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Eric Clapton had (and still has) a lot of problems after the first, and more after the second shot.

Funny approach

Jeroen Pols ´connects the dots´ op kundige wijze.

In One Castle Street, Bakewell, opposite the house where John grew up from the age of 12, John hosts the first 'after breakfast chat' with the retreat group on 30 April 2019 covering a wide range of issues raised by the guests:

- the discipline of not talking
- if you have nothing to say, say nothing
- how to overcome depression
- how do we clear the mind?
- raising consciousness above the mind
- 'working' at meditation v. coming to rest
- letting go of results
- meditation in daily life
- remembrance as a grace
- establishing good habits to aid meditation
- the 3 ways - knowledge, action, devotion
- follow your heart

The group ends with a spontaneous rendition of "How great Thou art."

Professor Emeritus of Microbiology at the University of Mainz
Military medal Order of Merit of Rhineland-Palatinate
Military medal Aronson Prize for achievements in Microbiology and Immunology

How science is blocked by the dogmatic viewpoint: peer reviewed? Interesting speaker

People with a conscience seem to form a minority; their power is greater than the majority that is corrupt/

Listen and get to your heart if you weren´t there already

Fear lowers your frequency and paralyses your abilities. Understand how to overcome fear, and live your freedom not tomorrow as a dream, but allways already right now.

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On Friday April 30, 2021, Dr. Breggin was scheduled to have a live Q & A following this one hour pre-recorded talk about COVID -19 and the Global Predators. Instead, the predators intervened and they pulled the plug on the entire marvelous three-day conference minutes before I spoke. The conference , Truth over Fear, is produced by Patrick Coffin, whom we much admire. With amazing resilience, Patrick put up the conference again on Friday May 7th through May 9th to an increased audience of over 50,000 people. Patrick is a model of how we must fight for our free speech rights and create our own institutions and platforms. This inspired talk by Dr. Breggin is one of 40 talks given at the conference, many by friends of Peter and Ginger and leaders in rising about COVID-19 to save America, including physicians Peter McCullough, "Zev" Zelenko and Elizabeth Lee Vliet. We urge you to listen to as much of the conference as you can at

Peter and Ginger Breggin’s book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators, can be ordered in advance of publication through As a bonus, the purchaser will immediately be emailed the 400 page manuscript with its 800 citations so that you can have all the information before the print book arrives, probably in July.


Stephen T. Manning: Administrator of the Integrity Ireland Association for justice, transparency & accountability; and a prospective (genuinely) independent candidate for Co. Mayo.
On Twitter he stated:
Apparently, it's causing quite a stir Guys.. a 100% total victory. Not an inch given, and the criminal Cabal in the Irish Courts is now completely exposed!

30 years ago Dr. Fauci was already bussy with his dark agenda

Dr Fauci has no connection with sincerity

Op 10 mei was de uitspraak in het kort geding van Viruswaarheid tegen de Staat, over de legitimiteit van Corona maatregelen-wet. Viruswaarheid verloor.

Om 16.00 uur 10 mei 2021 was er een persconferentie van Viruswaarheid over die uitspraak. Potkaars was er bij en zond het live uit via YouTube. Deze is onmiddellijk na uitzending door YouTube weggecensureerd.

The argument of Chris Sky: it is your own response ability people! Must listen!

Hoogtepunten uit de lezing van Marcel Messing oktober 2018 getiteld 'Met een glimlach de wereld door'

Mother speaks powerful from the Heart.

We love exceptional music and musicians, and we'd like to hear from you if you are one.

It was guesswork, assumptions and blatantly false

Injection for Death Row

In den beginne
Hoe een boek over teksten op 6000 jaar oude kleitabletten je veilige werkelijkheid omver kan gooien. Hoe die oude teksten in de Bijbel terechtkwamen of tot mythe werden verklaard en hoe de recente wetenschappelijke ontdekkingen keer op keer die gebeurtenissen bevestigen. Het is een actief proces. In den beginne, het begint pas.
Hoe kennis en inzicht de werkelijkheid veranderen kan.
Uitgezonden op maandag 5 januari 2004, RVU, NED 3

Een televisieprogramma van Bram Vermeulen voor de RVU, live opgenomen op locatie met een klein select publiek. Bram Vermeulen vertelt over ervaringen die veroorzaakten dat hij anders over dingen ging denken. Een programma over nieuwsgierigheid, want één ding staat vast: zonder verandering geen evolutie. Geschreven en verteld (en gezongen) door Bram Vermeulen in nauwe samenwerking met Shireen Strooker (scriptontwikkeling en regie).

Testimony given March 10, 2021.

If you like Alex Jones or not, just consider the facts presented.


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