This is a collection of Spinning Mandala Art by that is utilized with the Mandala Magic APP in order to create incredible animations that are unique and different at various speeds. Each Artwork and visual segment is acheived by simply spinning Artwork designed to animate, similar to the Phenakistoscopes from the mid 1800s.

The Music these animations were put to is BARAGEO by Irepress from the Brodsky Sessions... Check out More IREPRESS on Youtube, spotify and beyond...

But Definitely Check the APP...

You can upload images from Nature, family, friends, ART, or take images from the internet.. OR use your camera to capture ANYTHING... then see what it looks like spinning anywhere from 5 rotations per minute to over 5000!!!!

Even the most random picture can form beautiful star patterns, sacred geometries, and more when viewed spinning. In the past, it would take serious time using Flash animation, or a machine would have to be built with a viewing filter and a mirror... NOW this process can be done in less than 15 seconds with Mandala Magic...

it is the Most Underappreciated and BEAUTIFULLY Creative APP of ALL time! So Get it and please help support (the visionary designer and creator) and www.GetPromoted.IN (the developers)..

Check out ALL of the ART of diNo at

Check out the ART of DART at

Check out the SAVE eARTh 501c3 public charity...

feel free to contact diNo at [email protected] if you have any questions, discoveries, or want some advice on the APP.. or ANYTHING! i am looking for future pioneers in this OLD yet New form of Mandala Animation...

Join Me... Get the APP and

Florida Animals aka FLORIDIANS is a 15x17 inch Artwork of INK by diNo of

The Artwork is a Map of Florida and the surrounding waters featuring 115 Animals and Plants that are commonly found within the state. Some of the Animals are Endangered, while others are plentiful.. They are all beautiful and incredible to observe within their natural habitats. We can learn a LOT from the Animals, and we must protect and respect them.... everywhere :)

This Artwork signifies a potential move of our home from New England to Florida... we are not sure yet where the future will take us.. but the prospect of a year long ART season in a warm tropical climate... sounds really great when compared to the below freezing temps, 1.5 feet of snow, and very limited and minimal Art season of the north..

All proceeds raised from this Art.. will help us get to Florida..
or contact ... [email protected]
and we can customize the Art to perfectly fit your home... :)

Everything is Possible.. :)

Enjoy and Check out these other Amazing sites from diNo and dART! :)

This is a brief little video for Save eARTh... a 501c3 public charity dedicated to Saving eARTh with Art and heART forever!

This Lion was videotaped at the Southwicks Zoo in Massachusetts.
Possibly the Greatest ZOO i have ever been to, and it is Run by an incredibly nice and knowledgable Animal Loving Family.

ZOOs tend to come under fire from Animal Rights groups... but this is often misinformation, or the result of a few bad ZOOs ruining it for the one's who SAVE the ANIMALS and EDUCATE the MASSES on the need for these beautiful beings of eARTh..

Save eARTh aims to raise awareness towards the plight of the Animals and the Health of Our World through Art and other creative means of spreading information. We believe ART can and will lead to a Renaissance worldwide, which will reset the prioritis of Humanity from one geared around making MONEY.. to a future where we all care more about the HEALTH of OUR WORLD and the LIFE upon it.. than selfish monetary gains...

The Animals and Humans of the Future must always be around to show the Wonder and miracles of this World. If future children grow up never seeing, watching, interacting with or KNOWING the existence of these animals... We will have done a massive disservice to Our Mother eARTh and it's immaculate creations.



SOUTHWICK's ZOO!!!!!!! :)

email : [email protected] with any questions ;)

This is a collection of hundreds of ART Gems by diNo and dART which can be found here..

It is all made from the ART of DiNo and dART :)

and there are an INFINITE number of designs that we offer... FAR too many to ever put online. They Are collectible and all hand assembled limited editions by the Artists themselves. We offer them to stores of ALL kinds as they make incredible gifts and take up very little space. Dig your hand into a hand painted treasure box and find the ART Gem of your DESTINY! or look through each one to see which calls you to it :)

They are magic and make gifts for people of all ages. Attach a string or Gold Necklace to it and make a one of a kind Treasure that will last as long as you want it to.

Truly unique... INFINITE designs by diNo and dART. :)


Get them in bulk and save..
Customize your order to pick the topics and imagery that fits you or your store, or your friends and family.. perfectly ;)

Enjoy :)

contact diNo at [email protected]
or Erin at [email protected]

A unique timelapse of SAVE the Coral

A hand drawn Ink Artwork by diNo of

To be used as an Art Campaign fundraiser for the Coral Reef Alliance at in collaboration with

Music is from the band IREPRESS
the song is ADELUJE
it is part of a rare and unreleased live recording loosely known as ...
The Brodsky Sessions

contact diNo at [email protected]

Enjoy over 25 species of Critically Endangered Coral as they exist peacefully at the bottom of a Pristine sea with some of their fish and bird friends. We ALL need coral to Survive. Awareness must spread and Action must be taken immediately before we lose this ecological masterpeace of living treasures of color and pattern beyond imagination...

Think before you pollute, sunscreen, etc......

We Can, We Must, and We Will Save eARTh.

Here is one of the Largest Animatable MANDALAS in the form of the 1830s Magic Wheels and Phenakistoscopes.. Drawn by diNo with ink to incorporate many levels and layers of movement at various speeds. This Mandala animates beautifully with, yet can also be viewed with a spectrum strobe light. This is my first attempt with the strobe, and it looks awesome!

as for the Music..

it is an unreleased Bootleg Live recording of a new, yet old (2009) creation of IREPRESS... born of Shaolin.. one of the Greatest unknown bands of ALL time... this song needed to be put out there.. works great with this Mandala :) Enjoy :) -EVERYTHING ART of diNo ----- a 501c3 founded by DiNo and dART dedicated to Saving eARTh with HEART and ART.. forever. ---- a diNo designed APP that allows users to take a picture or Upload ANY Image, and see what it looks like while spinning at Various speeds. Provides Infinite Illusions for ALL Ages. The BEST APP that only a few people know about. Join me in Pioneering the ART of the Spinning Mandala, and ANIMATE your ART like never before... :) ----- the ART of dART... Amazingly beautiful visions of the Animals and Wonders of Our World. dART will also be leading some Art Warrior Training video, so stay tuned.. :)

Contact diNo at : [email protected] or [email protected]
Contact Save eARTh at : [email protected]

Stay Tuned ALWAYS for More and More ART and Videos... We have infinite ideas... You do Too! Explore them! ;)

IREPRESS was a devastating band from Shaolin (south of Boston)

They wrote and recorded this song within a month of 9/11/2001...

one of the most epic songs about that day, one could ever create...


Check Irepress on Bandcamp.. Spotify.. and Youtube...

Never Say Die...

video by diNo of Irepress and


The Newest eARTh Saving ART of DiNo from

333 EXTINCT Animals of eARTh forming the OLD World/'flat eARTh'/United Nations/Aeronautic Map of the Our World. All the continents are virtually barren and yellow, while the Animals form the Structure and Essence of Everything! :)
The timelapse spirals out and In with immense precision combining fossil evidence and theoretical structures of these animals, with Pure Imagination and subconscious Wonders. What has formed is an incredible world of Animals that either Existed so long ago, never existed at all, or Still exist somewhere today beyond the poles or in the uncharted depths of the sea... Only time will tell, but here is my Vision...

During the 1 Month Creation of this 30 inch Mandala, the last North African White Male Rhino passed on, leaving only 2 females left of his species. He is honored in the center of Africa, laying down in one of his final poses.

The Rate of Extinction of eARTh and Our Resources and Lifeforms is entirely up to US... Will we just sit back and continue to let people destroy and pillage Our eARTh and the Innocent Beings upon it for MONEY... or will we stop them with Awareness and Strength in NUMBERS and the Moral Right of GOOD to Protect ALL Beings from Suffering.. WE MUST SAVE eARTh...

to contact diNo - email : [email protected] or [email protected]

The Extinction Artwork by diNo of

333 EXTINCT animals forming an old Aeronautical Map of eARTh.. for ALL!

Check it Spinning with the Mandala Magic APP! ... the Greatest visual illusion APP ever.. most underrated APP ever.. trippiest APP ever.. Get it! ;)

contact diNo at [email protected]


The Golden Rule..
a Pen and Ink drawing by diNo of

Based loosely on the Golden Rule by Norman Rockwell, but for the Animals... an essential peace of ART for eARTh.. NOW! :)

Share with ALL ... and OWN the Artwork..
I've even made tees and Hoodies of this design... Perfect for ALL ages, and Peoples... :)

Enjoy :)

email : [email protected] with ANY questions or comments :)

Enjoy :)

An 8 day Gallery painting of THE River by diNo of

All Life needs the River and the Water must remain pure... We must ALL do our part to protect and SAVE eARTh and the Animals...

Be Like the River.... flow to the Source.. always :)

contact diNo at ...
[email protected]

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Been 'Shadow Banned' Since 2012... for trying to Save eARTh with ART... on the side of GOOD :)

Get Creative... :)

This is the first part of JUDGEMENT! A Massive 5x4 foot ink drawing, possibly the Most symbolic and meaningful ARTwork in CENTURIES! Showing an Imaginative Vision of OUR World at the MOMENT that GOOD triumphs over EViL... and this Moment is Coming.. So everyone get Ready for the RENAISSANCE! We will help guide you with Our ART! :)

email: [email protected]



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