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the deception behind the creation of promissory notes that the peoples blindly call money.

Good morning, Im still reporting on: The Money Masters. After 21 years, at last our 1996 documentary, “The Money Masters” arrives on this channel. Synopsis: The history of the debt.

Full documentary films - The Money Masters - The rise of the bankers

Active Measures, a documentary featuring Hillary Clinton and John McCain, is a comprehensive and at times frenetic analysis of Trump’s relationship with Russia.

Published on Jun 27, 2013
I put this together for those that might be distracted with kids or work and choose to listen rather than read the full document. I hope it is helpful and please visit the links below and share with others. Thanks!

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, full read by: GP Studio - brolance.

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USA Inc Depopulation & You - Deborah Tavares Trevor Coppola - Conspiracy Con
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Published on Jan 31, 2013
Judy Wood is one of the first and foremost supporters of the hypothesis that so-called (imaginary) "Directed Energy Weapons" were used to destroy the World Trade Center Twin Towers on 9/11.

This topic is discussed and analyzed in this interview between Wood and Dr. Greg Jenkins (of DC 9/11 Truth) on January 10th, 2007. The relevant features of Judy Wood's "hypothesis" are discussed and shown to be wholly inadequate and unscientific (ridiculous in fact!).

Many of Wood's weakly supported arguments rely on misinterpretations about "what happened" that are subsequently used to advance misleading explanations for "how it happened".

The topic covered in this interview is also dealt with extensively in Dr. Jenkins' paper: The Overwhelming Implausibility of Using Directed Energy Beams to Demolish the World Trade Center (PDF), available at the following link:

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Published on May 29, 2017

Published on Jul 23, 2017
Where do YOUR tax dollars go?
PROOF! U.N. Schools teach Jihadi TERROR WorldWide!
An R$E Production 2017.

David Bedein,

Dr. Anthony Harper,

Paul Calvert, Reporter for Cross Rhythms Christian Radio,

Kai (Engel) - Somnolence
Kai (Engel) - Imminence
Kai (Engel) - Cloudburst

This video is part of a 2017 Documentary Series filmed and presented by David Bass for R$E in Israel.

Real Journalism, that matters.
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More info: HAMAS - (Hebrew - 2555. chamas) - cruelty, damage, false, injustice, oppressor, unrighteous, violence

From chamac; violence; by implication, wrong; by meton. Unjust gain -- cruel(-ty), damage, false, injustice, oppressor, unrighteous, violence (against, done), violent (dealing), wrong.

PALESTINE - The English word "Philistine" and the modern term "Palestine" come from Old French Philistin.

All Roads Lead to Rome - The term "Palestine" came from the name that the conquering Roman Empire gave the ancient Land of Israel / Judea in an attempt to obliterate and de-legitimize the Jewish presence in the Holy Land.

"There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians. Palestinians are Arabs, indistinguishable from Jordanians (another recent invention), Syrians, Iraqis, etc. Keep in mind that the Arabs control 99.9 percent of the Middle East lands. Israel represents one-tenth of one percent of the landmass. But that's too much for the Arabs. They want it all. And that is ultimately what the fighting in Israel is about today... No matter how many land concessions the Israelis make, it will never be enough."
- Joseph Farah, "Myths of the Middle East"

"There is no such country as Palestine. 'Palestine' is a term the Zionists invented. There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria. 'Palestine' is alien to us. It is the Zionists who introduced it."
- Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, Syrian Arab leader to British Peel Commission, 1937

"There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not."
- Professor Philip Hitti, Arab historian, 1946

"It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but Southern Syria".
- Representant of Saudi Arabia at the United Nations, 1956

Published on May 2, 2018
A discussion: The REAL powers that operate behind the powers that be.

Published on Nov 2, 2015
On Thursday, September 9, 2015 I interviewed author Rebekah Roth about her new book 'Methodical Deception'. New information she has recovered about the 9/11 false flag event will shock you to your core. This bombshell evidence destroys the "official story", forever. Israeli Mossad involvement in the 9/11 false flag attacks can no longer be denied.

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Published on Aug 30, 2018
An alleged #Soviet spy operation used children as "honey pots" in the west, to lure #politicians and business leaders into committing crimes so they could be blackmailed. We speak with an expert tied to witnesses on these claims, and conduct additional research to support their validity.

***Story Info!

Original story title: Researcher Reports Soviets Created Child Trafficking Rings in the West for Blackmail

Original article:

Credits: Written by Joshua Philipp, hosted by Gina Shakespeare, video edited by Caden Pearson and Alexander Nilsen.

This is the FULL MOVIE! - The Internet's Own Boy depicts the life of American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and Internet activist Aaron Swartz. It features interviews with his family and friends as well as the internet luminaries who worked with him. The film tells his story up to his eventual suicide after a legal battle, and explores the questions of access to information and civil liberties that drove his work.

Director / Producer: Brian Knappenberger

Clinton Cash is an investigation of the foreign benefactors of Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. It investigates alleged connections between Clinton Foundation donors and Hillary Clinton’s work at the State Department.

Published on Mar 26, 2016
Antony Cyril Sutton (February 14, 1925 -- June 17, 2002) was a British-born economist, historian, and writer. Most importantly, he was a very respectable and intelligent human being who obviously wanted the best for mankind by exposing facts that others would rather keep hidden.

Eric 777
Streamed live on May 31, 2018
Why Alex Jones is so successful at deceiving the people
How Ted Turner Created Alex Jones Infowars
Alex Jones On Mark Passio & Occultism

Journalist and Broadcaster Sonia Poulton explores the history of paedophile allegations in British Politics. Support these films by becoming my patron on Patreon! Excellent resource for online historic cuttings:

A New Standard for Deception, The 9/11 NIST WTC Report June 4, 2006, Chicago. 9/11 Revealing the Truth - Reclaiming Our Future Conference Kevin Ryan, former lab manger and scientist at Underwriter Lab finds significant discrepancies in the USA's official 9/11 World Trade Center reports. Kevin has read the entire 10,000 pages of the reports. He explains in detail why the report is not accurate and in many cases is misleading. He shows the official investigation was unscientific and deceptive through out the investigation. He shows report findings that are in direct contradiction to the actual physical testing - the floor models did not collapse! Kevin Ryan provides solid scientific analysis of the USA's official 9/11 reports. This show and Dr. Steven Jones show - 9/11 Revisited: Scientific and Ethical Questions are good companion shows. -- Produced: 2006, Episode: 911TV KR1-NSD, 58:28, Category: Education

Published on Oct 17, 2011
A classic interview by Professor Antony Sutton, who taught economics at California State University, and was a research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution.

Read "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution" here:

Published on Apr 1, 2018
Fake news is everywhere. This is something everyone should be aware about. Is US Media, Broadcasting groups such as Sinclair controlling us? Is censorship, propaganda, real? What will happen if we keep getting brainwashed? Let me know down in the comments below.

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Ayn Rand: Individual Rights — A brilliant explanation of the natural rights of man, the free state, and the US Constitution's explicit intent to preserve individual freedom.

Starbird Disagrees
Published on Mar 21, 2018
Following up my former video, today we debunk some bad stats, dismantle some bad arguments and hopefully give you all some reponses next time people start trying to misinform you about the current situation in South Africa.

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Published on Nov 2, 2012
Using the 1992 presidential election as his springboard, documentary filmmaker Brian Springer captures the behind-the-scenes maneuverings of politicians and newscasters in the early 1990s. Pat Robertson banters about "homos," Al Gore learns how to avoid abortion questions, George Bush talks to Larry King about halcyon -- all presuming they're off camera. Composed of 100% unauthorized satellite footage, Spin is a surreal expose of media-constructed reality.

Brian Springer

Published on Apr 29, 2017

This is a two and a half hour documentary on the 1966 Iron Mountain Report, requested by John F. Kennedy’s administration. This explosive document caused a great stir around the world. It is the agenda of the elite on the methodology of a complete takeover of the United States and the world, via the introduction of Alternatives to War. Iron Mountain suggested such world wide threats as Gross Pollution, UFO’s and the rise of the United Nations with an all powerful Police Force. This DVD documentary takes you step by step through the highlights of the Iron Mountain Report and proves that it is being carried out. President Obama’s NATIONAL HEALTH CARE PROGRAM that was pushed through Congress is right out of IRON MOUNTAIN. Few people realize how important the Iron Mountain Report actually is!! This DVD is fully documented with official documents, laws and maps, etc. This is the DVD that started it all!! This documentary is considered the CLASSIC IN ITS FIELD.


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