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David Icke, spot on!

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11:20 on Syria
16:40 on Beirut Harbour
24:10 on Russia & Ukraine
27:30 on media freedom of speech
44:20 on risks of nuclear war
1:03:40 on invasion of Iraq

German journalist persecuted and her (and her father´s) bank account blocked for sharing what's happening in Ukraine. Free speech is no longer allowed. What's at stake for the #EU? With Dutch subtitles.

Reiner Fuellmich is a German Lawyer who has collected enough evidence to prosecute multiple nations for using COVID as a crime against humanity.

I was a transgender woman for 8 years
My name is Walt Heyer and in April of 1983 I had gender reassignment surgery. At first I was giddy for the fresh start. But hormones and sex change genital surgery couldn’t solve the underlying issues driving my gender dysphoria.

I detransitioned more than 25 years ago. I learned the truth: Hormones and surgery may alter appearances, but nothing changes the immutable fact of your sex.

I met a wonderful woman who didn’t care about the changes to my body, and we’ve been married for over 20 years. Now we help others whose lives have been derailed by sex change.

Recorded April 3, 1969

A transcript of the 1967 audio recording by Myron Fagan (1887-1972) can be found here:

Well spoken!


In 1961, these WW1 veterans returned to Flanders Fields and came face-to-face with their former enemy.

What would you have done in WWI? Visit to discover more.

Created by artist Simon Weckert

By wheeling a handcart of smartphones running maps down the street, this artist created traffic jams to display how much power virtual maps have over society.

How much proof does one need?

Lester Levenson is a great teacher of how to release limited programs from your system and be free.
The Lester Levenson talks were recorded in 1984 during a nine-day intensive. These rare recordings were recorded on a home video camera on extended play. We have done our best to sharpen the image and balance the color so that you can have the direct experience of Lester's message. Enjoy!
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Robert Maynard Pirsig (/ˈpɜːrsɪɡ/; September 6, 1928 – April 24, 2017) was an American writer and philosopher. He was the author of the philosophical novel ´Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values.´ (1974)

The book:

Another conspiracy theory coming true


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