Department store BIG-W pushes "WELCOME TO SEX" books onto Australian children. Yeah, because every "mature 8 year old" needs to know how wonderful gentile mutilation and anal sex is.

Fantastic documentary to show Nanna. Presenter Bill Still, is easy to follow on the usury topic Jews would rather have Nanna carry on believing is complicated. Audio fixed. (it was too soft for Nanna's Kodi player)

50 years ago, back in 1973 Australia's tax funded ABC television station promoted a small hand full sick men that still today go by the name 'Club of Rome'. They shared their un-elected world concerns generated by "Australia's largest computer".

"Informed consent" was a lie, yet the liars still walk free. Why? How many people would have taken the jabs if they knew the crap would get into their brains and reproductive organs? Govt-doc >

I'm too disgusted to think of a video description.

TGA boss John Skerritt hid the deaths of Australian children that his jabs murdered.

Melbourne 29/01/23 - Sikh terrorists attack Hindus in Australia over dumb shit they all didn't leave at front door before entering Australia. This is just the start of these turds trying to change us into the third world shit holes they ran away from.
Where's anti-terror ASIO, paranoid jews like Dvir Abramovic and the Lowy Institute?
Nah, they only get on the telly moaning when a dozen Anglo dick heads try to warn all about
multiculturalism, multireligonism farking up Australia.

It's not what they say - it's who they poke!
Ever notice the bad guys (and their offspring) JFK warned about in 1961 have never been jailed?

Australian MSM has finally lost it's fricking mind. Odd how they won't mention which antivials they want doctors to give out. Off label cheap Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and off the chemist shelf Quercetin, won't be on that list.

So you had the de-population jabs and now you have 'turbo cancer'? THE WEATHER CAUSED IT! Well, that's the latest bullshit from the broken English science freaks we fund at Monash University. (same place where Moderna's setting up a clot-shop)

Micheal West talks about Josh and Scott's BILLIONS in thefts from the Australian people.

Note: This poor guy is also a hard core jib-jabber. (seen in his other videos)

Good news, only "the chosen" will survive. The rest will die after their evil governments (not the loving Australian government) corrupt the useless eater's DNA via vaccines. Ow hang on, but the so called Australian government has jabbed it's citizens with DNA altering crap. Calm down, it's OK, this is just a TV show. Besides, the DNA altering crap the Australian government is using, is "safe and effective".

107 acre memorial for 2 QLD cops coming soon - but still no memorials for 14 Aussie's officially mRNA jab murdered by their own Government. He's got a funny sounding voice, but QLD Senator Gerard Rennick has one hell of a truth punch!


Back in the long long ago, before 'Minority Report Australia', there were dreadful 'thought criminals' in Klaus Schwab's post 12/12/22 great rest, new normal Australia that openly spoke about being, "free" and "sovereign". This 2008 blast from the freedom past is a teaching aid tool for the lazy, woke, good for nothing useless eaters, that have never worked a hard day in their lives. Yes this training video is for the paranoid folks at the 'Lucky Larry "WTC7 pull it" Frank Lowy Institute'

Fellow bacon eaters that have read this far - this is Mark's three part talk rolled into one. He loves all folks, no matter what colour. His un-kosher beef in 2008 was with QEII and her family that set-up-shop on his Nanna's prized veggie garden a couple hundred years ago. Watch at your own risk. Hail Lord Rothschilds!
Original part 1 link:

After the tragic Queensland 12/12/22 killings, 'The System' is openly targeting "Sovereign Citizens" as possible 'cop killers'. This 2012 documentary is from the old days when "Sovereign Citizens" just wanted their private property imported into our great land without being shaken down by wolves in sheep suits.
MEMO to the Lowy Institute: Bad news you Lucky "WTC7 pull it" Larry and Frank lovers - in the 10 years since making this fun documentary, Scott Bartle hasn't killed anyone.
Mirrored from:

Original video title: "Rod Culleton Australia’s constitution - Whitlam’s secret letters to the Queen, 1973. Part 1"
Original video title: "Rod Culleton Australia’s constitution - Whitlam’s secret letters to the Queen, 1973. Part 2"

21/12/22 interviewer Dave Oneegs asks ONP Senator Malcolm Roberts his thoughts on "geoengineering". Senator Roberts avoids the global 'geoengineering' topic and switches to localised "cloud seeding" programs instead.
In the full interview, Senator Roberts tells how he's made the CSIRO and NASA pull their socks up over other issues. Yet the Senator doesn't know about US geo-engineers (criminals) joking about millions dying from "geoengineering"?

Full interview:

After that Queensland shootings of six people on 12/12/22 the Australian MSM are trying to label those like Dave Oneegs as 'cop killers'. Such agendas are 'cock blocked' while Federal Government members have similar views. Maybe ASIO and the paranoid 'chosen ones' at the Frank Lowy Institute (Frankie knew lucky "pull it" Larry whom won big time on his insurance payouts when the WTC was attacked on September 11, 2001 and 3,000 died) thinks Senator Roberts is a 'domestic terrorist person of interest' too?

"Vaccinated" (gmo-jabs) fresh blood is immediately viewed under a microscope. The pathologist is looking for evidence of rouleaux (red blood cells clumping) and graphene oxide.

Game over Queensland (Australia) anti-clot-shoters and other conspiracy loonys! Queensland's 'top cop' has a wide paint brush with your name on it!

Remember Henry Kissinger's boy Klaus Schwab back in 1987? Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke does - he hung out with the turd. Same 'Fabian' Hawke that covered up for his mates raping his daughter.
1987 pecking order: Rockefellers >> Henry Kissinger >> Klaus Schwab >> Bob Hawke >> Australian people


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