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It’s surprising that a bunch of nihilistic heathens hellbent on the destruction of everything are adopting such ecclesiastical doctrines like confessionals and setting aside one day a week to not eat meat. What’s not surprising is that most are not practicing what they preach. I take a look at climate alarmists, a brief history of “the end of the world”, and doomsday cults.

I’m still recovering from pneumonia so I’m still also late in releasing some of my work. Better late than never I guess.

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I’m dragging behind on videos because I’m dragging my ass around with pneumonia right now. It took me all day just to get the audio done without it sounding like I just ran the Boston Marathon. But never mind me being near death... ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!

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What do you do when you come face-to-face with someone suggesting infanticidal cannibalism? Why you correct them for getting your predictions of Armageddon wrong of course. The troll who disrupted AOC’s Q&A at a recent town hall in Queens exposed what I believe to be a fundamental problem with the left today. And that is the almost imperceptible distinction between sincerity and absurdity. Policy and folly. It truly has become close to impossible in determining what’s real and what’s a joke. So when a lady suggested eating babies as a strategy for tackling climate change (using a Swedish scientist’s proposal of eating the dead as a basis) it was evident that some were having difficulty discerning the difference. Including AOC who only doubted her sanity not her veracity.



Just when I thought I was out... this case PULLS ME BACK IN!

I can’t be the only one to have noticed this.

Prince Andrew’s pal may be dead but his own story is just starting to gain new life. The depths of the Duke’s involvement with Epstein is still coming to light with a video of him at Epstein’s New York mansion known as the “House of Horrors” surfacing just the other week along with the testimony of Virginia Guiffre. A onetime victim of Epstein’s sick whimsies, Mrs Guiffre has placed the Prince in locations that have been corroborated by meticulous flight logs and other eyewitness testimony. Will we see this amount to anything more than just tabloid fodder? Will any of Epstein’s victims ever get the justice and closure that they so rightfully deserve?

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A look into what the New York Medical Examiner’s Office found that is raising doubts over the cause of Epstein’s death.

Death is hopefully not the end. Cutting the head off of this snake isn’t going to let the rest of the spineless belly crawlers slip back into the murky depths of the swamp to allow this to die in the dark... is what I’d like to think. The cynical side of me thinks that those closer to the head of said snake have made DAMN sure that when grabbed by the tail there is a clean break. And with that I’m all out of snake metaphors.

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Some things that I’ve come across while researching for my Epstein video that I won’t be using but found interesting and thought I’d share... so I guess I am using them.

The mainstream media is like that crazy aunt who never gets your name right even directly after you tell them. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times the president denounces hate, bigotry, racism, nazis, neo-nazis, white nationalists, or white supremacy they just either keep saying he does or ask him to repeat himself. Meanwhile, you have The Mount Rushmore Of Dumb who (between all four of them) can’t even answer in any way, shape, or form when asked to denounce terrorism (both domestic and foreign), anti-Semitism, ANTIFA, Al Qaeda, or Hezbollah. The closest we got to ANYTHING resembling a denouncement would be a “I won’t even dignify that with an answer” from Ilhan Omar. And yet they are “stunning and brave” not to mention the “future” of the Democratic Party.
The events of last weekend are terrible, horrifying events that no person should ever have to have happen to them or their loved ones. I am in no way downplaying or attempting to rationalize, justify, make light of or excuse these events. Quite the contrary. I am however going to make light of the reactions of many politicians, public figures, and citizens because they are all out of their fucking minds. So, make sure you have a full clip before watching this one because I don’t know about you but I’ve had a couple of Elvis moments where I wanted to put a bullet straight through the fucking TV screen.

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I will be listing sources and links to all the videos later.

This is long overdue but I’ve spent a lot of time doing research and have put out three other videos since starting this particular project that set me back a couple weeks, mainly because too many good things were happening, but here it is. Closer to the 4th of August than the 4th Of July but whatduya want from me? I’ve been having some technical problems too (you’ll notice the abysmal video quality) so gimme a fucking break! I get lost in rants that have little to nothing to do with the topic from time to time and my foot itches and I’m tired. However, that is my ADHD doing what it does best... completely derailing my train of thought.
There are things that I’ve skipped in the NYT’s video but that was done completely for running time. I didn’t want to make this an hour long or a two parter or any more painful for anyone. It’s taken me long enough as is it.
This also isn’t necessarily a total takedown or debunking video. There’s plenty to be critical of here in the United States and I touch upon some of those things. These things don’t make our country any less great than it really is though and that’s my main issue with The New York Once-Upon-A-Times-A-Newspaper’s video. That and they put it out on the 4th of July making their indictment of our republic all the more egregious in my opinion. So, sit back, crack open a cold one (unless you are a necrophiliac), roll, pack, vape, and get comfortable. This is going to be a long one.

Have a topic you’d like to see me get unhinged over? Leave a suggestion in the comment section and we can call each other names.

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The fresh faces of Congress are getting pretty old pretty fast. Steeped in identity politics, unwilling to denounce terrorist organizations both domestic and foreign, they are quickly sinking a political party already in troubled waters in my opinion. Unpatriotic, un-American, and unbelievably divisive they are the the kind of people that just mere years ago would have been considered enemies of the state and of the people. Now here they are representing states and the people. Well, at least some of the people.

I know this story is a few days old but I had to say SOMETHING about it! A response video I’m working on to The New-York-Once-Upon-A-Times-A-Newspaper is also becoming a MUCH bigger project than I anticipated so I thought I would put something out in the meantime. Promoters of The Afro Future Fest thought it would be a good idea to charge white people twice as much as people of color for tickets because you know... reasons. They have of course reneged on this racist pricing after catching A LOT of negative press but only begrudgingly so thinking their reasoning behind it is perfectly sound.

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For someone SOOOO concerned about the treatment of children at the border and what people say about them AOC certainly doesn’t show the slightest concern for what people are saying to the Martinez family. But with a name like Martinez you think she would. You may know young Ava Martinez better as Mini AOC and she is now quitting social media after being doxed and receiving death threats from left wing loonies.
I also rant about recent drawings from migrant children at the border that have made it into the hands of the media. With all of the other lies, exaggerations, and flat-out fabrications coming from AOC and the mainstream I remain skeptical about the true nature of said drawings. It’s not compassion for the situation that I lack, it’s trust in the Democrats that I lack.

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Ok... so this turned out to be a not-so-quickie. I probably could’ve made this twice as long but I tried to stay on topic

The squeaky clean all American girl next-door gets her feet dirty by entering the political arena. Her lovely, dirty feet. So dirty. Bad girl. NAUGHTY!! Where was I? Yeah! Gets her feet dirty and learns the hard way that you can please some of the people some of the time. But you can’t please the regressive left even if you do precisely what they want anytime! Maybe she should stick to saccharine, teen angst pop songs.



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In such a divisive time it’s good to know that the men and women who serve this great country still have time to draw giant dicks in the sky. It’s the little things folks... the REAL BIG little things.

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Marine Times: Look To The Sky - The Triumphant Return of the Sky Penis Is Upon Us:

Fox News: Air Force Dogfight Exercise Accidentally Formed ‘Sky Penis’ Officials Say:

Navy Times: Navy disciplines aviators who drew penis in the sky:

Ken Sham and his not-ironically-named foundation Answers In Genesis are back in troubled waters. This time suing their insurance company to pay for damages they didn’t suffer. Because nothing says godliness like trying to hustle $1 million on bogus claims.

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Brie Larson puts the JUNK in press junket but will her progressive poison kill box office numbers or will the fanboys come crawling back like an abusive relationship? I show that one man’s google search is another woman’s “study”. Why are people suddenly acting like there have never been strong female characters EVER in the history of cinema? And do women in western culture actually miss being marginalized and being “victims”? And, a squirrel dressed like a shark eating an avocado.
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Are you one of the many frustrated Americans who hears what people are saying but want to know what they REALLY mean by their clear, concise, and carefully chosen words? Sure. We all do. Thank goodness the ladies of The View are here to guide us through the endless dog whistling that even the person(s) speaking the words are deaf to. Aside from their uncanny skills of deciphering the cryptic English language they also provide keen insight to a litany of cherry picked and misleading half truths. We also see the left prove that a wall works while trying to prove that a wall doesn't work and Jim The Dim Acosta's secret identity is finally revealed.

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The DC Shorts video “Democrats On Immigration, Before and After Trump”:

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Why wait for a Christmas miracle when you have the Flex Seal family of products at your disposal? Merry Christmas to all creatures great and small... except for those fishes that keep badmouthing Phil and smoking all of his pot. Totally fish lipped it man!

A look into the $15/hr minimum wage and the REAL impacts of the proposed hike. As with most progressive policies, very little thought is given to the TRUE cost. Just a utopian vision of a world where if it feels good it must be good while turning a blind eye to the dystopian reality of third-world-like conditions amidst growing unemployment and homelessness in some of the once most prosperous states in the union.
As with all of my videos of you’d like to see links to my sources they are all attached to my videos on YouTube.
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If quitting drugs were as easy as quitting jobs I’d probably be at work right now. As it is I’m here... doing this. I’ll get to the point. Eventually. I like to cover current events but by the time I post they are not-so-current-events. You see, not only do I have attention deficit disorder but I am a procratin... just saw a squirrel on a wire outside my window. I’ll finish this in a little bit.