Aryan Spirit

A little classic! Originally published by EstelleNation.

Interviews with Third Reich's former Minister of Armaments, Albert Speer (also known as "Hitler's Architect") and Admiral Karl Doenitz (also Führer of the Reich after Hitler's dead).

William Luther Pierce explains how the German Government has been occupied and controlled by foreign forces since the end of WWII.

Nobody could put it in better words "what is Europe" than Hitler!

The Nationalsozialistische Program.

The astonishing omnipresence of Race-Mixing induction in Germany: the coordinated effort of Government and Corporations to annihilate a Race!

The mighty Schutzstaffel: the European Holy Order!

One of the most epic videos of all times. Originally published by "The Impartial Truth".

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In Charlottesville, Virginia, 2017, a horde of White Nationalist men left their caves and marched with torches (a clear reference to SA) in the streets to show the world that if you fight the Great Replacement and strive for the Future of the white race, you are not alone. The media, the government and the left went mad about this unexpected event!

By Vertigo Politix

A Tale for the Centuries. The "Ring" was found once more, to not be lost ever again!

The West and the Rest...

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Inspirational Speech by Herman Göering on the example of heroic soldiering by the 300 of Sparta and the German soldiers of WWII.

"Democracy is necessary for Communism" (Lenin)
"Democracy leads to anarchy, which is mob-rule" (Plato)
"The laws of democracy remain a dead letter, its freedom is anarchy, its equality the equality of unequals".(Plato)
"The worst form of inequality is try to make unequal things equal!" (Aristotle)
"Democracy is the forerunner of Communism. ( Hitler)

Why the whole Media is so eager to defend Democracy? The answer is simple: because it's the form of Government which never allows someone to have enough power and autonomy to destroy what needs to be destroyed and change what needs to be changed! It permits that the "Lobby" always profit and gain more power, no matter who's in charge!

This Speech about the Jewish Question got Horst Mahler in jail because, in his own words "it has hit the enemy. It angered him". Probably the best exposition about the Jewish Problem ever.

Originally posted by British Pathé.

Originally published by Thulean Perspective.

Horst Mahler is a prominent figure in the Nationalist movement in Germany. He's very know for his intellectual work of exposition of the Zionist plans to destroy and subjugate European Countries and for advancing doubts on the official narratives of the Second World War. Even with several healthy issues and more than 80 years of age, he was again sentenced to prison for the "crime" of spreading anti-semitic Ideas.

Know why you should be very alarmed about the future of non-Jews under a possible Zionist take-over in the future.

A testimony of the great life the German youth lived under Hitler.

In this incredible body performance Marcus Follin (The Golden One) establishes an admirable example for the Western man. Victory will not come by words alone; without a strong and prepared male league (Army) nothing can be done. Every Nationalist male must start training his body and shape it in an Olympic form. Get prepared for the coming Wars.

Originally published by the (already deleted by Youtube) Vertigo Politix channel.

Shots from various stages of the life and career of Adolf Hitler.


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