Hitler's words on the negative impact the Zionist controlled media had on the relations between the people of the US and the German Third Reich.

Naturally we believe in our own race, any man or woman worth anything believes in his own race as he believes in his own family, but because you believe in your own family or your own race doesn't mean you want to injure other races or other families. On the contrary you will do them any good turn that you can.
They talk to what they call multiracialism. Take humanity put it in a bag, shake it up together, and heaven knows what would come out. We can live in peace and friendship, side-by-side, in separate Nations, and separate developments, but we can not have the mix-up of separate peoples and races who are widely different and divergent it will lead to nothing but trouble.
You're living in a historic hour when the period, this period comes to be written and then look back at, if we did right, stood firm, if we stood greatly, it will be a matter of honour and of veneration for generations to come.
I could not ask to live in any other moment of History than this! Because never has mankind, never has the human species, been confronted with such possibilities, with such choices; of disaster or of greater heights and greater glories.
My friends do live in that sense that you are Englishmen, that you are European. That you come from people who have faced tremendous odds, again and again, that much is against you, but you've got within you that will, that spirit and above all that faith and that belief! Which will lead the generations to come! To look back at you, in the pages of history, with proud words: TO ENGLAND TO BRITAIN TO EUROPE THEY WERE TRUE!

One of the best and the same time one the saddest documentaries I've seen on the topic. Learn about what these Jews did the Czars, the slavic peoples, and their Christian nations. A lot of what you are about to see a very evil and disturbing.

Another great video by Vertigo Politix

Short but to the point!

A short but wonderfully executed video on the importance of our white ancestry. Never forget where you came from and all the sacrifices and struggles your ancestors made to make your existence possible. Think about all the hard work they put in to give you a future worth having, and think about what it is going to take to preserve a future for the generations of whites children to come. Was everything they worked so hard for done in vain? If we give up and allow the powers that be to take away all we have inherited than yes our ancestors toiled in vain.

This video contains important facts on events leading up to WW2, Hilter's mercy on the 100's of thousands of British troops he allowed to return after being defeated in Western Europe, Hitler's many offers of peace to Britain, Germany's invasion of Poland and why, and much much more. This 1 hr. and 20 minutes is well worth your time if you are looking for truthful information on the events surrounding WW2

The bible is good enough to speak for itself and destroy this false doctrine of Christian Zionism

The lie of Christian Zionism that has permeated into the Christian church of today has been a goal of the Jew for centuries!

The Tower of Babel story is a important story of Gods will for us not to mix.

Was Jesus actually white, and the true Israelites as well? Lets read the bible and find out! This video destroys the whole black supremacist BS that tries to claim they are the true Israelites. This video also shows how Jesus bloodline was that of white skin. Very interesting data in this video. Thoughts?

So many people do not realize what is coming. The masses are clueless to the extent the Jews are willing to go in order to control the world. Yes, these things absolutely can happen in America and the sooner you cucks out there realize this the sooner we can remove the Jews and their communism from our lands.

The Bolsheviks had already seized power in Poland and were using the Polish army to torture and kill German civilians, this was Hitlers response.

Ryan Gosling sums it up pretty well in the movie "The Believer", I guess sometimes we can find some truth in Hollywood film even when they attempt to spin it.

I agree, we must find common ground and unite in our quest to preserve our race and destroy the (((evil))) that plagues this planet!

There are more great insights presented in this video for not only debating race denialists but you will also find some great pointers on dealing with any and all debates.

Russia violated agreements made with Germany, and not just the acts of war against Europe but also violated international laws on the barbaric means too which they murdered and tortured the lands they invaded.

A 2 hour in depth look at the lie they have told us and continue to tell us. A scheme formulated to not only demonizing the Third Reich but to also redirect attention away from the war crimes carried out by the Allied forces. The (((International Clique))) could not allow the world to learn of the National Socialist system which through its banishment of the Rothschilds central bank and its usury free labor backed currency removed all of this (((Cliques))) power and if this system of National Socialism went mainstream it would forever destroy the Zionists control over the world.

8 minutes of verified quotes with citations and documents that speak on the enslavement of the world at hands of the Jews. The Jewish question is the most pivotal part of our history and current events, and is a question that should be apart of any serious discussion on how the world has gotten so bad. There is a specific reason the Jew has been kicked out of so many nations over the millennia's, and is it because of unjust discrimination or racism.

45 minutes of great content


These shills come on my channel saying this and that about Hitler and the Third Reich with the intention to deceive others into thinking Germany would have been better off without Hitler and his Reich. These agents of deception do not understand that we Germans would rather die than to live under the slavery of the international clique! They would like people to believe is better to be Red than Dead, I say for us it is in our blood that is better to be Dead than Red. Try as they may these agents of the Jew will try to stop the truth from reaching those that seek it with their lies and deceit, THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED AND WE SHALL RISE AGAIN!

National Socialism could have permanently removed the international clique's power over Europe and forever rid the world of this powers creation of communism. We were given the blue print on how to reclaim our sovereignty and freedom from (((them))) and their system of control. We must unite under our European blood and reclaim what is ours using a proven system.

Despite how one may feel about National Socialism and Hitler one fact remains without Jewish and the Communist party attempted takeover of Germany their would have been no German Third Reich. Simply put "those who do not like Third Reichs should not create Weimar Republics". It is an inevitable consequence of nature to fight back against that which is unnatural and destructive to a peoples way of life and their culture. The Fourth Reich will rise in one form or another in a natural process that cannot be stopped no matter how hard the international clique tries to stop it. The truth of WW2 cannot be shut down, this clique will inevitably be the creators of their own destruction.


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