Sushi Savant releases their first "proper" video performing the Tabacco / Geller classic: "Open Your Eyes"

A drum solo with instruments playing mostly in tandem to the drum hits.

I bought this fish and bubble display for my mother as a Christmas gift and while in the process of trying to find an appropriate place to put it, I ended up straining some back muscles by continually picking it up. A few painful chiropractic visits ensued. Lesson learned: Best to find a spot for it first and then fill it up with water. Since the display hardly gets used in the house (makes too much 60 cycle hum) I figured I'd at least commemorate it with some video. The little guitar piece (a slight variation on the Dexter / Tabacco song "5 Sub. Notebook") seemed mellow enough to use as background music. In essence this video was just a way to kill some time in this isolated situation I have found myself in due to Covid-19.

A cheesy, jazzy cartoon instrumental highlighted with mostly pictures of "Hotwheel™" cars and motorcycles from the late 1960's.

Recorded and Mixed at Suburban Hermit II
Stony Brook, NY

We made this cheapo video back in 1989 in response to the fact that "Go House Yourself" (just a spoof on house music at the time) would eventually rise to #36 on Billboard’s retail dance chart and make it to #9 in Italy. In fact, this video (rejected by MTV) did manage to reach # 1 in Puerto Rico for a week or so and that still boggles the mind. "Go House Yourself" also received a good amount of airplay in areas of California where a substantial earthquake had recently taken place. It made some noise for us (even in Sweden) and considering there is a chainsaw solo in it (a first in Billboard?) it still retains it's absurdity and punch. For more details as to the origins of this piece and it's follow up "Pump House" you might want to go to

Performance info:
Nick DiMauro : Rap, Programming, Engineer
Chris Pati : "House", Keyboard, Engineer
John Tabacco : Keyboard, FX, Engineer
Recorded on an MCI 24 track tape machine
Mixed to a PCM 501 ES via a Beta machine
Studio : Backdoor Studio, Huntington Station, NY
Audio mastered by SA3
Video taping : Laura Tabacco and Gian DiMauro
Video editing : Chris Pati

© 1989 by Nick DiMauro, Chris Pati, John Tabacco
Published by Patitude Music (ASCAP) / It Iz What It Iz Music (SESAC)

Yet another cover of an "early years" Becker and Fagen song that I always enjoyed.
Down time in the studio has it's benefits.

JT : Vocals, Guitar, Programming
Joe Gioglio : Electric guitar and solo
Recorded at Suburban Hermit Studios, ...

Words and Music © by Walter Becker ans Donald Fagen

A live, piano-vocal of George Harrison's philosophical song "World Of Stone".
Recorded at Sonic Underground Studios, Stony Brook, NY in 1998.
This can also be found on the Tabacco CD "Dryer Than You'll Ever Be"

Words and Music © 1975 by George Harrison
Published by Wixen Music Publishing

A beautiful, rather obscure ballad written by Brian Wilson. This cover was done in 2013 at Suburban Hermit Studios II. The song always brings up specific memories for me at a time when things were looking bleak. Not much has changed.

Another Zappa record I found hiding in my closet and of course great memories came flooding back to me so I thought I'd share them as well as my musical take on this mid 70's masterpiece.

This video exists for no other reason then I found this vinyl record hiding in a box in my closet and the smell of it brought back great memories. Thought I'd share those memories as well as my astute musical take on this particular Frank Zappa classic from the late 70's.

Words and Music © 1994 by John Tabacco
Recorded at Sonic Underground Studios, Stony Brook, NY

Guitarist Anthony Pomes from the group Mostly Moptop shows us how to re-create the slide guitar solo found on the Beatles' song "For You Blue".

In the afternoon I make one vegetable drink to keep me going through the day. This is how I do it.

For those of you who hate songs over 8 minutes, here's a severe edit of Don McLean's "American Pie".

A little walk through my house in 2013 with music by Tabacco, Dexter and DiMauro from the CD Gateways.

Dream Vacation © 1995 by Dexter, Tabacco and DiMauro
Published by It Iz What It Iz Music (SESAC) / Anti-sinister Music

Fragments from a man's mind as he is losing oxygen with a plastic bag over his head chasing and whipping his own absurdity.

Scraps © 1992 by John Tabacco - Published by It Iz What It Iz Music (SESAC)

This is the theme song Susan DeVita and I wrote for our radio program (CLAM RADIO). We air live at WUSB studios at the State University of Stony Brook, NY. Listen to us on alternate Thursdays from 9:30am - 11:00am as we spin all types of things that shake up the air waves and on occasion hold interviews with all sorts of talented folk. To listen online go to On terrestrial radio check us out at 90.1FM. Can ya dig it? Friend us on facebook if you dare :

Official website : This music is available here for download
Words, music and performance © 2008 by John Tabacco and Susan DeVita
Published by It Iz What It Iz Music (SESAC) / Mr. Chichooli Music (SESAC)

From the CD It Wuz & Still Iz Late Octobra.
Words and Music © 2003 by John Tabacco
Published by It Iz What It Iz Music (SESAC)
Available for download at :


Stop the war
Stop the war right now
Stop the war (gotta give it up)
Stop the war - Stop the war right now
Stop the war (gotta give it up)

Human figures shrouded in a cloud of smoke and fire
I can barely make them out but I can hear them cry
My good conscience tells me that these actions aren’t right
As I watch in disbelief with a bowl of popcorn by my side

Stop the war
Stop the war right now
Stop the war (gotta give it up)
Stop the war - Stop the war right now
Stop the war (gotta give it up)

A land of history straight through the ages
where the cradle of civilization may have bloomed
Is now a pile of dust shattered by a wave of base intentions
As I ponder this so safe inside my room

Stop the war
Stop the war right now
Stop the war (gotta give it up)
Stop the war - Stop the war right now
Stop the war (gotta give it up)

This military jones
This greed for wealth and power is a dead end street
And there’s no turning back
Like many organized religions, this need to have control
Is a sure fire way to keep a war intact and
Cloud all the facts...

Stop the war
Stop the war right now
Stop the war (gotta give it up) etc...

From the CD: It Wuz & Still Iz Late Octobra
JT : Vocals, Programming, Guitar

This eleven minute work entitled "Reasonable House Mates" is composed for bassoon, piano, vibes, clarinet and flute. Each instrument is a representation (in my mind) of the five musical house mates I share my living space with. Though each member of the house hold is distinctly different, the group still manages to pull together when disaster strikes i.e. landlord threats, utility bills due, personal social problems etc. The work is loosely made up of six sections. They are: l - (0:00) Reasonable introduction of the five instruments spewing forth the basic theme. ll - (3:44) Bassoon has the floor. lll - (4:56) Cat Spying Hocket. lV - (6:26)) New Age contemplations and let downs, V - (8:30) Back to work realizations (re-cap of basic theme). Vl - (9:12) Emotional crisis, frantic theme variations and superficial happy ending.

Music © 1996 by John Tabacco
Published by It Iz What It Iz Music (SESAC)
Composed January 1996 and painstakingly programmed using Studio Vision 1.4 and Sample Cell. Quantizing was not employed.
JT : Painstaking programming
Recorded at Sonic Underground Studios, Stony Brook, NY
Recording medium : Pro Tools™ Mixing console : TAC Scorpion

Here I am testing out the Canon Elf camera with a live version of a song about an asteroid strike. The original recording of which can be found on my CD "Tell Me Why Then!".

Back in 1997 my friend Bob and I were concerned about the possibility of an asteroid or some huge object hitting the planet. Most of the people around us just laughed at our so called doomsday scenario, especially when we suggested the government should try to put some money towards building some type of device that might save us from this kind of disaster. At the very least have an early warning system to catch these rogue objects. 22 years later we are still in the infant stages to thwart these sneaky objects but at least more people are taking this earthly threat seriously.

Words amd Music © 1997 by John Tabacco
Published by It Iz What It Iz Music (SESAC)

Sometimes it's the simple things in life...
Waltzing Through The Pinwheel Field Music
Music © 1994 by John Tabacco Re-master 2012

A somewhat hopeful song from the Tabacco CD "Patience, my boy". Also available on the collection "Suburban Hermit"

Music and Lyrics © by John Tabacco and Susan DeVita
Published by It Iz What It Iz Music (SESAC) - Mr. Chichooli Music (SESAC)
Recorded at Suburban Hermit Studios 2, Stony Brook, NY
JT : Lead vocal, acoustic guitar, programming, recording
Susan DeVita : Vocals
Steve Briody : Electric guitars

I always enjoyed this melody. You can put it into different harmonic settings and still retain the essence of the tune. While testing out a new sequencer program I came up with this arrangement. Simultaneously, the TV in the background was broadcasting something about a fairly large asteroid approaching Earth but missing us by a million miles. The potential for disaster is always a second away. Kind of puts things into perspective. Fortunately, music making is a perfect distraction from such possibilities.
This audio for this arrangement can be found here:

There is a reason why Paul McCartney is the most successful composer in pop music. He knows how to write a great hook. Don't take my word for it. Listen up.

Phil Austin passed away on June 19th. He along with his three brothers formed the Firesign Theatre. They transformed audio comedy into art. Here are a few characters and or voices Phil created in the Firesign Theatre canon. Brilliant stuff and funny.


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