Arcade Heroes - One video game that was at IAAPA 2019 that wasn't expected to be throwing it's hat into the ring of pistol shooting games was Wild West Shootout. Hunt down and arrest 5 different bad guys after traversing through the levels. Shoot offscreen to reload and redemption are options. Headed to arcades in early 2020 via Coastal Amusements in the USA; it is already available in the UK/Europe through UDC. - Not many games have tried to recreate Crazy Taxi, but that's what Crazy Ride attempts to do, with a modern ride share app flare and some other hardware bells & whistles. Filmed at the IAAPA Expo 2019 event. - Covering two titles in one video here PLUS a player interview! Sorry for it's brevity - I was put on the spot as I was about to leave the show, so it's not as good an interview as it could have been :P To Tha Net is expected to be in very high demand, as it combines a video screen with the tradition basketball arcade game. Disc It is essentially the same thing for frisbee/discus. Both games are available now. - Have you been missing the presence of mini-game/party games in the arcade? Then Taito might have you covered with the new Festival Hero. Designed for up to 3 players, you participate in events as a part of a Japanese festival, either working as a team for points or in Versus play. Fun game, reminds me of Namco's old Panic Park. It's unknown if UNIS will end up releasing this or not, but I hope so. - Following up on their ReRave & ReRave Plus arcade releases in 2012, Step Revolution is back with Step ManiaX. Features some solidly designed dance stage pads, a new song collection and more. - While not the first time that we've looked at Sega's ATV Slam, this does provide a deeper look at this 2019 game than before. Sega had an impressive setup for this game at IAAPA 2019, with 4 linked cabinets together for the first time I had seen at a trade show. This game was released earlier this year. - An indie company hits the big time with their first release, Hot Wheels: King of the Road by Coin Crew and Adrenaline Amusements. Control a Hot Wheels vehicle on the iconic orange tracks, grabbing as many coins as you can by the time you reach the finish line. - The Space Invaders are back again, and in arcades where they belong. This in-development game is similar to Space Invaders Frenzy, but has some different elements that make it it's own thing. That particularly comes from the ball cannons and the new physical targets that you have to shoot at for the boss fights. Coming in 2020, if Taito finds it viable, but this was one of the most popular games at the IAAPA 2019 show, so I imagine it will find a way. - [11/26/19: Alert! UNIS has renamed this game to "On Point," but that isn't reflected on the game when filming.] Another very popular piece to be found at IAAPA 2019 was the airsoft pistol virtual arena game by Taito, On Point. Take control of a real (but modified for the game) airsoft pistol as you shoot virtual targets on the screen. Being done in conjunction with UNIS, this offers something very different from your typical gun arcade fare. - Pilot your UFO using a spinner to try and reach the end. Simple, but very fun concept with great sound. Even on the last day of the show, I heard people talking about how much they enjoyed this game. They did say that they could do an amusement mode for just points - I think you keep it at 66 gates to pass, but then can throw in things like a different color/tunnel design, fuel or alien money for bonus points instead of green tickets, linked competitive play and this would be a fine video game. - Here's a look at Speed Driver 5 by IGS and Wahlap, particularly with a VS. match. This game looks to find a middle ground between Initial D and Maximum Tune, and has been doing so for 20 years. This latest version features a 4K monitor, plethora of online features and is a very solid game. Now available in the USA via Wahlap! - As a part of the major update to Big Buck Hunter machines in January 2020, Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix is adding a new game to the mix, Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission. This upgrades the graphics from the 2010 arcade release of Terminator Salvation, bringing them up to 1080p, improving the textures & lighting system, changing the pacing (to better fit with a pump action shotgun) and other tweaks. This will be available to play on every online Big Buck Hunter Reloaded machine in 2020. - Here's the biggest surprise I stumbled across at the IAAPA 2019 trade show, a 1v1 light-gun arena shooter by a Chinese company called Luck Game/Luck Amusements. You control a character that moves L/R, able to take cover and destroy cover of your opponent. - Mentioned on the blog several times this year, Outnumbered is an original and arcade exclusive title from LAI Games. Put your accuracy and gun-wielding skills to the test with a pistol, blasting themed targets in a Wild West Shootout, Deep Space Station or in a Quarantine Zone with zombies. With a brief explanation of the unique game app that was created to drive more play to locations around the world. Available now!

Read more details -

No text or commentary footage of Nitro Trucks, the latest arcade exclusive racer from Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills. I'll get another track or two if you'd like! Filmed at the IAAPA 2019 trade show. - Here's a quick look at several games that were present at the IAAPA Expo 2019 event in Orlando, FL. The games shown are:

-Mission: Impossible Arcade (VLOG on this coming shortly!)
-Mario & Sonic At The Olympics Tokyo 2020 Arcade Edition (Sega)
-Nitro Trucks (Play Mechanix/Raw Thrills)
-Outnumbered (LAI Games)
-Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission (Play Mechanix)
-GunArena (Taito)
-Atari Pong Knock Out (UNIS/Dave & Busters)
-Spacewarp 66 (Touch Magix)
-Crazy Ride (UNIS)
-To Tha Net (UNIS)
-Storm (Trio-Tech)

Much more to come, stay tuned! - I'm unable to film Mission: Impossible Arcade at IAAPA Expo 2019, due to restrictions from Paramount Studios. As such, let me tell you about it and how it plays! - Beam up this older review of Stern Pinball's Star trek Premium Pinball. Featuring the v1.50 code update which added many lines from actor Karl Urban (Leonard McCoy/Bones in the new movies), I also take a look at what else charges this game up and makes it worth playing.

Filmed at The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, UT. - Another review from a few years ago, Jurassic Park Arcade is perhaps the most successful video arcade game of the 2010's. Based upon the popular Jurassic Park franchise, this game doesn't star any likeness of any character from the books or movies, and introduces a new storyline that is reminiscent of Jurassic World 2...although JW2 would have copied this, since this game came out in 2015. Jurassic Park arcade marks the first time that Raw Thrills created an environmental/theater cabinet; a co-op shooter in this exact style (Let's Go Island or Deadstorm Pirates); quadraphonic sound and an in-house developed motion game. - Bringing this old review from 2013 to Bitchute, ReRave Arcade by Step Revolution. This is one of the first touchscreen arcade music games that launched on the market, developed by the creator of In The Groove. About a year later, the company released the ReRave Plus update, which improved many things about the game, but foolishly removed the 2 player, which ended up hurting how well the machine performed. - A video from 2014 that gives a quick overview of Bandai Namco Amusement America's Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. This was the 3rd entry into the exclusive version of the Mario Kart series that has never come to the popular Nintendo console versions of the game. GP DX included various game modes, characters, tracks and items that you will only find in this version of MK. As of Nov. 2019, Bandai Namco is still selling new Mario Kart units to interested parties, although it is no longer an online game (as of Dec. 2016). - Another lo-fi video that Namco had posted online in Japan ages ago. The Namco Circuit track includes more elements from classic Namco arcade games than the Pac-Man Stadium track does. These are only available on the arcade exclusive Mario Kart Arcade GP DX game released by Bandai Namco Amusements in 2014 (available worldwide) - Direct capture, but low quality clip that Bandai Namco once posted to a Japanese website, thus the low quality. It also doesn't show the complete race. Mario Kart Arcade GP DX is the 3rd in Bandai Namco series of arcade exclusive racers based upon the Mario Kart franchise. Pac-Man Stadium was released as a downloadable track for the game, and was released to American units before those all went offline. The balancing of the game is different than the console versions, particularly with items...the series touts "hundreds" of items, although many copy effects and only look different.

Arcades in the US and Japan can still purchase a Mario Kart Arcade GP DX machine, although where it was released in 2014, it wouldn't be a bad idea for Namco to do a 4th one at this point. - Sega unveils their latest arcade gun shooter, based on Paramount's popular Mission: Impossible franchise. Debuting at the IAAPA 2019 trade show. Details also here: - Full playthrough on the special sub-game found on commercial Big Buck Wild arcade machines called In Case of Zombies: Doe of the Dead. This was added to Big Buck Wild machines in 2015, bolstering the content found on the machine and providing a new twist on zombie shooters, throwing you into a redneck zombie hunting squad. There's more than just zombies, with a variety of undead animals to face off against. Exclusive to arcades.


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