we can sort of cancel that out. By their own rules, the vaccine makers have no justification for calling their covid 19 vaccines 'vaccines'. They are not vaccines according to their own definition of a vaccine.

The version that I took my excerpt from comes from the Bitchute channel titled "Philippine Truthers." See "FRAUDci's Crimes Against Humanity: Sacha Stone, RFK Jr., David Martin, Rocco Gallati, Judy Mikovits" on "Philippine Truthers" :

related: "Their ‘Vaccines’ Are Genetic-Engineered Drugs" by Thomas Cowan /

I found this by accident and just had to dowload it. I was actually looking for the book (which is proving to be difficult for various reasons), which I once owned but lost. I've had to move around from room to room all of my life due to poverty and chaos. I've had to leave personal possessions, including books, behind in order to fit into micro-sized rooms. That could be how I lost this book. I actually don't remember. I had "Jack The Ripper: The Final Solution," by Stephen Knight, as well as his other book on Freemasonry specifically, and I had Martin Short's sequel to that but have lost them all, along with countless other books. I did not know that this documentary existed. I'm thrilled. The way it's presented does the doc no justice. It's presented in such a manner that it makes Knight's work look like fiction, whereas it's anything but.

This video is from a YouTube channel called "Public Enquiry" /

"Murder By Decree" - full movie /

"Murder By Decree (core idea of movie) /

This is an excerpt from Star Trek Discovery, season 3, episode 10. The episode is titled "Terra Firma (2)." It's an example of a mix of propaganda and fascists gazing at themselves, lovingly, in a mirror. And the mirror is NOT like Snow White's mirror. This mirror lies.

In Klaus Schwab's mind, darkness is glorious. In the minds of most of this dark world's inhabitants, darkness is glorious. There is no truth. There is no concern for God and his standards. Capitalists right now are foisting a global biosecurity police State on us and, while people squawk and some see it, mostly, for what it is, and object, most just welcome it. The latter group doesn't care and therefore doesn't know. They are the bovine who we must live with. And they are terrifying, like the pod people in "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers." (See this excerpt from that movie:

People, the bovine (in the West) as well as most of those who are still capable of processing information, are celebrating Christmas, something that meets with God's disapproval. But it's fun, so who cares? What is Christmas? It's capitalism. This is like the scene in "Hannibal" ( where Hannibal Lecter has agent Paul Krendler (Liotta) in captivity. He drugs him, sets him at his dinner table and, with the top of Krendler's sull bone having been removed by Lecter, and Krendler too out of it to realize it, Lector slices a piece of Krendler's brain off and proceeds to fry it and feed it to him. Krendler finds his own brain to be "delicious." That's a pod person. That's also, too often, a non pod person. Those are the kind of people who celebrate Christmas and capitalism and spit on God even while this world's powerful ruler and his fascist (capitalist, NOT communist) servants abuse them to death. That's darkness for you.

Philippa Georgiou, in "Terra Firma (2)," tells Michael Burnham, who doesn't hear her speak, that "I've seen what this world can be and it is luminous." Is that Luciferian? The 'other' universe in this episode of Star Trek is actually our own - for those who are not bovine and read books rather than only smart phones and who are aware of history, including Operation Condor and the Phoenix Program and just what the world's foremost military power has been up to forever. See David Swanson's "U.S. Wars and Hostile Actions: A List." /

Oh yes, the good times, more or less, had by the peons in the 'developed' countries since the end of WWII are over, as our Benefactors in power bring the hell they create elsewhere to their home countries. You will be terrorized into mind-numbing obedience. The only escape will be death. The bovine will not escape even if they are ignorant of the designs of the ranchers slaughtering them. The non pod people won't escape, or at least that's the way it will go for a very short time. Because there is a God of love and he is nothing like Klaus Schwab and he is about to respond to the superclass's blaspehmous call to God to "Bring it!"

This commentary from Thomas Cowan, from the December 17th episode of "Conversations with Dr. Thomas Cowan and Friends," in which he explains his problem with the concept of false and negative PCR tests, was interesting and, I thought, very correct.

This is the scream of a pod person in Covid 1984. Covid 1984 has given their empty lives meaning, something that Randolph Bourne explains in his examination of how people behaved during World War One. Lucky us. It's impossible to avoid them. They're everywhere. The world is ruined. It's time for Armageddon.

This is a clip from the not very good 1978 movie, "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers," starring Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum, Leonard Nimoy, Brooke Adams and Vernonica Cartwright. -

"Randolph Bourne's Amateur Government Agents" (who I refer to as self-appointed gatekeepers) -

"Taken" /

This was from a super educational video. My excerpt is about half of the video.

The original, which seems to be on YouTube (for now) is here:

"Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends Episode 12: Jon Rappoport" /


I can't make this a sticky, but I can link to it in my top of site "About," which I'll do. I may re-do this Intro, as well. I did it on my cheap Canon PowerShot A1100 IS. My memory card is the smallest that you can use in this camera, at 2 GB. I therefore had to rush through my intro. I'm going to replace the card with a bigger one, just because. It took me a while to figure out how to get the video on the card uploaded. (I used Handbrake to simply process the video into an MKV file [but there's different formats you can use] and then the freebie Avidemux to edit it. I'm learning how to get around the limitations of the Avidemux too, so any videos I do in the future should not be too awful.) I have zero knowledge of video editing. Those above programs do the work for me. I don't even know what's happening. I only know, from reading in forums and guides, that they do what I need them to do. If I had to do anything manually, I'd be stuck.

The following link takes you to the Index of blog posts on the covid 19 pandemic hoax on my blog:

Please see the first excerpt in this group of 7 excerpts for a full explanation of what they are about.

This is my second attempt to post this excerpt. The first excerpt never finished processing and was in that state for days.

Please see the first excerpt in this group of 7 excerpts for a full explanation of what these excerpts have to do with.

Please see the first video in this group for a full description.

Please see the first post in this group of "The Dark Side Of Camelot" excerpts for some explanation.

I found this on Global Research tonight (from an article by Peter Koenig) and downloaded it after listening to it for only a few minutes. It's important.

Dr Christiane Northrup sticks to established science, which I find to be wonky. But what she says is still important. I don't buy viruses, period. And Christiane has a stupid, but common, understanding of the mark of the beast, which is a subject that comes up.

Please see the first video in this group of "The Dark Side Of Camelot" excerpts for a full explanation.

For details, please review the description in the first "The Dark Side Of Camelot" upload.

This is an excerpt from a 1997 C-SPAN video recording of Seymour Hersh discussing his book, "The Dark Side Of Camelot," at the Politics & Prose Bookstore. I've uploaded 6 more.

I've read "The Dark Side Of Camelot," which isn't perfect but is still damn good and chock full of information. I have had a hard time finding a full, un-glitched version of this video online. This is fairly good, lacking only a few last words spoken by Hersh. I will be uploading 7 excerpts in total, this one being the first of those. I really want my Bitchute channel to be there for pushing back against covid 1984 right now, but this is good stuff and I don't want to depend on my computer completely for archiving stuff.

I found the talk given by Hersh at Politics & Prose to be enlightening but also disappointing. He lacks the courage of his convictions and is clearly himself infected with Camelot propaganda. He's unusually schizophrenic about JFK. He's an establishment reporter and writer (who voted for killer Obama twice) who, because he is a hard worker and takes his calling seriously, has managed to nevertheless produce good reports and books. His book on the killing of Osama bin Laden, while uneven, is also very good. (James Corbett: Please read it!)

In one place, Hersh jokes about JFK asking (Dave Powers I think) someone who a female courier's name was as she entered an important meeting he was in. He joked that the nation might not go to war that night. Hersh tried to pass off that incident as an example of JFK's ability to compartmentalize! The guy, as Hersh himself informs us, had an std until the day he died (that he no doubt passed on to dozens of women), betrayed his wife on a regular basis and demonstrated incredible recklessness in bedding any female, including the East German leader's wife!, who caught his eye. It even appears that that may have led to an instance of successful blackmail of the President, which Hersh discusses in his book. That means that Hersh's joke was in poor taste. But he was trying to soothe things over with his audience who probably to a degree, and in some cases, to a high degree, thought JFK was a saint.

I have a compendium on the awful Kennedy brothers in the cloud (Box). It's very ugly. I want to transfer that to a blog but I don't know how to (and get no tech help at all from anyone) and I don't know which blog to trust. WordPress, which my primary blog (A Yappy Trade Barrier) is on is 'not' trustworthy. They haven't deleted my blog yet, but it won't surprise me when that comes. They've partnered with Google's First Draft censorship organization. I don't know when they deleted Jon Rappoport's blog, but if it was after 2016, First Draft may have had something to do with it.

See "John Kennedy And Robert Kennedy Were Terrorists" /

This is from the historic interview Del Bigtree has with James Corbett. They are both such huge influences on large segments of the population. I am sure that James is closer to Del's beliefs in the area of viruses and contagion than I am. Other than that, both of them are staunch defenders of free speech, freedom generally and informed consent. They believe in the democracy that the fascist authorities claim to believe in but absolutely hate and fear.

This video was excerpted from the November 20th Highwire show titled "THE CREAT COVID RESET" /


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Okay, This is my sticky. I am Rick Battams. Bitchute won't allow me to categorize this my own way, so I've gone with politics & news. Whatever. There's a bit of bio in the introductory video I did, which can be found here:

Firstly, I diagree with the use of up and down votes. I would not build a system like Bitchute and have that as a feature. I never up or down vote anyone, no matter what.

It would be nice if I could figure out why I can't even make paragraphs when I comment on Bitchute. Bitchute is a great frame upon which to build, but build it needs to, as in... the building isn't done. Some basic formatting features for Comment Is Free or whatever this is called, would be great. (Now that I've done a small donation, I see that Ray is working on everything, making improvements and so forth. Why he can't inform us about this on his own platform I have no idea. It's bizarre. I only learned this via the 'confusing' Subcribe Star website where I made my donation.) And I am no techie and keep running into the message, on Bitchute, that due to my sensitivity settings, I can't watch this or that video. There's always a 'click here if you want to view the video', which I do. That indicates to me that I'm in control of those senstivity settings, but for the life of me I can't find them. If someone would like to clue me in about that, please feel free.

I have been on Bitchute now for just over 2 years. It's simple, although I still don't get everything. I know nothing about bitcoin and so on. Looking at the donation page for Bitchute, on Subscribe Star, I am mostly bewildered and not 100% clear on what's going on. I finally donated $5 on Subscribe Star, but meant to do a $5 per month donation. Bitchute is actually worth more than that to me, although where is the discussion?

Subscribe Star is too confusing. Geeks like that. They love confusion, where, because they cause it, 'they' know what's going on but you don't. It makes them feel superior. I hate geeks. They are antisocial. They are NOT part of the solution, or at least, as big a part of the solution as they could be. They are a part of the problem. Obviously, not every geek is a geek according to my definition. I just don't run into helpful techies very often.

In January of 2021, I'll be 65. I'm single and without dependents. I live in Toronto, which, like the rest of the world, has become hell. And one of the things that makes it hell is the way the majority, the covid cool as one commenter noted, are getting into covid 1984. Self-righteous kids everywhere, being exploited in stores where they work, instruct you to pull your mask up over your nose or else. I was kicked out of a Rogers store when scolded by one idiot youngster who I had no patience for. I pulled off my mask and told him that it was sad to see him get into it the way he was. He angrily yelled at me to 'Get out' and I said 'I am'. As C.J. Hopkins (who himself has bought some of the covid 1984 nonsense) said, "The Germans are back!" /

I believe firmly that Covid 1984 and the emerging global biosecurity police State that it is the beginning of, will lead into Armageddon. You can read more about my views on my blog, "A Yappy Trade Barrier," which you can reach via a search engine search (which may toss up scaring warnings about my site, which isn't even popular) or by clicking on the link icon in the upper right-hand corner of my Bitchute channel.

I hope that you find information, and sources of information, that are useful to you on my Bitchute channel. Please feel free to leave comments (bitching, suggestions, observations, whatever).