I will add a link to this to my published blog post titled "Conservative And Deranged." /

This is an excerpt of The Duran show titled "Trudeau victorious but weakened as neoliberal order survives in Canada." /

The part of the title of that episode of The Duran that talks about the neoliberal order surviving in Canada is bizarre and stems from The Duran's 'Left derangment syndrome' in which they like to dig at the real Left from time to time. They do that by refusing to acknowledge the real Left as they lambast the fake Left, thus smearing the real Left in a guilt by association move. Do those gentlemen really think that the neoliberal order depends on the political success or failure of a Liberal Party (rightwing) tool like Justin Trudeau? Really? As Chomsky notes, the only capitalism happening today is neoliberal capitalism. Sheesh!

This was used in my blog post titled "Conservative And Deranged." /

Do all self-identified Conservatives believe that America was an exceptional nation and that its founding fathers cared tremendously about democracy?

This is an excerpt from "Deep State diplomats provide cover for Adam Schiff Ukrainegate hoax" /

This excerpt was used in my blog post titled "Conservative And Deranged." /

This video is an excerpt from the excellent Corbett Report show titled "The Afghanistan White Papers Are Establishment Whitewash BS." /

I'm using it in my blog post titled "Conservative And Deranged."

The very explanation I gave for some of the behavior I've seen on The Duran was expressed so well by James Corbett in his "The New World Order Next Year 2020" show. See it here:

The divided Conservative is on display in the Duran show from which this excerpt is taken. The battle between the Democrats and the Republicans is phony but some have made careers out of pretending that it isn't. Smart people like Alexander Mercouris are therefore sometimes caught correcting themselves - if you're paying attention. This - the impeachment hoax and its unsatisfying, for us, ending - is a small scale demonstration of a bigger ongoing charade, nicely laid out by James Corbett in a recent show he did, in which the Democrats and Republicans pretend to be opponents, and pretend to be engaged in democratic society-building, even to the extent of replacing the old order with a new (same) one. I enjoy The Duran and think that they do good analysis, but I also think that they are fooling themselves and others with very wrong big picture conclusions.

See "No witnesses, no long trial. Republicans want quick end to Ukraine impeachment hoax." /

See "Globalization is Dead. Long Live the New World Order!" /

This will be used in a blog post I'm doing titled "Darkness. The Consequences Of No Consequences." /

This is a good little presentation by Noam (the pre-imperialist Noam) about one of the founding fathers, namely James Madison, who was anti-democratic, despite what Alexander Mercouris says.

This is taken from the YouTube channel called "Chomsky's Philosophy" /
Besides being a good vid to preserve, I want to use it in a blog post I'm building to be titled "Conservative And Deranged."

This is from a blog post that I published September 19, 2017. Here's what I wrote:

=== =
Listen to this idiot/monster. He talks trash of course. The powerful tend to do that. Afterall, What are we going to do about it? But what’s interesting about it is the silence that followed his quip about socialism in Venezuela. Eventually a few assholes applauded. All of us, including those in the audience where Trump was bloviating, know that the US would like to attack Venezuela (along with any number of other countries). Therefore, Were those audience members who didn’t applaud Trump’s quip about socialism in Venezuela concerned for how they would look to others, since everyone knows that a vigorous applause for Trump’s quip was a vigorous applause for unjustified, naked aggression by the world’s biggest superpower toward yet another far less powerful country? Who knows? I don’t.
= ===

It is to be used in a post I'm working on to be call "Conservative And Deranged."

This is an excerpt from The Duran in which Alexander Mercouris insists that Donald Trump is not pro regime change. I certainly don't agree. The excerpt is taken from the episode titled "Deep State diplomats provide cover for Adam Schiff Ukrainegate hoax." /

This was used in my blog post titled "Conservative And Deranged." /

This is an excerpt from the Duran show about the Bolivian coup. It zooms in on why the US regime effort failed in Venezuela and succeeded in Bolivia.

See "Coup d'état in Bolivia topples President Evo Morales" /

This excerpt is to be used in my blog post (on "A Yappy Trade Barrier") titled "Evo Morales: How could you fail to defend yourself and your people from the coming coup?!!!" /

This is an excerpt of the very interesting discussion that Joe Lauria had with Pepe Escobar about Pepe's interview of Lula (Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, former president of Brazil) when Lula was in jail. (Lula was president of Brazil from 2002 until 2010. He's out now. That is very interesting. The corporate media is mentioning it but it is not talking about the circumstances surrounding Lula's being framed, as Brian Mier points out in his FAIR article titled "As Lula Emerges From Prison, US Media Ignore How Washington Helped Put Him There." I have issues with FAIR, and Consortium News, but will not go into that here.) It was quite a coup for Escobar to get this interview, which he talks about in the video. Escobar talks with Lula and with Dilma Rousseff, who was elected as President of Brazil in 2011 and was impeached in 2016. Lula (and Brazil's labor leadership) doesn't know what went wrong and how Lula could end up in prison. Really?!! And Escobar elicits the same sort of bewilderment from Dilma Rousseff about how she was impeached in 2016.

"CN LIVE! Pepe Escobar on his meeting with Lula in prison" /

"As Lula Emerges From Prison, US Media Ignore How Washington Helped Put Him There" by Brian Mier (FAIR) /

I will use this excerpt for my upcoming blog post titled "Evo Morales: How could you fail to defend yourself and your people from the coming coup?!!!"

This is an excerpt from the very good Duran show titled "Trump Jr tweets name of sacred "whistleblower". Anti-Trump lawyer tweets #coup" /

This video excerpt was used in my blog post ("A Yappy Trade Barrier") titled "Do you belong to the war-making State or to God?" /

to be used in my forthcoming blog post titled "Progressives - part 4"

"Progressives - part 4" /

Here's an excerpt from a Duran show titled "UKRAINE COVER-UP: From Obama coup to Democrat impeachment hoax" ( It's to be used in my blog post titled "Confusing Narratives All Around" on A Yappy Trade Barrier /

Mercouris implied that when Trump hit on his idea to drain the swamp (which I recall Trump telling an audience member who shouted the phrase out that it that that was a good idea), he meant all of the criminality in Ukraine, which Democratic Party members were largely behind. Has Trump ever said, explicitly, about his decision to make 'drain the swamp' his rallying cry that he was thinking of Ukraine? No. He probably didn't have anything in particular in mind when he first decided to use that audience member's phrase "drain the swamp." Its called campaigning and it's called marketing.

I also believe that part of the reason for Russiagate was simple revenge. Hillary and her crowd hate Donald Trump because he upset Hillary's plan to be the monster in the White House, which Alexander seems to forget. Otherwise, Would the Democratic Party, Hillary and the part of the establishment that sides with her (much of which is involved in Ukraine criminality and in covering it up) deliberately focus everyone's attention on Ukraine? The successful prodding of the anti-Trump crowd into the foolishness of creating Russiagate, a very risky thing for the prodders, has forced Donald to defend himself, which involved his (proper and legal) investigation into the origin of Russiagate, which originated in Ukraine. As I've said before, those - Donald et al and Clinton et al - are all powerful, lawless people who probably let their power and influence go to their heads and affect their good judgment. Perhaps the Hillary camp saw the risks of Russiagate but were so confident in their own power that they believed they could deal with it, control the narrative and even use their own criminality to go after the buffoonish Trump. One thing that the entire American political class is is perverted.

This is an excerpt from a recent Duran show in which Alexander Mercouris states that he has no problem with the content of the famous, or infamous, phone call that Donald Trump made to Volodymyr Zelensky, to be used in my blog post on "A Yappy Trade Barrier."

"False narrative connecting Giuliani, Ukrainian American associates & Trump" - The Duran /

"Confusing Narratives All Around" - A Yappy Trade Barrier /

James Corbett finds some of wisdom from Aesop's Fables to be applicable to today and I agree. See his show at:

I am forced to take cabs all the time here in Toronto because public transit, which, like everything publicly funded, is being sabotaged so that it can eventually be privatized. It's awful. And it's awful for other reasons as well. Bombardier, whose CEO is happy to dispense with rules and build transit for nazi Israel that goes through occupied Palestinian territory, provides the streetcars for the city here. The new ones are AWFUL. And the politicians, like John Tory, who signed off on those are professional scam artists. They are too big. It's freaking Monty Pythonesque! When they exist one station that I'm at all the time, if there's even one car in the lane in front of the streetcar, the streetcar is so long that it can't make it all of the way out of the station. It ends up blocking 'both' lanes of traffic on the side street it exits from the station onto. There's no pull cord inside the streetcar, and you can't move around because, possibly as a selling point, they built these new cars with double seats on both sides of the aisle. They were able to tell the uncaring politicians that they can seat x amount of passengers instead of something far less, but no one can get around in the car! And the seating is GO train style, where you are forced to stare at strangers whose knees are touching yours! The old streetcars were much more user-friendly. And despite the huge windows on the new streetcars, visibility from within them is reduced due to the bulky panelling inside. And the city still allows TTC, which doesn't receive adequate funding from various levels of government, the norm everywhere else, to allow advertizing, including full and partial vehicle wraps that obscure, further, passengers' vision. It's one thing to not give the people anything extra but another, less than acceptable, thing to give them that one additional kick in the head. If it's dark, the weather is inclement and the streetcar is full (a common occurrence when there aren't, by design, enough TTC vehicles on the road) and you're on the way to a location that is new to you, and someone's given you sign posts to watch for, Good luck! If you went to a restaurant and asked for plain spaghetti, you'd expect noodles with tomato sauce at a minimum and would be pleased to be offered parmesan and ground pepper. But if the waiter brought you a plate of noodles and no sauce, let alone extras like parmesan cheese, you'd be getting 'less' than the minimum. That's our TTC, where they obsess over schedules - a "Look! Over there!" ploy - but simply don't have enough vehicles on the road. As for weekend service, It's astonishingly bad. Why?

So, I already hate John Tory and the other professional scam artists at city hall. I make $15 per hour and that's after working full time, permanent in security since 1999. Bosses don't give a damn and politicians are right there defending them. I can't afford to pay for expensive public transit 'and' taxis, and yet I have no choice. And, regarding taxis, I've had many conversations with cabbies about Toronto. I explain that I have never met anyone who was a customer of Rogers who didn't absolutely hate the company. Where did scammer John Tory come from? He was the former CEO of Rogers. Why did Torontonians elect him? They don't care. And they don't know. Knowing is caring, ergo... Also, the business community wanted John Tory as mayor of Canada's biggest city and therefore he became our mayor and people let that happen. Of course, We don't really have choices in our captured electoral systems. But if we did, then the propaganda system, which corporate media and the Canadian educational system is a part of, would have also made even good people so stupid that getting democracy through elections is all but impossible.

Yes, There are more important things to worry and complain about. I am very busy reporting on those all the time on my blog.

Fixing all of that disfunction and evil (which will require destroying this entire Godless system of things) will take a higher power.

I highly recommend Dimitri Lascaris's blog. I am still a fan of Dimitri but I think he should sever his ties with the Green Party of Canada and exit the establishment Real News Network. I am ambivalent about that. While they are still willing to let him report what he reports, that good, Right? Then again, How long will it be before Dimitri is reporting alongside an even more rightwing Real News stafff without finding that that hurts his brand?


"Elizabeth May Supports Canadian Court’s Wine-Labelling Decision, But Does She Really Support Palestinian Human Rights?" -

"Canadian Food Inspection Agency Coddles the Oppressors, Victimizes the Oppressed" -

This is an excerpt from a Consortium News show. This segment presents a discussion between Pepe Escobar and Joe Lauria, the editor in chief of Consortium News. Pepe managed to get an interview with Lula in fascist Brazil! That's astonishing. The entire discussion with Pepe, who also talked about his dinner with Dilma Rousseff, a former President of Brazil who was removed in a soft coup, is very interesting. It seems that the generals who actually run Brazil aren't keen on Jair Bolsonaro and therefore may engineer his ouster. What happens after that won't be good either, but perhaps Lula can return to politics. I don't think that Lula is perfect, as does Escobar, but he would be so much better than the current fascist, Bolsonaro, or rule by the generals. Pepe talked a bit about how Lula was undone and he tells us about Lula's own thoughts on that, which seem to be not developed.

The coup-making machinery, I would have thought, is not mysterious or unknown, at this point, since having been explained by many, including Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman in their very important two volume "The Political Economy Of Human Rights." The US bribes officers in the police and military. They train them, often bringing them to the US. They are given American weaponry and tech and become reliant on Americans in that way. They are indoctrinated while in the US and then go back to their home countries where, like vampires, they infect others and destroy, eventually, their own government in a US directed and/or supported coup. Escobar has some criticism of the leaders of the workers organizations in Brazil who he notes lacked, and still lack, analytical skills (intelligence), but I never heard anything in the long discussion that he had with Joe to indicate that he understands the basics of coup making that I just described. And yet he understands color revolutions.

What's to think about Lula? A targetted State, one that whose leader is trying to protect his people and natural resources from invaders, would do two things for sure: 1. clamp down on private security, which has shown itself time and again to be a threat to national security and 2. pass laws barring anyone from membership in the military or police forces who gets training from foreign entities like the US and Israel. And educate your people, not just with formal education but with real life education!!!!

This video will be attached to my blog post titled "Professional Scam Artists - part 70" -

This is an excerpt from A Duran show (on Bitchute) titled "Trade deal coming, or will U.S. & China slide towards messy divorce?" See it here:

I'll be using it in an upcoming blog post on "A Yappy Trade Barrier." I like it because it's a fresh thought. At least I haven't heard it expressed before. It's a little more than the usual "Well, Trump is mad. What do you expect?"

"A Message To China" has been attached to an entry by Bill Van Auken in my blog post titled "Lawlessness / Ruined - part 60" -

*This site needs MUCH improvement. I wanted to simply re-upload the video for this entry. Bitchute deleted my entire entry when I attempted that. I then set about re-entering the entire entry but clicked on the wrong vid to upload, but there's no cancel button. That's just... genius.

Anyway, The Duran show this is excerpted from was perfectly fine. But the above rant by Alex Christoforou was bizarre. He gets it all wrong. He seems to not understand what neoliberalism is about. That's very hard to believe. I haven't been watching the Duran on Bitchute for a long time, but what I've seen so far has impressed me greatly. I'm not about to quit the show, but this was a bit of a wake-up call for sure.

"SNC Lavalin Report Exposes Justin Trudeau's Corruption"-

Christoforou says that Trudeau is part of a neoliberal rat pack that includes a number of world leaders, including Hollande, Merkel and Obama who he says wrecked the world. Okay, They haven't beem good for the world. But what political leader, outside of countries targetted by the US for regime change, has been good for their people or the world (outside the world of the investment community)? Christoforou seems to confuse liberal philosophy and/or political parties that are called 'liberal' with neoliberalism, which is a form of capitalism or State capitalism, since there's no actual free capitalism happening. Neoliberalism has inequality at its core and its main features are deregulation, privatization and the shredding of social safety nets. For Christoforou to imply that only the leaders in his rat pack push neoliberal capitalism and austerity is way off track. The complement of neoliberalism is neoconservatism. Neoconservatism is a philosophy with inequality at its core. One of the main figures (and founders) of neoconservatism is Leo Strauss. Neocons believe in inequality, deceit and violence. They believe that a country needs an enemy and if it doesn't have one, then it needs to invent one. If you are a neoliberal, then you are also a neoconservative.

The blog post ("Brain Rot And Darkness") for which these last few videos were meant has now been published. See it here:

This excerpt from the important, keeper show by Project Veritas and James O'Keefe includes a statement by James O'Keefe, near the beginning of the show, that made my draw drop. He referred to Google's censorship and manipulation of online search results as "a scary progressive social agenda." He did not qualify that statement or in any way signal that he knows better than to believe that Google's behavior is actually progressive. Whatever his motivations, I can only call this sort of nonsense 'brain rot'.

I will be using this excerpt in a blog post that I will probably title "Brain Rot And Darkness." I'll return with a link to that post once it's completed.

"Brain Rot And Darkness" -

This is an excerpt of a funny, but disturbing, video by Dave Cullen, which I'll be using in a blog post that I think I'll title "Brain Rot And Darkness." In it, he gives us a good look at the thinking and behavior on display at a meeting of the Democratic Socialists of America. There's two problems here: 1. Those people who Dave makes fun of in this show (and the 'socialists' here deserve it) from which the above excerpt is taken are clearly maladjusted. 2. Dave attempts to have others believe that those people who he mocks in that show are 'actual' socialists. To get an idea of exactly what I mean, you could just ask real socialists, or those who report honestly on real socialism and/or the Democratic Socialists of America, about it.

"THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE: Reacting to Democratic Socialist Convention" by Dave Cullen -

Visit the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) and do a search for Democratic Socialists of America and see for yourself whether socialists endorse that group. When you do that search, prepare to have your eyes opened. Here's one return you'll get: "The Democratic Party politics of the "Democratic Socialists of America."" (See here:

"Brain Rot And Darkness" -

This is an excerpt of a Crosstalk show titled "Anti-war resistance?" The guests were: Medea Benjamin, Walter Smolarek and Kai Brand-Jacobsen. It's to be used in a blog post I'm going to do. I think it'll be titled "Brain Rot."

"Anti-war resistance?" -

"Brain Rot And Darkness" -

This is a clip from Elementary season 6, episode 21, to be used in my blog post titled ""Don't Worry. I used Google." Demonstration Thinking And Behavior." See here:

This is a funny, but not funny, clip from the tv show Elementary. I must confess that I quite like the show, even though it's riddled with propaganda like this. This video clip is for my blog post titled ""Don't worry. I used Google." Demonstration Thinking And Behavior." See here:


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