Arcade Heroes - Here's the first look at an upcoming arcade exclusive light-gun shooter by UNIS by the name of Elevator Invasion. More details on this title will be published soon on the Arcade Heroes blog, but this gives you an idea of how it plays (along with the cheesy dialogue). This is not a remake/reboot/sequel to Taito's Elevator Action, but an original work; UNIS and Taito have worked out an arrangement regarding any similarities.

Launching to arcades in January 2021 and more will be seen at the UNIS showcase Event on Oct. 21st: - Let's talk about buying an arcade machine! This is mainly for home users and not so much operators, but perhaps it will help prospective arcade business owners figure out how to go about purchasing a real arcade machine. - Older vid shot in 2016. Checking out the re-release of Sega's Operation GHOST (2011) in a new environmental cabinet and with then new software. That game was a sequel to the popular GHOST Squad. The new software adds a chapter select for story mode and a time attack/wave mode that is mainly for co-op. Think of it as Operation GHOST 1.5.

The game is available for purchase now. - Uploading another older video to BitChute that was on my YT channel. This one checks out the new (in 2017) hardware version of Target Bravo: Operation GHOST, now in an upright model. The game started out just as Operation GHOST in an upright model back in 2011, then it turned into an environmental sit-down machine, now it's come full circle. - Continuing to upload older YouTube content to BitChute, I decided to combine three short videos into one here. These are mods created by, who mainly sells their stuff on eBay. Starts off with animated electroluminescent wire (EL wire), then shows a much nicer Borg Cube mode for Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball, and ends with a video showing animated plasma pop-bumpers that work on pretty much any machine. - Just a quick, slow-motion video showing what happens when you put a coin into an arcade machine.

The game used is a Cruis'n Blast by Raw Thrills. - Here is a complete capture directly taken from my Exa-Arcadia machine, showing the arcadified version of Iron Crypticle. The game bring RPG & shooting goodness back to arcades, kind of like Smash TV meets Gauntlet. My vocal commentary is only for the first 10 minutes or so

Boulderface Boss Fight: 10:20
East Vault level - 11:08
Giant Peepwort Boss fight - 23:06
Oubliette Level - 25:06
The Phantom Final Boss - 37:05
End sequence - 42:30 - Time for some more direct capture footage, although I start this one off with showing the game cabinet. Jump to 2:44 if you don't care about that and just want gameplay footage, but note that I had to capture audio offscreen and it's got a little bit of an issue. . - Here is a teaser for a song that I commissioned Rob Howard Music to create for my upcoming trivia video game, Arcade Heroes - Quiz Quest (tentative title). The song is called Blue, Blue Skies, a little homage to Sega arcade racers of the '90s. The game will be available for PC and mobile devices later in 2020. - First revealed on a stream from an online expo (AEGAEE 2020) event in China, manufacturer Wahlap has a new jetski racing simulator game ready to launch to the market. As I captured this using a screen recorder from a poor quality stream, that is reflected; I did not film this on site nor am the person playing the game (so don't blame me for the crappy gameplay :P ) - I found a bit of additional footage from Speed Driver 5 as filmed at IAAPA 2019, so might as well share it. This game has been available since last year. This was located at the Wahlap booth during the event. - Sorry, I just can't seem to do these things without getting into a bunch of detail. This VLOG covers the current crisis, although with how the industry works and what I think that manufacturers could do to overcome the extreme challenges that we face as uncertainty rules the day. - - Official trailer for the 2020 release, Hot Wheels by American Pinball. Basically mirrors the YouTube version, except for the opening. - Here is a direct capture of the complete Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission game that is included with online commercial Big Buck Hunter Reloaded units. The game includes the entire 2nd half of that game, reworked to operate with the shotgun on Big Buck Hunter. Unfortunately, the game loses that force feedback; they also made it less obvious when you've been hit. Otherwise, it's the same game, now in 1080p instead of 720p. - June 16th, 1978 was an important day in video game history, as Taito launched SPACE INVADERS to arcades in Japan. Licensed by Midway for Western distribution, the game became an internaitonal sensation, causing arcades to skyrocket into legendary status.

For today's video, I film a lot of products at trade shows, and sometimes I overlook something that I shot until much later. Such is the case with this footage of the new Space Invaders Counterattack that was at the UNIS booth, Amusement Expo 2020. Originally debuting at IAAPA 2019, this version was much more polished, but I was actually able to sit down and play it - at IAAPA, the game was being played non-stop, making it difficult to get a try. It is unknown if this will receive a final release thanks to the pandemic, but it seems to me that it would be a hit, just with some additional polishing/balancing to the segment when you have to shoot the real targets. - How long does it take for modern arcades to boot up? The answers will vary, depending upon the game. I also look at pinball machines. If you want to jump to a certain game, click on the times below; How long each takes to load is mentioned in text in the video at the end of it's loading process. Exa-Arcadia definitely wins among the video games.

Maximum Tune 5: 3:45
Big Buck: 9:34
TMNT: 17:28
Exa: 20:35
Pinball: 23:20 - Just released for the Exa-Arcadia platform is the first 1-4 player game on the system, along with the first RPG that we've seen in the West in many years. Lightning Knights carries a different name from Iron Crypticle since they incorporated a variety of changes to better fit the arcade format. Both games are fun to play, especially with a friend. I captured IC from my Nintendo Switch; LK direct from the Exa-Arcadia board via HDMI. I am running it on a 4K TV though, so all of that 'glory' doesn't shine through in a direct capture, where in person it has deeper color. - Happy birthday Sega! Attempted to upload this video on June 3rd, but BitChute still needs work on the processing. 3rd attempt to upload this to BC :/

This video is a tribute to Sega, a company that has been around for six decades now, providing entertainment to customers around the globe. Since they started off as an Out-of-Home Entertainment business, and they are still producing new arcade games. This video cannot focus on every single amusement product they ever made, but it can highlight a couple or few from each year.

Photos come from a variety of sources -,,, and Songs are the Space Harrier theme then Risky Ride from Out Run 2. - One of the few European-centric releases, RaceCraft EVO is an update to Tecnoplay's 2019 arcade release that brought Formula-1 style racing back to arcades. Here's the attract mode that plays while the game is sitting idly at an arcade to show off the features and entice players to drop some coins to play. This is based upon the PC game of the same name, but comes with a variety of changes to make it work for arcades.
Capture taken from the video that was posted by the company to Facebook, so quality isn't perfect. - - Since Stern Pinball has no presence here on Bitchute, I took the liberty of capturing the three videos of their latest release, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The first video is a quick teaser; when you see the transition, it gets into more detail on the Pro model (these tend to be cheaper, less feature packed) then on the second transition, gets into the Premium/LE models. All Stern Pinball machines are Made in the USA, Chicago, IL. - Here's a video version to accompany the post link above, discussing a game we'll never get to play: Star Trek Battleground by Raw Thrills. - As the first arcade game released to US arcades in the 2020's, Aka & Blue Type-R also marks a return of the STG/shmup to the arcade after lacking in the space for a while. A&BTR is a bullet hell shooter developed by Tanoshimasu and is only available on Exa-Arcadia systems.

You can play Arcade Mode or Score Attack - here's my run through Level 3 on Score Attack mode.

This direct capture was taken from my Exa machine, which is available at Arcade Galactic in Utah. The game itself runs in 4K @ 60fps, but my capture device is limited to 1080p. There's also some artifacting present in the video, but that's the capture device - none of that is present on the game itself. - As the first 1v1 fighting game released to coin-op arcades in some years, The Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ (available only on the ExA-Arcadia platform) has garnered some interest out there, but is it any different from the PC version that it is based on? That's what this video dives into, with direct capture footage from both. I will update the arcade version when it is updated, along with looking to fix my laptop so that it proper captures footage. Recommend watching this in 1080p. - While poking around on some old posts of my site, I came across some 2008 footage of a game where said footage had not been posted elsewhere (as far as I can find). So in the interests of preservation, here is this video showing the footage, along with a little explanation. These kinds of games were par-for-the-course on the Vortek V3 system by GlobalVR. Granted, a lot of VR games seem more suited to the "foxhole turret" shooter. This one followed that formula, just with a sci-fi theme. Music is from the Atari Jaguar CD game, Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands. - Just digging up an old trailer from an obscure, arcade exclusive light-gun shooter developed and released in 2014 by a South Korean company. It was interesting, with it's own sci-fi theme and everything, but was released at a time where most arcade companies were launching their own shooting games that had licensed attached to them. Pretty rare to find one of these in North America or Europe.


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