Video is in youtube prison and many other reuploads have been taken down for 'hate speech'. Video is just compilation of news clips. I guess ''hate speech comes from the Christian News Network'and those Muslim Imans. Don't forget that ADL are moderators on youtube and together with them, youtube just removed 7.8 million videos back in December 2018.


Agenda 21 - Replacement Migration - United Nations by Aaron Kasparov (2976)
? *Documentation:*
*UN Replacement Migration Program:*

*United Nations definition of genocide:*

*United Nations "Replacement Migration" program results:*

*High IQ Birth Rates Below Replacement Levels While Low IQ Birth Rates Explode:*

*Hollywood Demonizing Straight White Males:*

*TV Demonizing Straight White Women:*

*Why are people allowing America to be destroyed?:*

*Who controls Hollywood?:*

*European Genocide Documentary:*

*Mixed Relationships Promoted For Whites While Flooding Endangered Populations With Non-White Immigrants:*

*Call for end of European race:*

*Call for end of borders and 'racial interbreeding' for 'world peace' by Head of World Bank:*

_“The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding... Not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country.”_ -French President, Nicolas Sarkozy

*Call by French President for "interbreeding":*

*War on European genetics:*

*Father of the European Union on extincting Europeans:*

*Former Goldman Sachs executive speaks out against NWO Mind Assault Worldwide:*

_The United Nations is biologically engineering a future population which will be easier for them to control. They're achieving this primarily through 'entertainment' medias and institutionalized indoctrination of cultural Marxism through common core:_

*Zionist Occupied Government:*

*Blank check to Israel as homeless veterans starve on the streets:*

*Europeans waking up across the world: |*

_What is Agenda 21?:_

_What group has most control of America?:_

_Thank you for sharing this information. -AK_

Exyo7GzBXzo - censored from youtube a few weeks ago

Africans: "We take your Europe away"
Video geo-blocked in Germany (on youtube) because Germans can't know about this, otherwise they will wake up and the sheeple can't know.


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