Stalin-Hitler pact (1) deniers May 9, 2018 Putin and Netanyahu march under the red flag showing the world their communist pride. Anti-Christian Stalin invaded Poland 16 days after Hitler. Stalin's thugs wiped out 22,000+ high level Poles at Katyn Forest. (2) Same Stalin starved 3.6+ million Ukrainians to death in a Holodomor. (3) Between Lenin and Stalin the death toll was 100+ million. (4) Yet PM Morrison would recoil at the thought of parading with the grandchildren of the NS (National Socialists) that killed less. 100,000+ NS soldiers were Jewish. (5)
3. (numbers are very conservative)

Quick easy free VPN how-to that bypasses the Australian Government's Bitchute channel censorship. On record, I don't agree with the content on most of the blocked channels. As seen in this video, the blocked content I was trying to watch, was nothing more than an Australian ABC interview with an Australian lobbyist.

Political lobbyist and nice Jewish guy, Dr. Dvir Abramovich on ABC radio talking about his "terrorist" fears in Australia.

Bitchute is great, but spending hours here each day listening to folks re-reading MSM garbage is wasting time. You know what's going on - now take that power and go wake the sheep at the King Bulan brainwashing camps!

Take a 12 minute break from the depressing NWO rubbish. Aussie larrikin 'Edwin Wilson' livens up the 'Hard Quiz' lefty game show crowd. (we all paid for it, so might as well watch some of it too) Full version.. SE5 EP34

Flashback 9 Dec 2020 Senate passed Bill giving foreign troops and police the power to control Australian Citizens...
Video on this page is from Mayor T2 ...

China preyed upon Australia during the 2019 droughts, buying up our land for next to nothing. This at a time when farmer suicides were being reported weekly. I also show how the Chicoms are well versed at cloud seeding - rain making. With conniving friends like China, who needs enemies?

8+ months on, lying Dr Jeannette Young still has her governmental job deciding when to lock down Queensland (Australia) over her Covid-19 scares. How many other cases have they lied about?

April 2020 Monash University (Australia) reported that a safe repurposed drug called Ivermectin kills Covid-19. Pleads for trial funding were ignore by the Government. Doctors around the world ran with the info and have had amazing results. 10+ months and countless deaths later, the WHO February 5th 2021 finally said Ivermectin is "promising" but in a PROCRASTINATING tone. They want you stabbed with mRNA-GMO and /or cloned baby fetus "jabs" - not give us a cheap tablet with 40 years of safe history use and a Noble Prize in 2015.

* Dr Kory's December 8th 2020 US Senate testimony video
* Dr Pierre Kory's website
* 'The Doctors' TV segment 02/08/21
*Monash April 2020,-Ivermectin,-eliminates-SARS-CoV-2-in-cells-in-48-hours

Dr. Manny Espinoza was a critically ill COVID-19 patient who was quickly deteriorating. His wife, also a physician, learned of the FLCCC's MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol and acted quickly to have her husband flown to United Memorial Medical Center in Houston to give him access to the drug that would save his life.

February 12th, 2021 (usually) center right Daily Mail bans quotes from their own site and the CDC about deaths from the GMO stabs. CDC database and my DM quote txt file.

VAERS public database details of people with and without underlying conditions, dying shortly after the Covid jabs. NOTE 1 minute intro is my screen-cap with search set to 2019-2021. (tired eyes) My results are NOT shown in this video. 1.04 minutes onward the lady (I'm not related too) is talking about her recent "30 day search...8,000" results from the same CDC website circa late January 2021. CDC database results will only return COVID entries since December 14th 2020 when the jabs first started. and easy to view Zipped text database files saved in the video with zip password "covid"

A split for Australia - Today Tonight (Australia) Aired: July 18, 2007. "It's official. New immigration figures from the Bureau of Statistics show Australia is being split in two. Migrants from Asia now outnumber those from Europe and New Zealand, while multicultural Australia is now divided by race."

Australian TV talk host Tracy Grimshaw March 2020 used the "new world order" term that her own MSM had been discrediting for decades as a 'conspiracy theory' pushed by 'crack-pots'.

If they existed, where are they now? Encased in lead and placed at prime capitals of the world used for blackmail?

Remember the old days....way back in time, just 6 months ago? Seems just like yesterday.

BEFORE the Covid-19 BS, the CCP were running job ad's for biologists with bat experience. Original:

Step back in time to the 1990's and watch and hear Joe Biden's good friend Hillary Clinton in the 1990's praise a "one world government" conspiracy FACT! Who are the real traitor terrorists?

We don't have to believe this garbage, but most of the nut-balls that rule our Freedoms from our Courts and Parliaments, do! Australian Canberra Parliament House was designed by one of them called Walter Burley Griffin.

Concerns: Newborn blood taken without parents consent. 1997 cards were seized by the WA police and used for law enforcement purposes. Inadvertent DNA bank-potential database. Cards potential sale for commercial gain to eg drug companies. Unlawful research. Cards potential use for secondary purposes egpaternity testing, insurance assessments. Read more.

RAW George Floyd police footage you'll never see on Australian TV

Straight from the PCR test inventors mouth. Kiwi fruit juice, Coke, goat saliva, paw-paw juice etc have tested positive using the PCR test too.


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