Here's another excerpt from the awesome James Corbett series on Bill Gates titled "Who Is Bill Gates?"

"Who Is Bill Gates?" /

This is an excerpt from the must see documentary by James Corbett titled "Who Is Bill Gates?" See that here:

This is another excerpt from the July 23, Vauetainment debate between Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Alan Dershowitz. That entire show can be seen here:

Marry the above situation to that which Del Bigtree reports about Big Pharma funding of all of television, which can be seen in this excerpt:

Then, if you have time to kill, check out James Corbett's examination of Bill Gates, in which James looks at Bill Gates's funding of tv networks, here:

This is an excerpt from Vaxxed 1. (I saw it for free but have paid for a streamed version of Vaxxed II. Please support their work if you are able to because they've done the people a real service.)

Vaxxed II, and my own ongoing dealings with my GP, convince me that, knowingly or not, doctors are too often a big part of the problem. They abuse their authority and put awful pressure on patients to see things their way or else. My doctor, who refuses to listen to a thing I tell him, even when he says "Tell me," just doesn't think that he can, or should, learn anything from me and that what he knows is the holy truth. Doctors are dangerous.

Thanks go to the BitChute channel of Mafia77 (a name I don't like). See the entire show at:

Also, Marry this report with what's Robert Kennedy Jr reports in his July 23, 2020 debate with Alan Dershowitz (Valuetainment) concerning the funding of Congress by big pharma. I excerpted that and you can watch it here:

This is an excerpt from the July 23rd Valuetainment debate between Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Alan Dershowitiz. I think it's the best part of the show. Decide for yourself. I was disappointed that both participants seemed to accept the idea of a covid 19 pandemic. I was also disappointed that Robert F. Kennedy was weak on harmful face masks. Dershowitz refers to covid 19 as a deadly disease, implying that it is far more deadly than it really is. People got sick, with colds, at the beginning of 2020 and they called it covid 19. As one author, Duff Conacher, said, 'If you name something then it will need its own experts'. As Dr John Ioannidis, a lead researcher at Stanford University, said, 'If they had not named that cold, people would not have noticed anything'. There's no pandemic. Even Tony Fauci said that deaths from (what they are calling) covid 19 are in line with a sever seasonal flu. My own GP didn't seem to be aware of that - and a lot else. I offered to send him the link to that statement by Tony Fauci, and links to other facts I was sharing with him, but I guess his position is that he instructs his patients, not vice versa. How humble. He was hostile and, although he asked me to explain my position, he wouldn't listen to a thing I said, simply dismissing it all as conspiracy theory. And this guy is normally caring!

It's revealing isn't it that the WHO changed its definition of pandemic (to exclude deaths!) in 2009. What's confusing in the case of Robert Kennedy, who knows that covid 19 is not a big killer, is how he didn't push back on the pandemic lie. I also don't accept that there's even a covid 19 virus. Until they use the gold standard - Koch's postulates - to prove that there's a Sars CoV 2 virus, and I don't mean lie and say that they have... Not only that, but as Dr Kaufman pointed out, the identification of Sars CoV 2 is based on Sars CoV 1, which they also didn't properly identify using Koch's postulates. It's only the for profit Rockefeller health care system that absolutely needs there to be invisible monsters called viruses that are always attacking us and leading to our 'need' for the capitalist Rockefeller devotees to defend us from them. They are calling everything covid 19, as Jon Rappoport notes. And they've been caught lying about deaths from what they say is covid 19 often enough that that should tell people that something's not right here.

I suspect that Alan Dershowitz knew that he was going to get a drubbing from Robert F. Kennedy in this debate that was almost not a debate and which was certainly not heated. I suspect that Dershowitiz, who was Jefferey Epstein-connected, had ulterior motives in agreeing to this, even if he previously suggested that he would be willing to debate John F. Kennedy Jr. about vaccines. I think he is trying to burnish his tarnished image. Maybe I'm wrong. In any case, he gave Robert F. Kennedy an opportunity to educate people. He gave Robert wide exposure, since both of these individuals are already have huge reputations and are household names.

The WHO changes it's definition of 'pandemic' in 2009 (with thanks owed to Dr Tom Jefferson and Dr Peter Doshi who provided the following documents). I got this from Have a look:

The Valuetainment YouTube show:

Del Bigtree's show, "The Highwire," has been removed from YouTube aka ThemTube. I downloaded his response to that, and to Media Matters's awful attack on Del, when I found it on Del eviscerates loser Timothy Johnson's bullet form criticism in his article, "Anti-vaccine figure Del Bigtree is using Facebook and YouTube to encourage people to intentionally contract coronavirus." /

Unfortunately, he mixes in American exceptionalism. Putting that aside, Del's defence of free speech, informed consent and dialog is very needed and welcome and to be commended. I was actually working on a blog post riffing off of Del's show, the one that triggered ThemTube's censorship action, when Del's YouTube account was deleted.

Del and Jefferey Jaxen are completely deluded though if they think that Trump's move to regulate the social media giants is a good thing. The solution is for us to abandon those fascist social media giants. See "Interview 1449 – James Corbett on Censorship, Regulation and Deepfakes" /

This is an excerpt from the 2019 movie titled "Dark Waters," starring Mark Ruffalo as Rob Billot, a lawyer who took on Dupont. He fought the good fight. But really, Dupont is a part of the Corporatocracy. We can fight the Corporatocracy, but we can't defeat it. We can fight the wild beast, namely the political system which the Corporatocracy rules over, but we can't defeat it. But who is "we"? Most of the world is mentally and spiritually ruined. People are welcoming their own subjugation, making corporate media their god and choosing to believe their lies and follow its orders, including orders to attack those who haven't rejected God and nature. There won't be a Dark Waters 2 that exposes the evil of the vaccine industry and the wider for-profit scam that is Rockefeller health care, but we could sure use that right now. I'm mystified how a movie like Dark Waters could have ever come out of the 'entertainment, military, intelligence-industrial complex', to be honest.

"Dark Waters" /

This is another excerpt from the July 16 edition of NewWorldNextWeek on The Corbett Report. /

A few comments about this are in order. One, My view is that non violent civil disobedience, which is what James is advocating, does work and is acceptable and, in the case of this covid 19 pandemic hoax, was absolutely necessary. We didn't get it because those who might resists are outnumbered by the cattle. (Images of protests, such as those shown in the linked-to NewWorldNextWeek show, are not images of that entire population. (But I don't know how Serbia stacks up by comparison to Canada for example. Maybe the population of Serbia is nowhere near as bovine as the population of Canada is.) As for violent resistant, the war-making State has that market cornered and, as the late William Blum made clear, we can't compete.

This is an excerpt from the July 16 edition of NewWorldNextWeek, on The Corbett Report. /

This is going to be useful, I'm sure. I don't agree with Dr Cowan (and others who I also find interesting and whose ideas I think are largely right) about biological evolution, which is certainly nothing that accords with logic. Michael Denton, as hard as he is for non experts like myself to follow, blows functional Darwin out of the water.

This is from the May 24th Transparent Media Truth video titled "Exclusive Interview with Dr. Thomas Cowan & Host, Filmmaker Marcy Cravat & Brandon Smith." /

The image I used for this excerpt was taken from this website:

This is an excerpt from a June 19 Corbett Report titled "Who Will Fact Check The Fact Checkers?" /

Reuters, on behalf of the Transnational Capitalist Class and Corporatocracy Police Headquarters, aka the United States, has gone after Spiro and Dr Kaufman for their show dealing with the 'fact' that they are planning to genetically alter us. Therefore, James's report on the fact checkers, including Reuters, couldn't have been more timely.

See "Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans" published on June 21st, 2020 here:

This is an excerpt from a (June 14 2020) video by Transparent Media Truth in which Dr Kaufman explains that the total of unnecessary deaths from practices within the American health care system is about one million! Compare that to the unspecial flu that they are calling covid 19!

"Roundtable Featuring Drs. Mikovits & Kaufman" /

This is an excerpt from an interview of James Corbett by Catherine Austin Fitts of I assume that it's on the Solari website. I am going to direct you, however, to James's website:

This stood out for me because I was already working on a blog post that was looking at, among other things, a recent Corbett Report (New World Next Week) show in which the presenters, James Corbett and James Pilato, discuss Klaus Schwab's cheery announcement of a global economic reset, something that they've been talking about doing for a while, as the presenters note. (I will use this excerpt in that blog post.) That reset will cause major chaos, death and destruction, but elites, who are busy workers in the Devil's worskshop, just don't give a crap. They are self-modified and no longer possess normal values and desires. They pursue the vile maxim (Adam Smith) of 'All for ourselves and nothing for anyone else'.

Listening to Klaus talk about his superclass's project of overhauling national governments (again), it struck me that the ONLY way he could get away with talking, and writing, about it openly the way he and his fellow class members do, is by lying. There's absolutely no way that they can be honest about what they're doing. Note that just because they are openly talking about the destruction that they will cause, and are honest about some of the details of that project, that doesn't mean that they are being honest. On balance, they are anything but.

A reminder: What is a neoconservative? A neoconservative, who is also someone who has self-modified, is someone who believes in deceit, violence and inequality.

This is an excerpt from the June 1st Last American Vagabond show. It shows some video of American militarized police going crazy on innocent homeowners sitting on their porch. You have to see this to believe it.

The Daily Wrap (excerpt) show: "Manufacturing a Race War To Hide The COVID Deception & It's Budding Technocratic Control Structure" /

This is an excerpt from the interesting interview that Spiro Skouras had with Dr Sherri Tenpenny. (I watched another show in which Dr Tenpenny discussed covid 19 with Dr Andrew Kaufman and documentarian Marcy Cravat and Dr Tenpenny expressed amazement at what she was hearing from Dr Kaufman, which may or may not indicate that she's altered her views on the nature of viruses. I don't see any evidence of that here, but then this video is dated May 4th, whereas it looks like the 3-way interview with Tenpenny, Cravat and Kaufman took place on May 7th.

See: "Dr. Tenpenny: This is The Biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated on The Human Race…" /

This content is suitable for anyone, of ANY age, who can process information.

I can see myself using this fabulous video in the future. I checked to see whether it was on James's Bitchute channel. I don't know whether it is on his Bitchute channel. A search turned up nothing, but that could just be because Bitchute's search feature is garbage. (Does anyone know what Ray Vahey is doing? Is he alive? The official Bitchute channel has been inactive for over a year! Who is working on Bitchute? Who will improve it?) I guess the video will reside on James's own servers and can always be served up again even if YouTube deletes it, which is likely as James himself keeps saying.

In any case, I find it hard enough to navigate on James disorganized site so I am just as happy to put it here where I can more easily get my hands on it should YouTube delete it.

One of the points that Jon makes in this dynamite video is that disease from viruses is a cover, evidently, for diseases from manmade chemicals! It makes sense to me. Look at the gangsters who gave the world it's health care ideology and health care institutions. They were the Rockefellers and the Carnegies! See James's shows on David Rockefeller and Rockefeller Medicine and Big Oil. (Those are 3 different videos. I can't tell whether there are one or two shows on Big Oil.)

James Corbett's website:
James Corbett's Bitchute channel:

Fox White House reporter John Roberts was caught on a hot mic talking to NYT photographer Doug Mills about the true numbers of deaths by covid 19, which are in line with the seasonal flu. Doug Mills says to Roberts that 'everyone's been vaccinated around here', which makes no sense. It would have been great if Roberts had asked what the hell he was talking about, but he didn't.

This is an excerpt from the April 23, 2020 The Highwire show titled "Covid-19: The Lockdown Calamity" /

This was used in my blog post titled "Covid 19 – First You Self-Modify. Then You Cause Trouble (The Source Of Counterrevolution)" /

This is an excerpt from James Corbett's 4th (and final, I think) video in his video series about Bill Gates. He and his associates (notably Kent Brockman) have done a fantastic job of putting together a series that looks closely at the very disturbed but powerful former computer nerd turned 'expert' in virology and vaccines, Bill Gates. When people self-modify, they can't completely get rid of who they were. They become a comination of the old and new. And that creates inner turmoil that traslantes into outer troublemaking. When you're a super powerful and influential member of the unprincipled, greedy superclass, then your troublemaking has the potential to be on a grand scale. And that's exactly what we are seeing here.

This is to be used in my next blog post on covid 19, depending on whether it uploads to Bitchute in a timely fashion.

James's series can be seen on his Bitchute channel or on YouTube via his website. See here:

This is one of two (for now) excerpts that I've taken from James Corbett's awesome series on Bill Gates ( The two excerpts that I'm using in my next blog post on covid 19 are from James's fourth video on Bill Gates, titled "Meet Bill Gates."

This was excerpted from two videos: 1. "Horrifying Glimpse Into How DARPA Will "Save" You From COVID-19 & Venezuela Coup Tied Back To Trum..," published on May 7th, 2020 and 2. "Dr. Andrew Kaufman Interview - The COVID-19 Theory That You Are Not Allowed To Hear," published May 5, 2020.

The question that Ryan asks about who is behind it all gets asked a lot - by sane people. Whitney's answer is detailed and exactly answers the question. But you could higher and wider. I got asked that question on the 21st Century Wire website and when I replied, my answer was flagged as spam and deleted. I'd LOVE to know just how that happened. Anyway, this is the 21st Century Wire article: "Dr. David Starkey: Britain’s Disastrous COVID Lockdown Policy Will Have Devastating Consequences" /

As I did for my friend on 21st Century Wire, I'll point you to my brief answer that watchers didn't want others to see. It tells you something, Doesn't it?:

"Who's At The Top?" /

I highly recommend reading the book. Note that there is a good review of Peter Phillips's book by Maximilian Forte (Zero Anthropolgy). I agree with most of Max's criticisms. See his review here:

Also, They (notably Reuters) are trying to stop people from knowing about the plan to genetically modify us. Spiro Skouras's discussion with Andrew Kaufman about that can be found here:

In connection with that, James's Corbett recently looked at the fact-checkers, including Reuters, and revealed who their funders are and of course there's a whole stable of evil organizations there behind the establishment's fact-checking orgs. I excerpted just the part of that report dealing with Reuters. See "Thank Goodness Reuters Fact Checks!" /

This is an excerpt from the excellent American Vagabond show titled "Horrifying Glimpse Into How DARPA Will "Save" You From COVID-19 & Venezuela Coup Tied Back To Trum.." That's the title by the way. I didn't shorten it. It can be found on the "The Last American Vagabond" Bitchute channel here:

This is taken from an (May 7 2020) episode of The Last American Vagabond (link below) titled "Horrifying Glimpse Into How DARPA Will "Save" You From COVID-19 & Venezuela Coup Tied Back To Trum.." (If Ryan likes how that title looks, well, Okay.)

I'd like to say that this will be used in my next blog post about covid 19, but Bitchute has been so frikken unreliable and hit and miss. I upload something thinking I'm going to use it, and it doesn't upload. The next day I might see it. Some vids just don't upload and I'm not tech savvy enough to know why or do anything about it. But I am always busy blogging (and, usually, working full time in security) and can't pause my work for Bitchute. Therefore, vids I intend to use don't get used. At leas you can enjoy them.

I have no idea where James got his image, used here as my cover, for his video, but it's about Plato's allegory of the cave. This site seems to explain well:

This is an excerpt from the May 11th Spiro presentation titled "Dr. Andrew Kaufman: They Want To Genetically Modify Us With The COVID-19 Vaccine." /

This is an excerpt from the 2009 movie titled "Daybreakers," which I'll use in my next blog post on covid 1984.


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