Vocals: Kanda Sayaka as Yuna
Lyrics: Kajiura Yuki
Composition: Kajiura Yuki
Arrangement: Kajiura Yuki

I lost your words of kindness
in the darkness
Even your final prayer quietly vanished

Dawn is far and you are alone
In a dream without exits
Only tears illuminated your path

There’s a song that withers away without reaching anyone
It all ends without even a single sorrow expressed
You simply cried silently

A noise is cut short
and someone counted each time it happened

My fated one who brings the light isn’t coming
while the stagnated time is frozen in spots

With a blade that honed my fears in my hands
You and I are hurt again and again
while holding each other

Your voice crumbled away without getting anywhere
No one even noticed your disappearing
as you became another number so casually

I believe that you’ll be by my side
someday in the light

We have no forms
We’ll go to a world that has one
I searched for the path that we’ll return on someday

I forgot the voice of someone who is kind
Searching for it, I wander on a path that is far too long
You simply cried silently
My path came to an end before long

Vocals: Kanda Sayaka as Yuna

Yasashii kotoba o
Nakushita yami no naka
Saigo no inori mo shizuka ni kiete itta

Yoake wa tooku kimi wa hitori
Deguchi no nai yume no naka de
Namida dake ga michi o terashita

Dare ni mo todokazu kuchite yuku uta ga aru
Kanashimi hitotsu mo kanaderarezu ni owaru
Koe mo naku kimi wa tada naita

Noizu ga togirete
Dareka ga kazu o kazoeta

Hikari o motarasu sadame no hito wa konai
Yodonda jikan wa madara ni kooritsuite

Osore o toida yaiba o te ni
Dakishimeau katachi o shite
Kimi to boku wa kizu o kasaneta

Doko ni mo todokazu kimi no koe wa tsuieta
Kieyuku koto sae dare mo kizukanu mama ni
Muzousa ni suuji o fuyashita

Itsuka hikari no naka de
Soba ni ite kureru to shinjita

Katachi no nai boku-tachi wa
Katachi no aru sekai e to
Itsuka kaeru michi o sagashita

Wasurete shimatta yasashii hito no koe o
Sagashite samayou michi wa doko made tooi
Koe mo naku kimi wa tada naita
Michi wa yagate todaeta

"Renai Circulation" (Japanese: 恋愛サーキュレーション; lit. "Love Circulation") is the fourth opening theme of Bakemonogatari, the anime adaptation of the Monogatari light novel series. Although the theme was only used for two episode, the song has since became one of the most recognizable in the series, with it inspiring many musical covers and remixes.
Bakemonogatari was produced by animation studio SHAFT and first aired in Japan from July 3, 2009 to September 25, 2009, where the series centers around the protagonist Koyomi Araragi, who deals with deities and spirits that reflect people's inner problems. "Renai Circulation" was composed by Satoru Kosaki and sung by Japanese voice actress Kana Hanazawa[1], and was used as the theme song for the "Nadeko Snake" arc, where Koyomi Araragi tries to help Nadeko Sengoku get rid of a curse that will eventually kill her without treatment.

Platinum Disco is the third opening theme of the Nisemonogatari anime .It was performed by Yuka Iguchi , who voices Tsukihi Araragi . During the TV broadcast, it was featured on Tsukihi Phoenix: Part 1 , Part 2 & Part 3 . the home media release, its usage was expanded to Part 4 .

It is also featured as the seventh opening theme of Koyomimonogatari in Episode 07.
Very cool!
Oh good!

And taking only one step in the world of one side platinum if overlook
when you dance together in the crush of the breast that does not stop even until
that day found the moon today in Kimi's back
is shining sparkling glanced at the night sky like a mirror ball

that will change unchanged those tired-ish I
first knew I swear this eternity to you

for happy Platinum
is painful platinum
from being out Platinum tears
Why, why discotic

Opening song and sequence from the anime series Nisemonogatari
kesa me ga sametara wasurechatta
yume no tudzuki mata atashi wo matteita
unmei dayo kore hottokenai
riyuu ga arun’da seigi no mikata dakara
moeru kono ondo ni tokeru sono kotae wa
kiyoku tadashiku soshite kakkoyoku nakun’ ja nee?

te wo tsunagi dokomademo ikou atama yori saki ni hayaku
kimi to nara dokomademo ikeru kitto zutto motto

When I woke up this morning I forgot
Just what I was dreaming about – but this has got to be fate
It’s there waiting for me; I can’t just leave things as they are
After all, I’m a friend to justice!
Melting at this burning temperature, isn’t the only answer to
Purely, justly, and of course awesomely, cry?

Hand in hand let’s go as far as we can! Faster than we can think about it!
As long as we’re together I’m sure we can make it anywhere! Let’s keep going forever!

Yosuga no Sora Anime OST, composed by Manack and Bruno-Wen Li.


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