Once Again... All theory and speculation from observations, books, and thoughts over the years.. I've always felt there was some mystery surrounding Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America.. so here are some thoughts surrounding that topic with some interesting artworks, passages, and photos based on topics related to Columbus, Columbia, Pre America, Indigenous Peoples, Ships, Maps, and more...

just some quick theories and thoughts.. a lot of these PEACEin it Together videos set the basis for later research and more in depth analysis in future parts... so stay tuned for more all the time.. indefinitely :)

much of this material is from a treasure trove... so go hunting for anomalies... they exist.. and this is just one source collection that could exist, could have existed, and we are ALLOWED to see.. must always wonder what the PEACE's of the Puzzle that we can't see, form.... someday we will know.. the clues are out there.. and BIG discoveries in all areas await us all... leading towards Universal Peace and Understand... and harmony :)

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We will discover the Truth of Our World, it's past, it's mysteries and it's potential :) Thanks :)
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Another episode of PEACEin it Together and Wondering about StarForts, the Art associated with them, and the people who existed during the times of their discovery, building, design, etc....

These fort artworks are taken from various books between the 1500-1700s which deal with the Art of Military and Fortifications in various languages, especially Latin, and italian. Many of the fortifications are clearly for defense and military purposes, while others seem to be more mysterious in origin, dealing with Angels and other amazing mysteries. Were all of these constructed by man? when? how? why? So many questions, and a lot of theories..

I recommend you stop and take a closer look at some of these Artworks in this collection, there are a lot of details i didn't have time to discuss, and many more questions arise. There are also so many more books containing images like this, so stay tuned for starfARTs part 2, and beyond...

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We will discover the Truth of Our World, it's past, it's mysteries and it's potential :) Thanks :)
Check out and Own some Artworks of diNo, listen to music, see some animations, and more :)
The ARTS of my beautiful wife :)
A visual wonder.. allows you to upload and spin STARFORTS and anything else you can imagine at various speeds.. and ZOOM! best app ever ;)
Our Mission... :)

Some More Theories on Our Potential Past History that continues to elude us and be re-written every day. Just thoughts, observations, and theories... there's no need to get upset if you disagree.. i don't claim anything as TRUTH.. just freely thinking and imagining ;)

This video deals with Andrea Pozzo and the Triumph of St. Ignatius which can be found on a jesuit church in Rome. This Artwork easily rivals the Sistine Chapel of Michelangelo, and barely anyone has heard of it. It is a pure Architectural and Artistic masterPEACE that boggles the mind to wonder how someone could have done it so perfectly.

So here are some thoughts inspired by observing and analyzing this Art from a completely different perspective than most Art historians.. i didn't learn my Art history through academia, i am piecing it together by comparing it to my own personal expriences as an Artist who thinks and wonders freely, without boundaries..

So while i present a lot of different things, I also know that NOTHING can be trusted, everything must be questioned, when there are shades of doubt. Our history has doubts, Everywhere, and what we have been taught tends to vary drastically from what we observe.. and what we observe is just a small fraction of the Art and sculpture that existed, and still exists today, hidden from historical record, and from the public view..

This also deals with America and the truth about it's past, which is radically different than what we have all been taught in school. Someone crafted a lot of fairy tales and myths about Christopher Columbus and all the 'discoveries' of America... there were buildings here, most likely long before Columbus, and America may have been a very old place.. if it wasn't America always, maybe it was tARTaria.. or maybe something else.. how long have these builders been creating masterpeace's on eARTh??? What are they trying to show us?? Why and for who did they really create these visions, and for what purpo..

Remember, this is ALL Theory and Observation... and some ART!

NO ONE knows the true shape of Our World, but we must discover it. This realization came to me years ago, but recently decided to make a video out of it after seeing that no one has done so yet. Whatever is up there following the path of the "International Space Station" does so following a circular/spiral/flower of life pattern when translated from the NASA map to the Gleasons Aeronautical/UN map of our World.. COINCIDENCE???

The NASA view shows an elongated map of our World and show a parabola like pattern which seems to cover all the continents, but NEVER Antarctica.. yet it spins around the Globe due to inertia at 17,000 MPH. This has always smelled fishy, so i decided to dig deeper into it and create a primitive animation that visualizes 3 hours worth of locations within the path of the ISS...

So this video is an exploration of this mini discovery, and shows a bunch of variations relating to Art, the Cosmos, the Ancients, and more. So enjoy, and feel free to share your thoughts about what you think this means. Also share this with friends, family, and fellow thinkers everywhere. Very curious to see what people think of this.. Maybe something about it can be disproven.. I am open to any form of truth as long as it's based in LOGIC and not PROPAGANDA... i hate Propaganda and LIES... had enough.. time to discover the Truth about Our Miraculous Reality that we seem to know NOTHING about... but the Truth is heading our way, and we will be ready for it.. Enjoy ;) Thanks ;)

Music, Art, and Thoughts by diNo

My wife's beautiful ART ;)

The Mandala Magic APP of Spinning MAGI

Some more Theories and Thoughts..

On a place i've been seeing since i was 5, in a nearby town of Canton, Massachusetts. This Viaduct claims to be built by Freemasons for a Railroad company in 1836.. but could potentially be much older.. They say the Masons carved symbols into the stones.. someone sure did, not sure what they mean or how old they may really be..

Since nothing in recorded history can be trusted, and theres always a certain amount of academic excuses for most of the mysteries that remain in plain sight... i wanted to question some of what i have seen for my entire life.. The symbols point to something, not sure what. There is also a mysterious circular pipe, a great waterfall, tunnel, obelisk monument, mysterious stone, and much more. There' are probably some more surprises buried and lurking somewhere near this, so this may end up being part 1 of my explorations here.

It is worth questioning since this is 1 of 2 of Americas oldest still in use viaducts.. that means it is special in some way, and i believe was built prior to the masons claiming of the area... roadways seem to be found in all parts of the world whether they are built up or abandoned.. i believe this path was carved out long before and the train company and those in charge sought to rewrite the history..

around 1836 is when a lot of the mysterious and immaculately skilled architecture seems to have been built.. and much of the pictures from these times show empty cities and areas... with buildings far more substantially crafted than this (although it is amazingly strong)... its just interesting how supposedly masons decided to claim each block with a symbol (according to history)... there must be more to it than all of this...

tARTarian thoughts :)

music and video by diNo

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One of my newest Artworks as it nears completion... Judgement! the moment Good Triumphs over Evil! Over a year in the making of this Pen and Ink Artwork featuring Our Universe at the future point when Good officially triumphs over Evil, and the reign of Paradise comes back to eARTh.

This is an incredibly symbolic drawing that would take way too many pages to describe here.. I'll wait til it's complete for that.. Until then, Enjoy the progress.. and some music by irepress...

Song = Barageo by IREPRESS from the Brodsky sessions (unreleased)

Art by diNo
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Remember.. it's ALL Theory..
But not just me, Everyone is creating Theories. Especially the ones in the top selling books, so these are my Thoughts, and what pops into my head when pondering the infinite potential of Our Worlds True Historical Past.
Giovanni Battista Piranesi was a MASTER of Art and of Architectural drawing and etching into his copper plates. He dominated the print market and his Art demanded people give it all a deep and detailed look, while making them think... I encourage this as well and have always wanted to make people THINK! I share this magical desire with this man who lived in the 1700s, so I wonder..

I also propose a thought that this world is a MASSIVE construction of some kind.. a HUGE ever growing building over time.. pointing to the most ancient of civilizations, the builders, the original Civilization of ARTISTS... a way of explaining the immense systems of tunnels, ruins in Canyons and Mountains, mysteries of the Underground????

Who knows?? maybe someone... but either way it's fun to think about.. while we still have the freedom of thought... let's all use it, and uncover the Truth of Our Human Ancestors... are we the pets of the ones who made all these things?? do they still exist further on the plane?? are they watching and protecting us?? how the heck did we ever WIN over them?? so much to think about and Wonder...

Feel Free to Share your thoughts..

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Some photos taken from walking around several blocks of Boston near Newbury street where i often offer Art to the World. As I began to see more and more photos of Americas past, and the architectural wonders that were all here well before we were taught.. i attempt to piece some things together to gain a better understanding and offer further insight into this wonder-filled topic of our present moment.

This potential Past that is completely unknown to us, is unbelievable inspiration for us all to continue exploring as best we can.. I aim to create more videos like this with more thoughts, more photos, and more research.. we'll see what happens...

join this Renaissance of thought that takes LOGIC and the photographic record into account.. rather than just forcing pieces of history together into some false timeline loosely based in fact, but rooted mainly in some oddly sinister agenda...

we deserve TRUTH.. together, may we all re-discover Our divine purpose as a collective species in this beautiful section of Our much larger than we've been taught.. World :)

Enjoy every moment :) Be Creative.. Remember tARTaria :)

This is a video of the center of a 24 inch Animated Mandala Artwork by diNo... The video shows the Central design as it appears from 1000 RPM to a slow spin back to its stationary position. The design syncs up at certain speeds and always looks interesting, forming various patterns on its way to 0.

Stay tuned for more SPIN ART experiments.. i just made a new machine which is better than the last.. some good videos coming :)

Infinite Potential with ART!

This is a collection of Spinning Mandala Art by that is utilized with the Mandala Magic APP in order to create incredible animations that are unique and different at various speeds. Each Artwork and visual segment is acheived by simply spinning Artwork designed to animate, similar to the Phenakistoscopes from the mid 1800s.

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Florida Animals aka FLORIDIANS is a 15x17 inch Artwork of INK by diNo of

The Artwork is a Map of Florida and the surrounding waters featuring 115 Animals and Plants that are commonly found within the state. Some of the Animals are Endangered, while others are plentiful.. They are all beautiful and incredible to observe within their natural habitats. We can learn a LOT from the Animals, and we must protect and respect them.... everywhere :)

This Artwork signifies a potential move of our home from New England to Florida... we are not sure yet where the future will take us.. but the prospect of a year long ART season in a warm tropical climate... sounds really great when compared to the below freezing temps, 1.5 feet of snow, and very limited and minimal Art season of the north..

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This is a brief little video for Save eARTh... a 501c3 public charity dedicated to Saving eARTh with Art and heART forever!

This Lion was videotaped at the Southwicks Zoo in Massachusetts.
Possibly the Greatest ZOO i have ever been to, and it is Run by an incredibly nice and knowledgable Animal Loving Family.

ZOOs tend to come under fire from Animal Rights groups... but this is often misinformation, or the result of a few bad ZOOs ruining it for the one's who SAVE the ANIMALS and EDUCATE the MASSES on the need for these beautiful beings of eARTh..

Save eARTh aims to raise awareness towards the plight of the Animals and the Health of Our World through Art and other creative means of spreading information. We believe ART can and will lead to a Renaissance worldwide, which will reset the prioritis of Humanity from one geared around making MONEY.. to a future where we all care more about the HEALTH of OUR WORLD and the LIFE upon it.. than selfish monetary gains...

The Animals and Humans of the Future must always be around to show the Wonder and miracles of this World. If future children grow up never seeing, watching, interacting with or KNOWING the existence of these animals... We will have done a massive disservice to Our Mother eARTh and it's immaculate creations.



SOUTHWICK's ZOO!!!!!!! :)

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A unique timelapse of SAVE the Coral

A hand drawn Ink Artwork by diNo of

To be used as an Art Campaign fundraiser for the Coral Reef Alliance at in collaboration with

Music is from the band IREPRESS
the song is ADELUJE
it is part of a rare and unreleased live recording loosely known as ...
The Brodsky Sessions

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Enjoy over 25 species of Critically Endangered Coral as they exist peacefully at the bottom of a Pristine sea with some of their fish and bird friends. We ALL need coral to Survive. Awareness must spread and Action must be taken immediately before we lose this ecological masterpeace of living treasures of color and pattern beyond imagination...

Think before you pollute, sunscreen, etc......

We Can, We Must, and We Will Save eARTh.


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