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Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi's emotional address to the AfD fraction at the German Parliament receives a rousing standing ovation and thunderous applause (Nov 12, 2023!)
An astonishing revelatory speech by Professor Sucharit Bhakdi! It is the clearest explanation of the horrendous damage done to the human body by every mRNA jab. He points out that this has now been proven beyond any doubt. And that all mRNA jabs must be stopped. Immediately.

The Europeans have been deceived and misled by cartel politicians.

The largest medical vaccination scandal has been confirmed by the equally failing EMA (European Medicines Agency). The EMA has provided brief answers to a number of important questions about the corona vaccines. Startling answers that do not contradict what some politicians and round table doctors proclaim !!

Marcel de Graaff, member of the European Parliament, tells of the shocking facts about the Covid19 shots found in a response from the European Medicines Agency. Press conference was at November the 21th, 2023

Marcel is talking here about the Dutch government, but someone edited the original video to make it even more relevant to New Zealand. Watch, and you'll see.

Original video:

On 2 November 2023 this song was released as an official Beatles song. Wanna hear the whole story, go here: Listen here to John Lennon´s original:

Last day a new song from the Beatles was released, based on this original. The Beatles version you can find here:

Turkish photographer combines two contrasting images resulting in...well, experience yourself.

Crazy ratrace wonderfully characterized.

What if you visit a place where you’re confronted with our history that turns out to be much different than the one you were always led to believe? How a false narrative has managed to keep the whole foundation of our being in its grip by shifting reality into myths.
A story of how oppression and fear have kept us from developing our primal forces for thousands of years, which are now being reclaimed worldwide. Because it's just in our human DNA and it's easier to reclaim than once thought.

A mind-boggling experimental quest by documentarian Marijn Poels into our distant past to win back our primal code again

Additional info:
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Bosnian Pyramids:
Building Pyramids []
Sardinia: []
Electroculture: []
The ancient Ruines of Southern Africa: []
The gaints of Sardinia: []
Goran Marjanovic []

This 'Global Health Hub' is the prelude to a totalitarian global dictatorship with a social credit system, designed in a modern guise.

In the 🎦 of July 4, Swiss lawyer Philip Kruse explains the consequences to the 🇪🇺 EP.

Tedros can declare a health crisis at the push of a button. Everything the WHO recommends will eventually become mandatory. There is no longer effective protection of fundamental rights at country level.

Bill Gates has a part too.

THIS WILL OPEN ANYONES HEART! Enjoy the mesmerizing performance of this Dutch girl. The intro, spoken by conductor André Rieu, starts in Dutch, but goes on in English soon. Mirrored from:

English translation:

Listen to me,
The singer, not yet fully realized.
Speak of me,
To your loved ones, to your friends.
Speak to them of the girl with dark eyes and her wild dreams.
All I desire is to pen tales that touch your soul.
That's truly all.

Here I am, here I am, revealing my essence.
Even when laid bare, I'm fearful, yes.
I stand amidst the noise and the silence.

See me, or at least what remains of me,
Look before I loathe what I see.
What can I convey that others haven't already said?
It might seem small, but everything I am, I lay it out here, just so.

Here I stand, this is who I truly am,
Even when exposed, I persist.
It's my voice, my outcry, here I am, regardless,
Right here, right now,
My dreams, my desires, as they tear me apart, as they make me laugh,
I exist amidst the clamor and the quiet.

Please don't leave; I implore you to stay awhile.
It might not be my salvation, no,
But living without you, I can't fathom how.
Love me as you'd love a friend departing forever,
I yearn for that love, for I struggle to embrace my own edges.

Here I am, here I stand, revealing my essence.
Even when stripped bare, the journey concludes.
I exist amidst the clamor and the tempest.
Behold me, truly, see my eyes, my hands.
All that I embody is right here, my voice, my outcry.
This is me, unwavering and true.
Here and now, I stand before you.

Improved version!

It's a phone recording of his live stream talk.

¨If wars can be started by lies, then they can be stopped by TRUTH.¨ - Julian Assange

Written and directed by Juan Passarelli

Hear what she said about the threats she experienced before her death.

Ted Gunderson tries to prove this within the timespan of an hour.

Download The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman:

THE COMMITTEE OF 300: The destruction and control of America and the World. The depopulation of millions of innocent people. The public execution of President John F. Kennedy. The control of U.S. Elections and elections around the world. The release of AIDS and deadly viruses.
This is the work of the insidious Committee of 300. How long will America and humanity allow them to continue this rule of corruption, death and destruction? They will not give up their power. It must be forcibly removed from them. They are moving forward with the following agenda unless we stop them.

The Intent and Purpose of the Committee of 300 is to Bring to Pass the Following Conditions:
A One World Government and one-unit monetary system under permanent non-elected hereditary Oligarch's who self select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population.
Read more here:

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Meet Philippe Argillier, owner of the 4 largest databanks in the world.

We dialogued regarding politics, corruption, intel, shadow governments, and the power of high consciousness.

While Mr. Argillier could not reveal certain details due to confidentiality agreements, he shared what transpires behind the scenes with the people who make decisions about actions that will impact the global population.

At 43:48, Philippe has a message for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

More info:

Download: Committee of 300 by John Coleman:

Interviewed by Stew Peters.

THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT: In 2018 it was already decided to remove President Trump from the White House. Trump will never be allowed to win the 2024 Election. The Biden Administration is under the control of the Shadow Government. Facebook owned by U.S. Government. Covid-19 planned.

The Shadow Government is the Committee of 300 and Bill Gates is one of the current members of the Committee of 300 which controls all the affairs of the world except for Russia and China.

The Committee of 300 also controls the Pedophile systems around the world and all the major human trafficking networks which involve 8 million innocent children a year who are raped, tortured and murdered.

There will never be fair elections in the United States and around the world until the Committee of 300 is removed from our society. They will not let President Trump or Robert F. Kennedy Jr. become President of the United States in 2024.

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Download The Comittee of 300 from John Coleman:


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