Arcade_Heroes - Previously gracing the Xbox 360 and the NESiCA digital arcade platform, G.Rev is back with Strania EX and a physical release for the first time. The EXA version will also serve as the "definitive" edition of this shoot 'em up game featuring more content and updated graphics for players to enjoy. Coming Q4 2018/Q1 2019. - "...and everybody was kung fu fighting..." went the song and at the end of 2018, such action will be landing in arcades around the globe thanks to developer Jae Lee and Exa-Arcadia. This is more Virtua Fighter than Street Fighter, with a greater emphasis on realism (no magical attacks, by what I saw). Characters feature the likenesses of a variety of beloved characters from the history of kung fun/karate movies. Launching to arcades exclusively on the Exa-Arcadia platform in Q4 2018 with special EXA content not found on the home version.

This is PROTOTYPE software. Expect the final product to change in any number of ways. - Square Enix has been a major player in the arcade sector in Japan for several years now, but they still haven't branched out into the US with their titles (officially speaking anyways). Here's their latest development, an arena battle game called Starwing Paradox. It uses a motion seat that is based off of Taito's earlier sit-down action game designs, but throws in more items like a touchscreen.

This is supposed to launch in Japan Fall/Winter 2018, but the company is reportedly having a difficult time finding buyers as they want around $50,000 a cabinet set plus revenue share (i.e., SE takes a cut of every play, cutting into the operator's profits). - Thanks to Charlie who is at the JAEPO 2018 event in Japan who sent me these clips of a few games at the show. The games are:

Aka To Blue Type-R
Dance Rush Stardom
D-Day 2077
House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn
PONG table project
Taito VR Soccer

Full story:

This is the official trailer for The Walking Dead Arcade game, which received a worldwide release in January 2017. Designed by Play Mechanix (Aliens Extermination & Armageddon; Terminator Salvation, Halo: Fireteam Raven) - Reviewing the arcade game ReRave by Step Evolution (now called Step Revolution). There is a peek at the newer ReRave Plus at the end! - Footage provided by Bandai Namco taken at IAAPA 2013. Here 3 of their booth girls take a shot at playing the new arcade title Mach Storm. This is a new game based upon Ace Combat Assault Horizon but modified just for arcade style play. It also uses a unique cabinet with a huge dome shaped screen, providing a simulator style experience you don't get from the WiiU/PS4/X1. - Here is the first appearance of ReRave Plus Arcade, when it appeared at AMusement Expo 2014 in Las Vegas. ReRave Plus was a major upgrade to ReRave, adding more songs, enhancing the graphics, adding a narrator, and removing the 2 player mode. A fun new multiplayer arcade game was found at California Extreme 2018, a title created by the studio head of Digital Eclipse called Starlords. If you are familiar with Atari's Warlords then this one is easy to figure out - defend your base from the attacking ball by using your shield. This spiritual remake allows for six players and features a "futuristic retro" cabinet design. Unknown at this time if it will see mass production. - Footage of the long lost prototype Segasonic Bros. by Sega (1992). This game was created by Bubble Bobble designer Fukio Mitsuji and is 99% complete, but Sega ultimately decided to not release it. The game was brought to the California Extreme 2018 event by arcade collector and Exa-Arcadia CEO ShouTime. There was no tutorial so you had to figure thus one out on the fly and it was...difficult. Instead of lining up rows of blocks or matching colors of three. Instead you have to connect blocks of the same color around a different color, creating a border. Due to the 2D graphics, this one still looks nice, despite being 25+ years old. - This is the Stern-produced product trailer for their Deadpool Pro model pinball machine. Available now; also available in Premium and LE models. - In visiting the California Extreme (CAX) event at the end of July 2018, I had the chance to sit down with Eric "ShouTime" Chung, CEO of Exa-Arcadia. Here we discuss everything about the upcoming EXA arcade system that is seeking to revolutionize how the industry handles new content and bringing more games to the table in Asia, Europe and the Western Hemisphere. Includes new footage of Segasonic Bros. and Cosmic Digger 3671! Jump to a specific section:

0:44 - How is CAX going?
1.46 - First time attending CAX?
2:24 - Reaching out to the right audience; differences in trade shows vs. events
3:44 - Providing operators what they want
4:00 - What is Exa-Arcadia?
5:23 - How does choosing a game work?
6:04? What brought about the Exa-Arcadia concept of a conversion kit?
9:03 - Have you operated arcade equipment before?
9:51 - How many development partners do you have with Exa-Arcadia?
10:07 - Do you think that having the operator background helped with obtaining partners?
11:59 - Who are some of the announced developers/content coming to EXA?
14:30 - Discussing future un-announced titles coming to EXA
15:28 - Licenses & sports games
16:40 - Other game genres headed to EXA
17:37 - Game cabinets and the EXA dedicated cab
19:00 - Your favorite game for the platform?
19:40 - Developing for EXA - getting your game on the platform
20:27 - EXA Specs
21:27 - When can operators expect to be able to buy an EXA board and how will they buy one?
22:30 - Discussion on the new card system
24:16 - The EXA Road Map
24:52 - Who can buy EXA?
25:18 - EXA costs for collectors/operators
26:20 - How will EXA games be different from their console cousins?
28:00 - G.Rev and other Japanese developers working for the platform
29:12 - Talking about cultural development differences such as redemption affecting game design
29:55 - Anticipations of future announcements (2019)
30:41 - Does the Exa-Arcadia company working on their own games?
31:18 - Wrapping it up - The Exa-Arcadia platform is not exclusively hosting STG games but such games have found a nice home on the upcoming platform. Here is Infinos EXA, a special arcade version of the PC game created by Picorinne Soft and released in January 2018. Coming to arcades Q4 2018. - Continuing with our CAX & Exa-Arcadia coverage is this side scrolling shoot 'em up from Locomalito/Abylight that is a lot like Gradius, with hints of other popular shmup games added in for extra delight. Blast the enemies, get the score, be the Arcade Hero ;) - A quick video that shows off some of the air hockey tables that were present at the IAAPA 2017 trade show in Orlando, FL. Most major manufacturers have something to offer in this regard, Namco and Sega using their big name characters such as Pac-Man and Sonic. - Scott of recently unveiled that he has the source code to an unreleased Atari arcade game from the early 80s by the name of Star Trap. Here is some alpha footage of this unreleased game captured by Scott. - Like spoilers? Then here is the final level of the upcoming Transformers Heroes Rising arcade game by Sega Amusements. You go to the Moon with Optimus Prime to take out the Decepticon threat; this level is only selectable after you've completed the other three levels (Wales, East China and Pacific Ocean). This arcade exclusive title will release in July 2018.

This was shown at Bowl Expo '18 in Las Vegas. The version shown here is much more complete than the debut of TSR back in February, with levels including more detail, more enemies and different attacks. - Unveiled this week in Las Vegas, NV during the International Bowl Expo 2018, Bandai Namco showed off the replacement for their older Pac-Man's Arcade Party units. The concept is the same - offer a bunch of licensed arcade classics in a real cabinet - but now they have 31/32 games available instead of 12/13. Coin-op models will launch first, followed by a non-coin/"mancave" version around August. - We initially broke the story about this game on location test a few months ago and in June Bay Tek decided to bring it to the International Bowl Expo in Las Vegas. This enormous videmption piece replaces the likes of Nothin' But Net or Hot Shot, offering arcade basketball fun but with the competitive strategy found in Hasbro's Connect 4. - Footage of the first public appearance of Bandai Namco's technical arcade driving game, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6. Footage not captured by myself but by Charlie who is attending the expo in Tokyo. - Technical driving game Maximum Tune 5 was around to play once again although in a 2-player configuration instead of the 4-player seen at IAAPA 2016. The game still plays the same but this should mean that more locations can pick the game up. This is known in Asia as Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune but for the North American release, the "Wangan Midnight" license was dropped, while keeping all of the characters and story modes the same.

Music in the background was added to this and is from the MT5 DX soundtrack, "The Race Is On" - Here's a first look at a new card redemption game soon hitting location test in California, WWE Superstar Rumble by Andamiro. Check out our website soon for more info - 3rd video of Taito/NatsumeAtari's GunArena, where 1-4 players can take turns firing a real airsoft BB pistol at the screen to see how is the quickest & most accurate. This game is a prototype and may change. It is unknown if it will be released in the West or only stick to Japan. - Coleco is seeking to bring their popular Mini-Arcade machines back although without housing arcade ports and newer technology. The Kickstarter goal has been reached and these are supposed to start shipping in September but not everyone is excited about the $70 price tag for MSRP. As I couldn't find anyone including Coleco sharing this video anywhere but Kickstarter, I captured the video and am sharing it here - The worldwide premiere of the new Halo experience, Halo Fireteam Raven. This is an exclusive experience for arcades that will be available to Dave & Busters first, the rest of the amusement industry later.


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