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If you kind of felt that the lawyers making noises about getting justice in covid 1984 were not quite on the up and up, you're not alone. David Parker doesn't mince words. He mentions Reiner Fuellmich by name. David notes that if they wanted to, all that lawyers like Reiner would have to do is go into court with the available evidence that the lockdown and other suppressions measures have no science to back them up. (Reiner did state that the courts weren't the solution, apparently.)

There's a number of issues here. Factor in bias. While there's nothing preventing even someone biased for germ theory and against terrain theory from pursuing the facts and following science, as it was meant to be followed, bias is powerful and if unexamined, can hinder the search for truth and justice. Then again, There's also simply criminality. The criminals behind the covid 19 pandemic, whatever their biases, are certainly not interested in truth, or the health of others. They are interested in committing crimes that benefit themselves and getting away with them.

"Attorney Reiner Fuellmich on Nuremberg 2.0: Justice will Not Come Through the Courts but by the People Rising Up" /

The original video featuring David, Dawn, Alec and Jess can be found at:

The image: top left: Aleck Zeck, top right Jess Peatross & bottom left: Dawn Lester and to her right, David Parker

My online response to season 3, episode 2 of Star Trek: Voyager follows:

"Well, Our enslavement is NOT entertaining. I've re-watched episode after episode of Enterprise and now Voyager, stuck at home because the fascist medical and political authorities are busy blowing up the world so that those playing (not imitating) God can 'create' their twisted world, a global biosecurity police State in which we have only obligations to the State framed within biomedical terms unconnected to reality. Germ theory is a fantasy and a fraud. Virology is a fraud. At least half of the shows I've re-watched featured viruses, which don't exist. They are using the excuse of a non existent virus (Sars CoV 2) to lock down the world, a first step toward bringing in that new world order slash new feudalism. Then we'll get vaccine passports ("Your papers please" as in Nazi Germany), which will become comprehensive ID passports, that enable the fascist authorities to silence any citizen who doesn't go along with their plans, which are actually the plans of those who own and rule the world (Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, Augusten Carstens). Central Bank Digital Currency is a major component of the new feudalism. Without hard currency that is not monitored by the State, we no longer have independence. We can get to 'our' digital money only if the fascist medical and political authorities aren't offended by our opinions and behavior. As I said: enslavement."

Actors. They - or too many - are like politicians, doctors, police and soldiers. They all belong to criminal gangs. They do what they do for their paycheques and they don't care whether what they are ordered to do is criminal or not. One day Patrick Stewart is playing a principled, wise starship captain, tossing off lines about earth's dark past when a minority suffered at the hands of the majority, referring I'm sure to Nazi Germany. And the next thing you know he's playing the same character, minus the rank of captain, in the same universe, but this time he pushing evil transhumanist propaganda. They actually turned him into an android or something.

I'm re-watching old movies out of boredom. But I'm watching them with different eyes. This is the 1998 movie titled "Star Trek: Insurrection."

Virology, like all of germ theory, is baloney. And it's toxic to society. Viruses and germs don't exist. Yes, That's hard to agree with. That's because, like me, you've been steeped in the fantasies of the fraudulent, dominant - Rockefeller - health care system since the day you were born. Just keep an open mind and be honest. If you're not honest, then the truth will escape you because that's all it can do when you reject it.

This is an excerpt from the excellent presentation by Sam Bailey, a doctor. I took it from an original version that I found on a Bitchute channel called "Satyanvesh." /

This is an excerpt from a discussion had by Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, Stefan Lanka and Dean Braus. The Bitchute version:

I haven't done nearly enough reading on the subjects looked at in this discussion and I'll likely never get around to it, which I regret. But I've watched enough videos, many which feature Tom, Andrew and Stefan, to get a basic understanding of some of the subjects related to the germ theory vs terrain theory debate. Tom's historical account of Peter Duesberg's role in propping up virology was most interesting. The entire discussion was interesting of course.

Tom is not a great communicator and just doesn't make the best use of English. And Stefan's first language is German, ergo. (Andrew is easier to listen to than Tom, simply because he speeds it up to a normal pace, but he too does not make the best use of English.) Re-watching videos like this really helps those like myself with no specialized knowledge of this stuff to get what the presenters are saying.

The presenters, I think, sometimes forget to explain what they are explaining. It's understandable. They are talking to each other. A single presenter can take for granted that his fellow presenters know what he's talking about, whereas people like myself, just listening and watching, are left scratching our heads. That's sometimes, not always.

This was from a very good (if tainted) documentary by Rai Gbrym that I found on Vaccine Impact, run by Brian Shilhavy. The taint I'm referring to has to do with the presentation, by most of the freedom fighters in the documentary, of germ theory in a favorable light. It's still a great documentary and I thought that Meinrad Spitz was a hero. He didn't do 'nothing'. All of those speaking up are heroes. We each speak up in our way. We are all different. Just don't do nothing.

See the full video (published December 8, 2021) here:

There's plenty of channels where you can find this video. I wasn't going to upload it but I decided to when one of the top channels included nonsense ranting about socialists. I can show this important information to people without promoting fascism, or germ theory, or covid 1984 propaganda. So I think I will.

Why is this video on YouTube? That's easy to see. Unherd promotes germ theory (without which there'd be no covid 19 pandemic hoax) and covid 19 propaganda. Still, people need to see what's happening to the world and this video will help in that regard. The woman was actually sent to the camp - an awful, abusive, insane place - for trying to avoid going there! She was not sent there because someone believed that she might have a terrible disease. (And what is a terrible disease these days? It could actually mean being healthy.)


I find myself re-watching a lot of movies out of sheer boredom. I like sci fi and special effects, so even though I think the Star Wars background story is perverse, I enjoy the movies, mostly. I just ignore the idea that you have to have balance between good and evil. In other words, good can 'never' triumph. As a Christian, I find that idea to be a product of darkness.

With my most recent viewing of The Phantom Menace, the following (excerpt) jumped out at me in a way that it would not have prior to the covid 19 pandemic hoax. Young Anakin is used and abused and his mother has no idea how to be a parent. Maybe when she realized that Qui-Gon was a Jedi Knight, her 'authority worship affliction' overrode her mother's instinct to protect her son from Doctor Jinn, who, without her knowledge and consent, took a blood sample from Anakin. When Shmi noticed Qui-Gon talking about Anakin's midi-chlorians to Obi Wan, she didn't say boo.

Star Wars, in which the star is war. Pod racing and war are dangerous, but FUN. There you go kids. Enlist. And support your army - while it begins, as in Australia, to forceably inject poison into its citizens.

I also liked the way that Dr Jinn casually lied about his reason for being on Tatooine. He said that he wasn't there to free slaves. Then he told Anakin that he was there to free slaves. Then he told Shmi that he wasn't there to free slaves. Okay Dr Jinn.

Let's try this again. I hit proceed and everything disappeared. I'm glad this is a new and improved system. Not. *edit - the video was processing and on it's way and I was given NO indication that that was the case. Tweak this guys!

Bill Gates's help in bringing about a digital ID is not, as the marketing would have us believe, about inclusion. And he says things in interviews (including this one that James Corbett uses in his series on Bill Gates) that reveal that his, and his class's, goal with digital ID is two-fold: 1. population reduction and 2. exclusion of all but those who just obey the fascist authorities

related: "Larry & Carstens’ Excellent Pandemic by John Titus" /

This another excerpt from the November 19th UK Column News show. It was very good. The presenters fall short when they repeat Rockefeller medical dogma, but there's far more that's useful in this show than not. I took my excerpt from a version of the show that I found on an Odysee channel called "Dot Connector Reports." The Nov 19 UKC show wasn't yet up on their own channel.

The presenters talk about something I just read about, namely the way that the public, beginning to be aware of all the covid injection deaths and injuries and the censorship of that information, has been getting around the censors by searching using terms like "suddenly died." It's sad. But that's the ruined world we live in right now. It's always been ruined. But the terror and destruction, thanks to technology (which the ultra-rich predator/parasite class can afford easily), has spread to every corner of the earth. Populations in countries that used to have it relatively easy are now forced to self-harm or be harmed.

I thought this was a good point. It's from the November 19, 2021 UK Column News show. That show featured Patrick Henningsen, Brian Gerrish and Alex Tompson. The point is good because it's not hyperbole at all. It is extremely appropriate. I mean, they 'are' exterminating not just those who resist tyranny but those who go along with it. Ergo...

The show isn't available as I present this. I just happened to come across a copy on an Odysee channel (Dot Connector Reports). This is the url for Dot Connector Report's version:

The presenters are trapped within Rockefeller medical ideology and germ theory, which mars their reporting. But on else they are solid, mostly.

related: "How Ethics Failed — The Role of Psychiatrists and Physicians in Nazi Programs from Exclusion to Extermination, 1933–1945" /

I thought this was a most important point. Tom says much that I disagree with and sometimes seems totally muddled. For a guy who preaches about being accurate with your words, he is one of the worst communicators I've ever listened to. And he can be unreasonable and extreme. (And I wish that he'd never talk about the Christian Bible again.) Extremists, strictly speaking, aren't being truthful. When someone with a very sore foot says that his "foot is killing him," hasn't done anything wrong and he certainly isn't lying (or being an extremist) and a couple of minutes of talking to him - It's called dialog - should draw out the details that the doctor, or whoever the injured person is speaking with, needs in order to help the ailing subject. Sheesh!

The original video can be found on Bitchute here:

This is an excerpt of an interview that Josh Sigurdson did with Del Bigtree. I wasn't happy with Del's comments. I'll have more to say if this uploads. I couldn't upload it early this morning.

Del, I firmly believe, is lying when he says that he doesn't know whether germ theory or terrain theory is right. He's too knowledgeable to not know. Yes, He immersed himself in germ theory, as he rightly noted. But he's been around too long to not know the other side of it. And if he's immersed in germ theory, then he's familiar with the scammers and the scamming. That alone should have him doubting what those scammers say about germ theory.

Del knows that Sars CoV 2 has not been isolated and has now admitted it. He says that he has not seen any proof that there is a virus. And yet he happily yammers about the virus, repeating some of the big lies that the hoaxsters tell. And, Del tells another lie, I believe, when he argues that it's because he knows germ theory and can argue inside that frame and can show that the hoaxsters, by their own science, are hoaxsters. While there's something to that, there's also what Del omits. Probably most of his donors - his sole source of income as far as I know - are firmly in the grip of wonky germ theory and would abandon him and his organization if he publicly defended terrain theory and stopped propping up germ theory.

Del also engages in American exceptionalism. It's awful and he's not alone in that. Conservatives are good at that failure to know that America is the Biblical (in Revelation) False Prophet, depicted as a wild beast with two horns "like a lamb" but having "a mouth like a dragon." Did I say false prophet? The American State pretends to be the world's foremost champion of democracy, when in fact it's the world's foremost, and most formidable, terrorist organization. David Swanson (who may have become a covid crazy; I don't know) lays it all out here:

I have no problem with people who take the position that they'd 'like' American to be great, depending on what they mean by great. That's not what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about is the lie that America 'is' great, a lie that is bigger when told by someone who is both 1. Christian and 2. knowledgeable.

Finally, Del self-identifies as a Christian. There's no room in Christianity (not the same as Christendom, which is fake, establishment Christianity, soon to be destroyed along with the rest of global false religion, all denominations) for lying in order to do good. Jesus Christ's words as recorded at Matthew 5:37, are: "Just let your word 'yes' mean yes, your 'no' mean no, for what goes beyond that is from the wicked one."

I've heard a few interesting commentaries on tetanus recently. That was the last vaccine I got and I got it just before the covid 19 pandemic hoax was launched. If I had known, when I talked to my unprofessional doctor about getting the tetanus shot (which I was reluctant to get) what I know now, I would never have got it. Carrie Madej, in conversation with David and Stacy Whited, of "Flyover Conservatives" (which I do not endorse), told an interesting story about tetanus.

My source for this excerpt is a "Flyover Conservatives" video titled "Information that doctors have died for with Carrie Made," which I found on the Bitchute channel named "Data Dumper." The letter "j" is missing from Madej in the title of their video. See that video here:

This is an excerpt from the October 20, 2021 UK Column News show. It reveals two things: 1. Those, like the UKC presenters, who embrace wonky germ theory can't effectively push back against covid 1984 2. Covid 19 injections are killing and injuring people.

The UKC presenters couldn't draw the obvious conclusion from their own reportage. That speaks to the power of bias. They not only adhere to wonky germ theory, but they studiously avoid speaking out loud about what the stats that they talk about could mean if germ theory is wrong. That tells you something. That's strong bias. Even folks who are trapped within Rockefeller health care dogma and who are wedded to germ theory are able to see what's obvious here, namely that the covid 19 injections are killing and injuring people. Even VAERS (US passive reporting system), which misses about 99% of deaths and injuries from vaccines, shows statistics that show that the covid injections have killed more people than all of pharma's vaccines together from the last 30 years! "Vaccine Impact," "The Covid Blog," and "Children's Health Defense" will all talk about that.

This is still on my unyanked YouTube channel apparently. Someone recently looked at my "Nazi America" blog post, which caused me to review it. I am uploading this video, which no doubt can be found elsewhere, from my YouTube channel while I still can.

"Nazi America" /

In an interview with Deepak Saini, who I'm not familiar with, Dawn Lester and David Parker are asked a question about not being doctors. Their answer is very good. While it's no doubt true that it's logical to talk to doctors about health care, there are many issues which make that not so straightforward. For one thing, Rockefeller health care is deficient and criminal. Are we going to follow the instructions and guidance of doctors who ignore that fact?

Also, I'm thinking of John Ralston Saul's definition of technocracy here. It's unique, perhaps. Maybe it's even diversionary, since luminaries like James Corbett and Patrick Wood kick out an entirely different definition of technocracy and it doesn't look anything like Saul's and, I trust James and Patrick far more than I trust John Saul. I think that what James and Patrick have to say about what they call technocracy is more important than what John Saul says. (Indeed, I have serious issues with John Ralston Saul. I've blogged about them. Also, Saul was mentored by a horrible man, namely Maurice Strong, about which James Corbett did a video.) Still, Saul's simple idea about how education in society has been captured by powerful special interests who view it from a utilitarian standpoint, is useful. Picture everyone in a cubicle. We have to learn the jargon to our specialties in order to manage the control of information that flows through our personal cubicle. We live in a money system and for economic reasons everyone protects, via credentialization and jargon, their cubicles (and jobs) from invasion by others. The problem here is that for a civilization to advance, information should not be hoarded but free and available to everyone. And so on...

This is from a recent New World Next Week episode with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato. You can see the whole episode here:

"WEF Warns Of Cyber Attack Leading To Systemic Collapse Of The Global Financial System" by Whitney Webb /

"Ending Anonymity: Why The WEF’s Partnership Against Cybercrime Threatens The Future Of Privacy" by Whitney Webb /

"Why Are ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Worried About An Impending Power Grid Failure?" by Derrick Broze /

Andrew Kaufman gives us a great presentation on Ivermectin. It might have been a bit rushed. Even so, I got a lot out of it. So will you.

The source (Covid Myths part 3):

This was a stunner (among stunners) from the Sept 15, '21 UKC show. A leaked video shows professionals (three individuals, including a marketing woman, within the UK medical establishment) talking casually about lying about covid cases and using fear to push jabs on the population. See it to believe it. Most of you who watch this don't need to be convinced, and, I fear, those who do need to see this won't. But what else can we do?

The full September, 2021 UK Column News show:

Obviously, the intention here is to preserve a video I'm surprised is still on YouTube. I don't really have time right now to search around for it, so I'll just put it up here. I've had this bookmarked for a while but find that I can use it in the blog post that I'm building now. See my blog post titled "Carbon Dioxide Is Evil So Why Don't You Poison Yourself With It" /

The original:

Children's Health Defense and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is controlled opposition or might as well be. That was obvious to me a while ago. So is Del Bigtree. So are a lot of those who are 'pushing back' against covid 1984. This excerpt is taken from a webinar in which Tom and Sam Bailey talk about chicken pox. It's very interesting. Do see the entire show. Tom's style is not great. He's plodding and his command of English (as an English language first speaker) is not great. But it's what he says that's important.

Tom's video:

This seems important, although what we can do with the information, I don't know. Does it seem like the fascist authorities give a damn about what is legal, right or good? The fascist authorities are the fascist authorities via strategic rule-breaking that puts predators, or wolves in sheeps' clothing if you like, ahead of and on top of, law-abiding 'suckers'. David scrutinizes the recent FDA approval of the Pfizer so-called vaccine and points out that they violated their own rules in rendering it. Have a look for yourself. This excerpt is taken from the YouTube channel named "David Martin World." This is the August 23, 2021 YouTube video:

I'm taking the title for this excerpt from a poster in the Toronto transit (TTC) subway system here in Canada. I intend to use it in my next blog post. And now, I will fit this info in as well. There's so much covid propaganda everywhere you look now. It's sickening. That's not rhetoric. Anyway, In a recent discussion, attached to an article on Off Guardian, someone pointed me to a video in which Chris Exley, an expert on aluminum (which he calls aluminium because he's British), reveals a way to get aluminum out of our bodies. The YouTube video is on a channel belonging to someone or some group called "néva."

The (March 17, 2016) YouTube video is titled "Aluminum Toxicity - DETOXIFY" and it can be found at this web address:

I used this in a blog post titled "Covid 19 – A Laughing Matter? Keep The Children Safe From Those Keeping The Children Safe Is All I Can Say!" /

This is a very short, incomplete, excerpt of an excerpt in which Andrew Kaufman explains exactly what variants are. The full explanation can be found in my excerpt titled "Fake Gene Sequencing Is A Recipe For Frequent Rapid Pandemic Manufacturing" /

The reason for this excerpt is just to have something in which Andrew addresses directly the question, What are variants? Call it an introduction. For the fuller explanation see "Fake Gene Sequencing." To be honest, while I get the gist of what Andrew is telling us about variants, I don't get it completely. But I do believe, fully, that he is giving us the proper explanation for variants. I mean, Really, are the hoaxsters, who have lied about EVERYTHING in connection with covid 19, telling us the truth about variants?


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Also, Bitchute does not notify me when someone comments on something I've uploaded. When is that feature going to appear? After Armageddon?

I see that Bitchute (apparently) flags my website, A Yappy Trade Barrier, as dangerous. (That may be an Ofcom thing.) When you click on the link icon on my Bitchute channel, you are greeted by scary messages about my dangerous site. Trying to warn people about danger makes me dangerous - in this toilet world. Anyway, ignore those warnings unless they're too scary for you.

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Bitchute is a great frame upon which to build, but build it needs to, as in... the building isn't done. Some basic formatting features for Comment Is Free or whatever this is called, would be great. (Now that I've done a small donation, I see - on Subscribe Star - that Ray is working on everything, making improvements and so forth. Why he can't inform us about this on his own platform I have no idea. It's bizarre.)

I have been on Bitchute now for just over 3 years. It's simple, although I still don't get everything. I know nothing about bitcoin and so on. Looking at the donation page for Bitchute, on Subscribe Star, I am mostly bewildered and not 100% clear on what's going on. (*October 30, 2021 - I've yanked my recurring donation. I simply can't donate to a site that blocks me from commenting, let alone butchers comments I make when I try to edit them. That may or may not be Bitchute. Still... And I'm now about to go completely broke. I refused to get covid 19 injections and so the city of Toronto's gangster mayor, John Tory, won't let me work, as a security guard - overnight with no one there - at Riverdale Farm. I have been told, basically, that there will be no work for 'unvaccinated' people.)

Subscribe Star is too confusing. Geeks like that. They love confusion, where, because they cause it, 'they' know what's going on but you don't. It makes them feel superior. I hate geeks. They are antisocial. They are NOT part of the solution, or at least, as big a part of the solution as they could be. They are a part of the problem. Obviously, not every geek is a geek according to my definition. I just don't run into helpful techies very often.

In January of 2022, I'll be 66. I'm single and without dependents. I live in Toronto, which, like the rest of the world, has become hell. And one of the things that makes it hell is the way the majority, the covid cool as one commenter noted, are getting into covid 1984. Self-righteous kids everywhere, being exploited in stores where they work, instruct you to pull your mask up over your nose or else. I was kicked out of a Rogers store when scolded by one idiot youngster who I had no patience for. I pulled off my mask and told him that it was sad to see him get into it the way he was. He angrily yelled at me to 'Get out' and I said 'I am'. As C.J. Hopkins (who himself has bought some of the covid 1984 nonsense) said, "The Germans are back!" /

I believe firmly that Covid 1984 and the emerging global biosecurity police State that the covid hoax christens , will lead into Armageddon. You can read more about my views on my blog, "A Yappy Trade Barrier," which may toss up scaring warnings about my site, which isn't even popular, if you use a search engine to find it. Alternatively, you get there via the link icon on my Bitchute channel, as I've noted.

I hope that you find information, and sources of information, that are useful to you on my Bitchute channel. Please feel free to leave comments (bitching, suggestions, observations, whatever).