A testimony of the great life the German youth lived under Hitler.

In this incredible body performance Marcus Follin (The Golden One) establishes an admirable example for the Western man. Victory will not come by words alone; without a strong and prepared male league (Army) nothing can be done. Every Nationalist male must start training his body and shape it in an Olympic form. Get prepared for the coming Wars.

Originally published by the (already deleted by Youtube) Vertigo Politix channel.

Shots from various stages of the life and career of Adolf Hitler.

Here's an explanation that even a child could understand. Share it with everybody and rub it in the faces of pro-immigration liberals and shut their mouths.

"War has its own laws..."

Published originally by EstelleNation.

Published originally with the title "They fought for the West" by the channel Esoteric Truths.

Swedish girls practicing gymnastics. "Healthy mind in a healthy body".

Former Waffen SS member, Leon Degrelle, speaks about the great struggle for an Ideal Europe.

"Now, people, rise up, and let the storm break loose!" (Goebbels, Totaler Krieg Speech)

An instant classic by "White Rabbit Radio"!

All censorship in internet have a single major reason: to stop the growing of an already immense column of the white race awakening via internet for the fact that there's certain groups trying to erase the white race and Europe.

Once upon a time, in our good and old Germany...

1.2 Million people meet in a National Socialist Rally.

Probably the best exposition about White Genocide and the Great Replacement on internet in a short and powerful documentary. Please help us share it. The Idea is that every white person on Earth could be reached by this documentary.

Video Edit with Background Speech by Kai Murros

A look at the daily life and material structure of one of the most important cities of Europe, during the 50's. At the time Marxism and Immigration hadn't yet destroyed it. We are glad to have this old footages as a prove and evidence of what life is in a white ethnic Country!

Deutsche Musik.

Unbelievable footage comparing women after and before the infection by feminist ideology. The results of the transformation can't be distinguished from a disease.

Originally published by Blitzkrieg Channel.

Dr. William Luther Pierce explains how most of the Neo-Nazi movements are simple distortions of the original National Socialism of Germany; far from help our cause, this defective people only damages the already bad image the general public have about National Socialism because of relentless negative Propaganda and prevent valuable elements to join our ranks.

Ursula Harverbeck explains and proves with sources the existence of a plan conceived and being implemented since the times of WWII in order to erase the white Race through mass immigration and race-mixing. Ursula was jailed for speak about it!

Enrichment is landing!


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